How New Relationships Can Kick Start Their Sex Life

How New Relationships Can Kick Start Their Sex Life

How New Relationships Can Kick Start Their Sex Life – Sometimes when you’re first getting into a relationship you can either have the hottest, quickest sex ever and other times it’s awkward and the sex is difficult to get started. This is just as common as the hot sex that everyone’s claims to have at the beginning. So enough talking about what’s wrong, today I’m here to fix your problems and show you how to get the sex on track and in a good place for the future. This is going to help you be more confident with each other and get the sex to a sense of bliss. – Sharing is caring. – After you read this article remember that comments are always welcome and I’m always here if you want a chat. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How New Relationships Can Kick Start Their Sex Life


#1. Candle Light, Playlist, Let The Exploring Begin

The main thing that you’re trying to achieve when in a new relationship is confidence and sexual happiness. As silly as it may seem most sex is bad at the beginning of a relationship because both the people are too scared to show their bodies off to the other person.

So by lighting some candles (in safe places) and having a nice bit of music on in the background is the best way to gain confidence and explore your partners body without pressure or awkwardness. This is something that you seriously want to try out.


#2. Don’t Rush!!!!

There’s no rush, if you see yourself being with this person for a while then it’s a good idea to save things and do the properly, there’s no point in rushing and running out of things to do in the bedroom. You should always take your time with new sex, things like sex positions, fantasies and even sex toys, are all things that should wait till you really need them. If you follow that you’ll have a much easier sex life in the end.


#3. Restrict Sex, It Makes Things More Hot

May sound weird, but it can definitely make sex more enjoyable. I’m not saying have sex once and then never again, Nooo. I’m saying have sex but add restrictions, gain control. Make it more exciting, if you make it to easy for your partner then they won’t work for it. Build them up by holding back.


#4. Plan The Sex A Little Better

Have a little plan for the pleasure you’re going to try, it’s never a bad idea at all. If you want to try something new then have a little plan, I’m not talking about planning the actual sex, I’m talking about getting things ready, put the lube in an easy accessible place, the condoms on show and get the playlist and bed ready, you could even plan a romantic night around the sex that you’re about to try. By doing that you’ll add more excitement to the sex you’re about to have.


#5. Do You Both Enjoy Sex Toys

Well find out. There’s no harm in bringing sex toys into your relationship. People think there is and it’s rubbish, I believe that you don’t have great sex until you bring some sort of sex toy in. It’s just a guaranteed orgasm, it makes the men better in bed and even adds more orgasmic stimulation for the women, that’s why it’s such a good thing to try out. I recommend getting a vibrating cock ring, some delay spray and a vibrating massager, that way the sex will last longer, be more orgasmic, you’ll have a massage wand to enjoy orgasmic vibrating and the cock ring makes it easier to orgasm through penetration stimulation.


#6. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask What The Other Person Enjoys In Bed

There’s no harm in asking your partner what they enjoy in the bedroom, sometimes they’ll give you an honest detailed answer other times they’ll be to embarrass, but either way you need to ask, you can learn a lot from a person just by the advice they give you.


#7. Romance Is Important For A Great Sex Life

People always ask why their sex life suck and it’s simple, if you neglect the romance then the sex will soon follow. So by having a romantic life you sex will take the same pattern, so spend some time building your sex life up, it’s really worthwhile and will help you do amazing thins in the bedroom.


#8. Avoid Taking Tips From The Movies Or Porn

Some people live in this dream world where they take advice from porn and adult movies, this is the worst idea you’ll ever have, you need to take some tips from actually doing it. Porn is nothing like real sex and movies make it seem like the more romantic/orgasmic experience ever. It’s just not the truth.


#9. Avoid Drinking The First Few Times

You don’t want to be drunk the first few times you have sex, it takes all the fun away and makes the sex a little shitty in my opinion, it also doesn’t take awkwardness away, it just makes you do things that you’ll later go on to regret. So I highly recommend not being drunk while having your first few sex sessions. I’m not saying that drunk sex isn’t great, I’m just saying that it’s not always the answer.


#10. Never Put A Date On Sex

If you’re yet to have sex then never put a date on it. Some people do this and it’s pure crazy, just see what happens, sometimes it’ll be quick and other times sex takes time, that shouldn’t matter, as longs you both want it, it’s all good and doesn’t matter how long it takes.

How New Relationships Can Kick Start Their Sex Life

How New Relationships Can Kick Start Their Sex Life

How New Relationships Can Kick Start Their Sex Life – See, now you can get your love life back on track, it doesn’t have to be hard. You’ve just got to be open with the other person and let your bodies do the thinking, it’s that simple. – If you’ve got anything more to add please use the comments below. – Feel free to be amazing and hit the share buttons too. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How New Relationships Can Kick Start Their Sex Life

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