Guide To Buying Sexy Underwear For Your Woman

Go Underwear Shopping Together

Guide To Buying Sexy Underwear For Your Woman – Buying a sexy little number for your partner can sometimes be quite a scary experience, it can go wrong and sometimes turn out in disaster. So I’ve created a guide that will help you change your female partner into the hottest little sex god you can imagine in a matter of a few hours. You can either go shopping with her and try some of these little outfits on, or you can just trust us and treat her to a very sexual outfit that she’ll be amazed with and love. – Sharing is caring, please hit the share buttons. – Disclosure: The links used in this article may be affiliate links. – If you’ve got anything to add then please be sure to use the comment below, we always welcome comments. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Go Underwear Shopping Together


#1. Go Underwear Shopping Together And Treat Her To A Few Pairs Of Underwear

The easiest way to find out what your partner likes to wear is to take her underwear shopping yourself. I always do my best to take my partner underwear shopping once ever few months. We only buy a few pairs of hot underwear, but it’s always a good way to find out sizes, what she likes and what she wants.

The part about underwear shopping is that you don’t even have to go to sexy underwear shops for sexy underwear, most normal cloths shops sell it and it can be a great day out. Go get some food, do some shop[ping and then go back and ask her to show you what she brought looks like. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll know ever time she wears them that you brought them, which is a sexy feeling for her.


#2. Go For The Safe Bet And Use My Favorite Underwear Site

Look if you really have no idea about what suits your partner then you need to go to this underwear site. You’ve got to be careful as it’s really sexy stuff and it might be a little too much for her. But if you buy the right products you’ll e on to sure winners.

If she’s now to naughty underwear but one of these:  Escante All Over Lace Longline Bra Set

If she wants something really naughty get something like this: Lovehoney Adore Me Lace & Microfiber Balcony Bra

Get one of the above and you’ll be able to make her happy, you do have to pick colors yourself, usually black or red is what people go after, white is to risky so avoid it.


#3. Black Is Always The Best Bet

Colors are more important than you may think and my advice to you would be always go for dark colors. they’re easy to get right. Only certain women can pull off bright underwear and even the ones who can don’t necessarily enjoy it. So get something that’s black, holds the quality and looks classy, you’re always going to have a much easier to with it.


#4. Look At Her Bra Size/Dress Size

You can find out her sizes by going looking, find out what size she is. I can’t guess this for you and as someone who has got dress size wrong, you’ll want to avoid it at all costs. Women ate having to say it’s to small or to big, there’s no right way to go with it. So go and check her other clothes or ask her to explain bra size/dress size to you, the just ask about hers.


#5. Go For Quality Over Quantity

When a man buys a women underwear he should always go for quality over quantity, you need to spend a little extra cash, but get something that’ll last and really make her go wow. You want to avoid buying underwear sets and going to cheap shops that sell underwear at silly prices, it itches and them shops have far too much selection, I’m not saying you’ve got to go crazy, you just want to buy something wort her having.


#6. If You’re Getting Something Naughty Don’t Make It To Revealing

Look even the naughty items of underwear that you treat her to don’t need to be too revealing. You want her to feel sexy and in control, buy getting her something that’s see-through or doesn’t look good you’ll just provoke insecurities, so get her something that’s classy, but still naughty, then see her reaction and maybe after a few months, upgrade it to something kinky.


#7. Sometimes A Gift Card Or Some Money Is The Best Option

Even though I wouldn’t recommend this, I know some guys will have to take the gift card route, it’s a route where you go to a nice lingerer shop and get your partner a gift card, tell her to go and treat herself. This can go wrong, so make sure you get the right underwear shop and be sure to not give her cash, she’ll not spend it on underwear, at least not all of it.


#8. If You Want To Get Her Something Hot Then This Is My Recommendation

Look if you’re looking to get her something that’s really out of this world then you can use some of the choices below, they’re all going to leave her feeling sexy and great and as long as you know a little about the style she likes, you’ll find it hard to go wrong with the items below, just makes sure they’re suited to your partner and they look nice. Also remember to check her other underwear out to see her sizes and what she’s into (most underwear won’t say size, neither will bra’s, just as a heads up:

 Kiss Me Wet Look Bra and Thong Set

– Rene Rofe Bombshell Boudoir Lacy Love Affair DD+ Bra

– Exposed Luv 1/2 Cup Bra, Garter and G-String Set

Guide To Buying Sexy Underwear For Your Woman

Guide To Buying Sexy Underwear For Your Woman

Guide To Buying Sexy Underwear For Your Woman – It’s so hot to see your partner wearing any of this sexy underwear so make the move and buy it for her now, you really won’t regret it. – Sharing is caring, so please share and help us put. – Comment below for more information. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Guide To Buying Sexy Underwear For Your Woman

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