How To Avoid A Bathmate Injury

How To Avoid A Bathmate Injury

How To Avoid A Bathmate Injury – If you’ve Googled things like “bathmate injury” or ” Worse bathmate injuries”, then you’ve probably seen some horrible images, either swollen penises or bruising is usually the main issue. Why is it caused? Well it’s from over training and not following the direct instructions. Avoiding injuries with a bathmate doesn’t have to be hard, you’ve just got to follow this guide and be sure to read every detail of it.

I’ve created a guide that will show you my journey with the bathmate and what I achieved, check it out before you buy any Bathmate products. It’s just my experience and what I recommend you buy.

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Rule #1 – It Shouldn’t Hurt

When using the Bathmate hydro pump at no point should you feel pain. If you feel any type of pain then stop IMMEDIATELY and repump. A lot of people have a tendency to over pump the first time they use a Bathmate, this is down to associating pain with gain. Luckily while gaining for your penis you don’t have to go through pain (normally). Your penis isn’t a muscle it’s an organ, this means you don’t have to train it in the same way, simply stretching will make it so your penis grows.

How to avoid over pumping: When you pump out the water in your Hydromax don’t go overboard. You’ll want to follow the exact instructions, no pumping to the point of pain.

Bathmate Injury

Rule #2 – Follow Bathmate Instructions 

This should be “Rule #1”. I’ve spoken to a couple of lads who’ve had Bathmate injuries and they got them from not reading instructions and rushing the bathmate process. I appreciate instructions can be boring, but when the instructions that are in question give you a bigger penis, I’m pretty sure they’re worth reading.

Follow the instructions and if you get stuck use Google or YouTube.


Rule #3 – Train For Less Time 

If you’re a beginner then I’d recommend doing 10 to 15 minutes of pumping. I did 14 minutes of pumping for the first 5 weeks, it stopped me getting a Bathmate injury. I’ve used loads of penis enlargement tools, so I’m not a newbie when it comes to pumping, but because I’d never used a Hydro pump I wanted to play it safe, plus I’m in it for the long haul and don’t care about quick gains.


My training looks like this: 


5 Weeks

2 x 7 minutes pump with 1/2 minutes in between.


Week 6 to 20

3 days per week: 2 x 7 minutes.

2/3 days per week: 3x 7 minutes.


Week 20 to now

3 days per week 3x 6 minutes.

2/3 days per week 3 x 7 minutes.


I still don’t pump for over 25 minutes. I personally think the maximum you can pump for is around 30 minutes, I prefer sticking to what I know and raising the bar when I stop getting gains.

Bathmate Injury

Rule #4 – Have A Rest Day

Some of the mad men out there don’t have rest days. There are people who use their Bathmate 7 days per week. I’m a believe in having a rest day and even though it’s not something that you’ve got to do I’d still do it.

If you’re just starting out then I’d have 2 days off per week or do 1 day on, 1 day off. Just while you’re learning how to use the Bathmate. I highly recommend this for all Bathmate users, you’ll avoid getting one of them nasty Bathmate injuries.


Rule #5 – Warm Up The Bathmate

Just like you’d warm up any body part before training. To warm up your penis you’ll need a few things. A Warm up is something that I built into my Bathmate routine. It’s not a gym warm up and it’s just about getting ready. All you do is get in the bath or shower and surround your penis with warm water, you want your penis to be hot and relaxed. You can start jelqing slowly, do this for 30 seconds and then get your Bathmate hydro pump. Fill with warm water and start pumping.

Then make sure every 6 to 8 minutes you re-fill with hot water, this helps keep your penis relaxed.

Bathmate Injury

Rule #6 – Warm Down After Using It

If you don’t fancy a warm up or you want to be 100% sure that your penis won’t get a Bathmate injury then you can warm down too. Warming down is the same as warming up, just surround your penis with hot water, lightly stretch using your hand in the ‘OK’ grip and do this for a few minutes (gentle stretching with hand should stop after a few minutes.).


Rule #7 – It’s Not Dangerous 

I you use the Bathmate in the correct way it’s not dangerous at all. They wouldn’t be able to sell it if it hurt you in any way. You’ve just got to use the instructions and not rush. If you rush then you’ll hit problems.

The Bathmate is an amazing tool when used correctly, so take your time and remember to not rush.


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How To Avoid A Bathmate Injury

Beginners Guide To Using A Bathmate Pump

If you’ve never used a Hydro Pump then this little broken-down beginners guide is where you should start. Hydro pumps are a very powerful tools and can give you impressive gains if you use them right. Because they’re a powerful tools they can sometimes be dangerous too, that’s why you need to follow this guide.


Pick the right pump: Use the measuring instructions on the Bathmates products to see which one suits you best. You need to get the right size pump, this will help you avoid getting a Bathmate injury.

If you’re just starting out then I highly recommend the Hydromax x30/40, these pump are perfect for beginners.


Lube does the trick: You can buy special Bathmate lube, this is something that beginners might be interested in. It  will help you avoid injury and will make the Bathmate hydro pump feel comfortable, this is not a must have, but I still recommend it.


Warm up: Do the warm up that I talked about ‘above’, a lot of people don’t warm up, that’s why they get Bathmate injury. Do a quick warm up and you’ll be fine.


Having a rest day: Like I said “You need a rest day!”, if you don’t have a rest day then you’ll get an injury. If you’re a beginner have at least 2 days off every single week. Rushing won’t get you anywhere.

A lot of people see some increase in length and then think that they should pump extra. If you get gains in size then you’re doing just fine, don’t change your routine.


Time: Don’t pump for too long, make sure you release the pump every 7 minutes for a little rest and as a beginner never pump more than 14 minutes. Do this for at least the first month.

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How To Avoid A Bathmate Injury

How To Avoid A Bathmate Injury – It’s quite easier to avoid Bathmate injuries when you follow them simple steps, you’ve just got to follow the instructions and you can’t rush, if you try to rush the pumping process you’ll end up with injuries and problems that will continue and could even hit you in a few years. So teak your time, don’t rush and if you’re going to do it, do it properly. – Sharing is caring, if you found this helpful them please share. – Comments are below, be sure to comment. – Mr Male Sex Toys.

How To Avoid A Bathmate Injury

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