Guide To Anal Sex For Beginners

Guide To Anal Sex For Beginners

Guide To Anal Sex For Beginners – Are you starting your journey towards trying different things? Anal sex is always something that people talk about and want to try, so I’m going to show you how to make your first time as easy as possible, this will help you make the sex more pleasurable, more intense and more exciting. If you’re interested in that then this is the right place. Anal sex is amazing you’ve just got to learn how to start it off, I will explain about toys, fingers, lube and penis all below so make sure you read it all. – Sharing is caring so make sure you share this article as much as possible. – Comments are always welcomed and I love to see people talking so feel free to ask some questions. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

 Guide To Anal Sex For Beginners

 Start slow

Anal sex is a very personal experience that most female don’t share with anyone, it’s not something you’ll want to rush, it’s something that you’ll want to enjoy and play with, it’s worth trying it, but you’ll want to go slow, take time and really get into it.

So start slow, use fingers and maybe even try something on yourself first, get a feel for it and make sure it’s what you want to try.


Get lots and lots of lube

So, lube.. Yes you need to use it, this isn’t a porno and spit just won’t cut it, a finger could probably go in without lube, but it would be uncomfortable and ruin the experience, also using lube that’s meant for the vagina is always a really bad idea, it’s not meant for anal and it never really works well. This lube is the one that I use and it’s one of the best money can buy, it will make him slip inside and after that the sex can really begin.

This is brilliant to get even before you have anal sex, let the female try it on herself and maybe use it with toys for a nicer effect.


Desensitizing lube

This lube is brilliant, if it’s your first time then I’d really recommend it, you can get it in spray form and it will just make it so all the feeling is gone from anal sex, this is great if you’re just starting out, it will make the whole experience a lot more fun.

Just make sure you apply it a few minutes before you really have the sex, that way you’ll give it time to work properly, I highly recommend you try some desensitizer for your first time.


Start with a butt plug

You should go and get one of these butt plugs, they’re out of this world and I really recommend them for beginners, It’s something that if I was a beginner it would of shown me the pleasure of anal sex without making it to permanent, you should really try it out.

A butt plug can go in while you’re having normal sex, it will give the sex more of a threesome feel, that usually turns women on.


Do it in the shower or bath

For the first time you should do it somewhere clean, the shower or the bath is somewhere that I relly recommend for the first time, if you’ve got a nice size shower then just go in there and give it a try, it’s really worth doing. just make sure you just do fingers and then add a lot of lube for when you’re ready for the penis, just try to make the experience as nice as possible, if it’s nice the first time then there’s a lot more chance that you’ll try it again, so make sure you go for it.


Try fingers a few times on yourself

If you’re the person who’s going to have anal sex then try a finger on yourself before, just see if you enjoy it, if you do then give it a try, it’s really worth doing. Just so you can imagine what it’s going to be like with a penis or a toy, this is one of the reasons why I recommend getting a butt plug.


Warm up and make sure you’re horny before you try

Don’t touch yourself for a while while you build up to anal sex, this will make you a lot more ready for anal and if you already want to try it then it will make it a lot more exciting. So just make sure both of you’re horny and really to enjoy it.


Anal beads are brilliant for heating things up

Anal beads are amazing for people who’re doing it for the first time, they’re a little more advanced than butt plugs but they will put you at ease and make it easier to take a penis, they feel great when you pull them out just as you orgasm, you’ll be going mental when you try it.


Spooning is your best bet.

Try the man being behind you first time, it’s a good position because he won’t be able to go to quick, this will make it a lot easier for you both to get a nice amount of pleasure from it. You can also do it in doggy style, I think it’s a little more risky as it can sometimes make the penis feel a lot bigger, still worth a try though.


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Guide To Anal Sex For Beginners – That’s it, you’re ready to have amazing anal sex, this will really change everything for you and when it does you’ll be able to open up a whole new world of pleasure for the both of you. Anal sex is a lot of fun and that’s why I recommend you give it a try. – Sharing is caring so remember to press the share buttons below and if you’ve got any questions then make sure you leave them below too. – MR Male Sex Toys blog.

Guide To Anal Sex For Beginners

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