Hottest sex Fantasies

Hottest sex Fantasies

Hottest sex Fantasies.

Hottest sex Fantasies. – We all have a naughty fantasy or two, well today we’re going to show you the top sex fantasies that exist that you must try, these are all pretty safe and softcore so don’t worry to much just have an open mind and be ready to explore the fun side of your sex life. – Remember to share buy hitting the buttons below as it make us happy. – Comment and tell us about your sex fantasies. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog. Hottest sex Fantasies


Whether it’s her domination you or you dominating her this has always been one of the sexiest and best fantasies. If you want to tease your partners inner sex god then just get some BDSM toys, maybe a little spanker and some handcuffs and start having some fun, this is the best way to get started with fantasies and maybe you can change roles from her having you to you having her, make sure you’re careful and if this is done right it really will spice up your sex life. This is the Hottest sex Fantasies


Most women and men have a fantasy about being watched during sex, this is very common and some even attempt having sex in public, a great way to relive this fantasy is to leave a window open and have sex or turn a camera on and treat the camera like it’s a person watching you, this should make you feel naughty and will definitely spice up sex.

 Making a porno.

Working in the sex industry its amazing to see just how many people want to make a porno, most girls will think about making a porno a few times but just be put of by there body or the risk of it getting leaked, a good idea is to just hold the camera and do POV and promise that after you’ll delete it so you never have to worry about it coming back in the future. This will satisfy both your needs and create a very hot atmosfear. – Hottest sex Fantasies.

Sex with multiple partners. 

One of the biggest sexual fantasies for more women than men believe it or not. More women are said to have fantasized about having two hot men at the same time, and just as many women admitted to having a fantasy about sex with two girls and one boy. This one might be a little hard to act out but if you’re horny and open minded all you need is sex toys.  Try one of these butt plugs or on of these suction dildos so she can give you oral sex while receiving a penis that will blow her mind, and if she likes anal penetration try the butt plug it will feel like shes got a man behind her going in anal, this will stimulate oher to and she’ll most likely orgasm within minutes, men can have the same feeling if they use a male masturbator while giving there with oral sex, this will feel like you’re having a threesome with two girls and will be a lot of fun for your partner too. – Hottest sex Fantasies.

Car sex.

Again another sexy fantasie which will make you both feel really naughty, you’ll feel open and in the outside, it’s a huge sex drive and really does feel amazing, just get a car and maybe go to the beach or somewhere out of sight and just have some fun. There’s loads of places you can do this just make sure you do it out of the publics eye as it might be a little embarrassing if you get caught.

Outside sex.

This is one of the all time favourite sex fantasies and there’s a few ways you can act it out, you can get a hotel or a room with open windows or a balcony if you’re risk takers, the best way is to go camping, the feeling of being in the open will be a huge turn on and you’ll be able to just get started and have sex easily, if you’re camping in the middle of no where you can even take it out side a little feather.

Watching porn together. 

A very easy fix, if you ant to add some spice with no risk at all then watching porn together is a great way, there’s loads of female friendly porn out there and if you play this right you can maybe give her oral while she watches, this will turn her on so much, or even do the same for him, either way it’s a very fun fantasy that we highly recommended. You have to just let out that naughty side and be ready to enjoy the fun.

Hottest sex Fantasies

Hottest sex Fantasies

That was the Hottest sex Fantasies. – I can’t get over some of these sex fantasies all I know is the other half will be in for a treat, these are really great for getting a spark back and making sex more enjoyable, we all time to have some fun and do things that turn us on in the bedroom so it’s a great idea to try some of these out and give them a proper go, maybe do one a week. – Remember that sharing is caring and tell us your naughty fantasies below. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

Hottest sex Fantasies.

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