Guide To Having The Hottest Sex With You Partner

Guide To Having The Hottest Sex With You Partner – It’s almost impossible to have orgasmic sex every time you get in bed and it can be hard to try and achieve it with no help. Before we even start this post I will tell you that sex is always different and sometimes you’ll have a quick sex and it’s just for fun and a quick release and other times you’ll have proper sex that will be extremely orgasmic. I’m going to teach you how to have the second one more times and hopefully have a more satisfying sex life. – If you found anything in this list helpful then please hit the share button. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

Guide To Having The Hottest Sex With You Partner


Be in the moment

So many people live for the end of sex and not for the pleasure it gets in between. You need to start trying to make every thrust, movement, touch and kiss orgasmic and really take your time to pin point the pleasure.

So many people only focus on the orgasm when the build up can be even more exciting and really heighten the end result. So instead of rushing just take the time and try to make it as hot and as passionate as you can.


Don’t rush

Another big problem I see with so many couples is that they always want to rush. They forget about foreplay and only think about the penatrational sex (I’m looking at you men) when that happens the fun gets taken out, the sex is usually the lest orgasmic thing for a women so pay more attention to her body with your hands and with your tongue before you dive right in.

This is aimed more at men, women can spend longer turning on a man but you do need to be careful because they may end up not lasting long when it comes to the real deal.


Forget about stress

Most people can blame most of their bad sex down to one of lifes little problems, stress is by far the biggest orgasm killer and when you’ve got something on your mind and just just can’t get it out it’s a real killer.

If you feel stressed then try to de stress by running a bath and having a glass of wine, maybe even talk about the problem. After you’ve done all that and can feel the weight lifted off, then it’s time to have sex and get the pleasure you need.

Sometimes even after de stressing the stress is still there, sometimes it’s better to just leave it and try again the next day or when the stress has passed.


Foreplay all the way

Foreplay is everything and I really can’t stress that enough, girls are more likely to orgasm in the bit before sex, so make sure you take that time and do it properly, be energetic and act like you want to be doing it, don’t act like it’s a choir and you’ve got to remember to do it right or don’t do it at all.

Just give each other oral sex and then one of you take over and tease the other and then do that in reverse. Just take your time and try to make it as fun as possible.


Give back

There’s usually a giver and a taker in a relationship and sex will always stop when the giver stops giving. For you to have a truly great sex life you’ve both got to give and try to do everything your partner enjoys.

It’s going to be hard to have orgasmic sex if only one of you is enjoying it, remember to give what you get back and it’s always good to make sure your partners happy.

If both people in the relationship think this way then at the end of sex you’d both have beaming smiles.


Try toys

Trying some sex toys is always a great idea. If you go to couples sex toys and see what they have I’m sure you’ll find something that will make your sex life a whole lot more interesting.

You can use all types of toys and as long as you take the time to make sure your partners happy then you really don’t have anything to worry about.

Make sure you ask your partner what sex toys he/she would like to try, there’s no point in wasting money on toys you don’t want. I will say you can’t go wrong with a vibrating cock ring and a bullet vibrator.


Spice things up with a movie

Have you ever tried watching a naughty movie with your partner? Well if not then now’s the time. Getting an adult movie that is soft core and maybe aimed at females is always a great idea. If you use the internet and ask around I’m sure you’ll find some great adult movies that will be perfect for both of you.

This can change the way you have sex and it can really do amazing things for you. This will add some heat to the bedroom which is usually just what everyone needs, if that’s what you’re after then this is a great way to achieve it.



Yes bondage is always a way to get more hot sex. Now I know what you’re thinking, big whips and scary chains, with them latex suits. No, bondage doesn’t have to be like that, just try some handcuffs and maybe a blindfold to make it a little more naughty, that’s really all you’ll need to change the mood and make your sex a lot more enjoyable.

It can really change sex and it’s always good to be open minded when it comes to having sex, it’s just the way that sex will become more intense and fun.

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Guide To Having The Hottest Sex With You Partner – It’s not all about the end it’s all about the right now. The quicker you learn that the quicker you’ll succeeded and have better more orgasmic sex every time. If you need any more advice then just comment below and we will try and help you out a little more. – Sharing is caring so please share. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Guide To Having The Hottest Sex With You Partner

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