Guides To Penis Extensions

Guides To Penis Extensions

Guides To Penis Extensions – The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Massive Penis – Are you thinking about taking the leap into the world of penis extensions, well if you are then it´s a good move to make, you´ll get a bigger, harder penis that will make sex so much more enjoyable. You´ll find it easy to please women and you´ll be surprised with how real they feel, they´re long and intense and they have the power to make your partner extremely happy in the bedroom. So I´m going to teach you everything about penis pumps, what to expect, what one to get and how to use them for the ultimate orgasmic experience. – Comment below if you´ve got anything to add to this article. – Sharing is amazing so make sure you press them share buttons. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Guides To Penis Extensions

What penis extension will you choose

Okay so if you´re looking to have a bigger penis the first step is getting a penis extension, it will make your penis bigger within a matter of minutes and you just have to put it on and then you´re ready to go.


There´s a lot of things you need to think about while getting your first penis extension and some of the things are:

  • Length
  • Girth
  • Pleasure
  • Realism

Does your partner want something really big? Does she want more girth? Does she want realism and are you okay with getting less pleasure or do you want one where you´ll be able to feel a little more.


So the first things I´ll answer is:



Big is better, you want a big one but you don´t want it being to big. My favourite penis extension right now is the vixen its big and it´s the most realistic penis extender money can buy.


It can add a minimum of 3 inches to your penis and that´s usually the perfect amount, it comes in other sizes so you can add a lot more size if you want too.



Girls like girth, if girth is your only problem then you can get a penis sleeve, this will just add girth so your penis and you´ll usually still be able to have the head of your penis in the vagina.
So it´s worth trying a sleeve before a penis pump. – Guides To Penis Extensions.


How to use it

So how do you use it? Well if you get a penis extender like the Vixen then you just put it on your penis and you´re ready to go, I´d recommend getting some lube and you´ll usually want to get you partner really wet before using it, just because it might be to big for her.


Why you need one

If your partner wants to see what it´s like to have a bigger penis or if you´ve got a fantasy of your partner getting fucked by someone with a bigger penis.
It will also do your confidence the world of good.


What it will change

It will change the positions you can do and it will make life easier for your partner, it will stop your penis keep popping out too.


How to make it hot

You can get some nice lube, maybe some tingling lubrication and apply it too your penis-pen extension, this will add the size to your penis, after this you can then get a low light room and maybe have some foreplay, sneak to the bathroom, pop it on and then away you go, you´ll be able to surprise your partner with a bigger penis.


How to surprise your partner

Surprise her by doing what we did above but with a twist, don´t tell he you’ve got a penis extension and just nip to the loo, turn all the lights out, lube it up and jump into bed, slip him in and you´ll see her make a very sexy face as your penis just keeps going deeper and deeper. – Guides To Penis Extensions.


Reasons why you need a penis extension

I think you should buy one for your partner, after reading this article hopefully you’ve seen the power that they’ve got and you´ll hopefully understand the amount of fun you can have with them, they´re easy to use and they´re great for adding extra stimulation to your sex life.
After using mine I´d never go back and once you get one you can easily get another, there´s loads to choose from and they always do well, so you might as well start collecting now and see where it gets you. You´ll most likely be surprised at the fun you’ll open up in your love life.
Remember to buy lubrication and if you just want girth then this penis sleeve will really help you achieve that.

Guides To Penis Extensions

Guides To Penis Extensions


Guides To Penis Extensions – The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Massive Penis – You excited? You’re about to join the world of big penises, this world is intense and a lot of fun. If you follow this guide correctly then you´ll be able to give you partner a bbiggerpenis feeling in no time. – Sharing is so nice of you, it´s just like saying thank you, please say thank you if you enjoyed. – Comments are there if you want to ask any questions about this article, you can even add content to help others. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Guides To Penis Extensions – The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Massive Penis

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