Guide To The Best Penis Extenders

Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender 7 Inch

Guide To The Best Penis Extenders

Want to have a bigger penis and make all women happy in the bedroom? Well this will help you! We have been testing with men and women what the best penis extender was. We have cheap, medium and expensive Ie Good, better and excellent. We want to help you achieve the best sex of your life and hopefully this will do the trick and help you out. – If you enjoyed this post then check out our other advice as you might be surprised what you find. – Comment below and remember to share with the buttons below. – Mr Tech Blog.


I will run you through some of the best penis extensions money can buy, these are for the men who want to add a nice bit of size to there penis and get much more attention from the ladies. These help with confidence and will give your partner a much more intense pleasure.

Why you would need a penis pump

You’re here right? Well that will usually mean that you’ve got a problem with the way your penis is? Well if you have a problem then it’s better to fix it and make you happy, you can get one of these and instantly have a 6 to 10 inch penis and be able to give your partner the ultimate pleasure.

Sounds amazing right? It is and we have them at all different prices, from cheap to expensive and we will show you all the best deals. This is the Guide To The Best Penis Extenders hopefully you’re enjoying.


The cheapest aren’t always the worse and the ones we’ve got here are the best you’ll get for that price, honestly you won’t find better than these two penis extenders for that price, obviously they’re not as good as the ones that will show you in a second but in fairness they are worth a look at and if you’ve not got a lot of money they’re a great place to start.

Adonis Textured 2 inch Penis Extender

Guide To The Best Penis Extenders

This is made purely for her pleasure, it’s got bumps and spikes that will gently massage her vagina and make her feel fully stimulated, this is the perfect beginner penis extension and is even great for guys who want a new texture on their penis extension.

This kind of extension is really stimulating for a girl and that’s why it’s here, if you want to blow a girls mind this really is the quickest way to do it.

Where to buy: Adonis Textured 2 inch Penis Extender

Price: $19.99 

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Sport Penis Extender

Guide To The Best Penis Extenders

Increase the size of your penis in an instant and have your partner enjoy the fat boys length and girth. This is a nice big and fat toy and will sort out most women with no problem. It’s a very good price and you can get it in clean and black. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t take any time to get it on the penis and working.

It is bigger and more orgasmic than before and the perfect way to add a bit of size to your penis and give your partner something to enjoy.

Where to buy: Perfect Fit Fat Boy Sport Penis Extender

Price: $59.99 

Mid range 

These will do most of you just fine, the mid range are awesome and I’ve used them loads, I have both of these penis pumps in my collection and they both very really well, they’re not as real as the next ones, in my opinion they’re not as good but if you want a great penis extension these will do the trick. Made my partner happy and I’m happy to use them.

Fetish Fantasy Elite 10 Inch Silicone Hollow Strap On

Guide To The Best Penis Extenders

This is a little different to the last two and that’s because it’s even bigger, this is a harness penis extender and it works very well it’s insertable up to 10 inches which is the max most women can go and it’s adjustable to fit most men with ease. Ideal for men who want to give their partner the ultimate feel.

Where to buy: Fetish Fantasy Elite 10 Inch Silicone Hollow Strap On

Price: $89.99 

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Hollow Strap-On Dildo 8 Inch

Guide To The Best Penis Extenders

If you’re looking for realism this is the one for you! This penis extension is as real as they get, again it’s go a harness which makes it easier to control and means you don’t have to support it with your boner. This is one of the best priced penis extensions we’ve had and it really is big and girthy, if that’s what your partner wants then this will really blow her away and amaze here.

Where to buy: Fetish Fantasy Extreme Hollow Strap-On Dildo 8 Inch

Price: $89.99 

 Expensive (Best)

These really are the best, both by the same company and really worth the money, I couldn’t believe how good they were and how great they felt, my partner said she thought it was a real penis and as they’re such high quality they can really go through anything.

Vixen Ride On Silicone Penis Extender

Guide To The Best Penis Extenders

This is it, this make “Vixen” Is the best penis extension make out there! No joke you will not believe how real this penis is, it feels as real as they come and in honesty the first few times I used this I was amazed.

My wife had no idea it wasn’t a real penis and her face when I used it looked so shocked. She was so amazed at just how great it felt and how intense it was for her. This is one of the best sex toys I’ve ever used. – Guide To The Best Penis Extenders.

Where to buy: Vixen Ride On Silicone Penis Extender.

Price: $119.99

Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender 7 Inch

Guide To The Best Penis Extenders

The best just got better, when I first tried this toy out I couldn’t believe that I found a toy that was better than the other Vixen, this penis extender is by far the most real, best feeling, and pleasurable penis extension on the list. If you want pleasure this really is the way to go and it’s the penis extention I’d recommend the most out of all of them.

Where to buy: Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender 7 Inch

Price: $149.99 


You’ve got 3 options you can take now.

  • 1. you don’t get a penis extension, you end up living life the same today as you did yesterday and get nowhere.
  • 2. You don’t buy these ones and you got try get one for really cheap, ends up being just as good as not having one in the first place.
  • 3. You buy one of these! You end up with a bigger penis instantly, you’re happier, your partner enjoys your sex more and all in all you feel great and have better more loving sex.

You decide which one you think is best.


Guide To The Best Penis Extenders – I have used all of these myself and personally find the vixus the best, after asking loads women I think they agreed with me, so it’s all round winning, if you need any more advice or want any help on the penis subject, comment below or check out our other penis posts. Remember we can try to help you fix anything you’ve got a problem with. – Comment below and make sure you hit some of the share buttons and get sharing.

Guide To The Best Penis Extenders

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