How Honesty Can Get You Laid

How Honesty Can Get You Laid

How Honesty Can Get You Laid – People often find that lying their way into sex is a great way, but once you start taking a look at sex and how women work you’ll relieve that honesty will higher the chances of you having sex with them. Being honest no matter how bad your situation is can be a very clever tool you can use in order to get with women, this is something that everyone over looks, that’s what makes it so unique. So, it’s time to understand exactly what it takes to use honest to get laid. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as much as possible. – Comment if you want anything, even just a chat. I’m always around. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How Honesty Can Get You Laid


#1. It Shocks People

If you’re just true and speak what you feel, not in a creepy way it does shock people. People react instantly to honesty and most people major respect for people who tell the truth on a regular basis. So next time you’re trying to get laid instead of thinking of some pre write bull s**t that won’t work, just og and start talking, speak what comes in your brain, be honest and you’ll see the magic start working.


#2. People Trust People Who’re Honest 

Trust is an important factor in getting laid, it’s something that really helps things get going, by being honest you gain trust almost instantly. People just gain a general trust for people who’re truthful and that’s the simplest way to explain it. Just try being honest and see how easy it is to putt a women when you are.


#3. People Feel More Open And Relate More To Honest People

If you share something about yourself its fact that people then share something about themselves, by being honest you’ll talk about not only the good things about you, sometimes the bad, this will make them open up, not instantly but usually if they’re taken away by you then it won’t be long till they’re telling you stuff about their life that you’d never normally get to hear.


#4. It Makes Conversation Topics Easier

conversation topics happen when you let your brain do the talking, if you have pre saved convocations it’s just going to be the same thing they’ve heard god knows how many times.

So, just let your brain do the talking and see how it goes, you’ll be surprised with ho fantastic something like this can be.


#5. It Makes Flirting Easier

IT’s easier to flirt when you’re just telling the truth, you say things that you mean, saying to a girl she’s hot means nothing, when you’re being truthful you can talk about a certain part of her you like and be honest, that means a lot more to her.

It works out really well, that’s why you should give it a try.


#6. People Respect It

As I mentioned before people just a mutual respect for people who’re honest, both men and women, not saying it won’t get you in some awkward situations because it will and that’s just the way it is, but for every bad experience there will be a good one waiting for you right behind the corner.


#7. It Stops Games Being Played

Aren’t we all a little board of all these games? Wouldn’t be easier to just be yourself from the get go? Right? Most people think it would be and that’s why being honest is great, it puts a stop to crappy games being played and just makes everything more real.


#8. Adds Power To Your Words

Have you ever heard someone lie? There words are dull, boring and full of bull s**t, then have you ever seen someone with passion talk about an idea? The difference is un real, by being honest you’ll have a lot more excitement talking, I’m not saying it will always go well but I know if you do it for the whole day you’ll eventually get the honesty skill and do amazing things with it.

How Honesty Can Get You Laid

How Honesty Can Get You Laid

How Honesty Can Get You Laid – It’s now time for you to get laid. Do you understand why women love it so much now? It’s really that simple, you’ve just got to put your mind into it and you’ll be able to get her to have sex with you at an instant, women don’t wait around when there’s a sense of urgency. – Sharing is caring, so please share as much as possible. – Comment if you want a chat or some advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How Honesty Can Get You Laid


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