Guide to getting the best penis pump

Guide to getting the best penis pump

Guide to getting the best penis pump.

Every man wants a bigger penis right? Well what if you could get one and it would only cost you a few bucks? Would you? Well now you can! This is a guide to getting the best penis pump. We will tell you cheapest and best and make sure you end up with a bigger, healthier penis in a matter of months. – Remember to share this post if it helped you out and to leave a comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Guide to getting the best penis pump

Bigger penis.

All men want a bigger penis right? It’s just the way it is, even if you have 8 inches you want 9 inches and it isn’t really till you get to about 9 inches they you’re really happy, maybe even 8″ The truth is a lot of men don’t have that size but want it.

If you’re here then you’ve already took the time out and thought about having a bigger penis.

That’s the first and most important step! Today I will teach you how to get a bigger penis and what the best penis pumps you can use are, these really will change the way you have sex and make you a happier more confident man.



Well with the cheapest you will still get results they just won’t be as good, the suction isn’t usually as strong and all round they’re not as good, but if you’re on a tight budget it’s worth giving them a try. It will be better to start making gains than never make them and stay the same forever.

Doc Johnson So Pumped Penis Pump

Doc Johnson So Pumped Penis Pump Review

This will do a great job at enhancing your penis and will make you have a stronger more erect penis. This really is the best you’ll find for that money and in honesty if that’s all you want to spend on a penis pump then get this, it will feel amazing and make you feel on top of the world after a few uses.

Where to buy: Doc Johnson So Pumped Penis Pump.

Price: $24.99 

Mid range.


Mid range can sometimes be the best, you get to see what you like, what feels best and how it works for a good price. You get a really good saving on these and you will get a bigger penis in no time. – The best penis pump.

Bathmate Hydromax X30 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydromax X30 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review

This is personally one of my favourite penis pumps of all time, it’s the bathmate and all you’ve got to do is get in the bath and put it on, it will use water pressure and make your penis bigger in a more safe and healthy environment. Also comes with a strap so you can fill it with water and walk around the house with it on. Very relaxing to use and a great way to unwind after a day at work.

Where to buy: Bathmate Hydromax X30 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump

Price: $159.99

The Best penis pump.


This one is my favourite, if you’ve had enough with having a small penis and want to change the way feel, it will give you more confidence and make you feel better in the shortest amount of time, this is the way to go. It’s more expensive, but you’ll get bigger gains, and have a bigger penis at a lot quicker rate. – This is the Guide to getting the best penis pump.

Pro Male Edge Penis Extender

Pro Male Edge Penis Extender

This ia a high price for a reason, it will make your penis a lot bigger and in very quick time, using a toy like this is ideal for people who want instant penis gains and want to maximise the length their penis grows.

I’ve used this and there’s some great tutorials online for using this the proper way, it took me a minute but after I got the hang of it, it was great. – This really is the best penis pump, you won’t find any better than this.

Where to buy: Pro Male Edge Penis Extender

Price: $224.99 


Doc Johnson Sex Toy Kit for Men

Doc Johnson Sex Toy Kit for Men

This is a little prize we’ve got for you guys who want penis size and pleasure, this is the ultimate sex kit for men, comes with a great penis pump, two male masturbators, lube and a great cock ring, this is ideal for having great sex and I highly recommend it to all men. It isn’t the best penis pump but it will easily do the job.

I have my own and I use it all the time. If you’re serious but want some fun too, this is a great sex toy kit.

Where to buy: Doc Johnson Sex Toy Kit for Men

Price: $45.00 


  • Day by day

You need to take it day by day, when using toys like this you’ve got to keep the work up and only have two days rest a week, it will help you maximise your gains and help you have a bigger penis quickly.

  • Build up

Never go straight for 30 minutes, start at 10 minutes a day for 2 weeks then got to 12 for another week then 15 minutes and stay there for 2 weeks then 20 minutes, and just stay at that rate for a while until you feel like you’ve reached the max.

  • Girls

Having a bigger penis will really help you with not just yourself but with girls, taking the time and getting toys like this and training your penis is a big investment. You’ll get the girls, be able to wear speedos, know what you’re packing and be able to impress girls all the time.


If you’re reading this then you’ve got 3 choices now.

1. You can leave, not buy a penis pump and end up feeling low about yourself and not ever have the confidence to walk round naked in front of a girl. You’ll have that weight on your shoulders forever and it really sucks.

2. You can try a cheaper penis pump that won’t work and will waste your time.

3. You can get one of these amazing penis pumps, have better sex, feel better about yourself, and have a better time all together.

You need to make the choice, just do what you thinks best.

Guide to getting the best penis pump

Guide to getting the best penis pump

That was out mick of the best penis pumps. – Getting a penis pump should be fun, you do need to think about it though, just get what you think will be the best and try to follow our advice, I’m sure it will help you out in some way. These really will make your penis bigger it’s just a matter of time and using it daily, if you crack that then you’ll have a bigger penis in not time, it will be bigger when it’s soft and hard, a real win, win. – Hit some share buttons. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

Guide to getting the best penis pump.

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