How To Be A Sex God Every Girl Wants

How To Be A Sex God Every Girl Wants

How To Be A Sex God Every Girl Wants

Men love to think they’re good in bed! It’s just the way they’re mind is programmed, with loads of girls faking and not telling the truth it’s hard to really understand what is right and what is wrong! So if you want to know you’ve done the job each time then they’re only one way to go about it. This guide will teach you exactly what girls love in bed and how to get them to orgasm with ease. We have sex experts that will teach you step by step everything you need to know. – Remember to share this post as it took a long time to make and would really help us out. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add or need any help. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Be A Sex God Every Girl Wants

We will go through everything you need to be a sex good, and just tell you a few tips in every category.

How to act

The female orgasm is all to do with the mind, it takes a lot to get that mind in place. Some women train and learn what they like, that makes it easier for the man in so many ways. Usually that’s not the case though.

So we will teach you some tips on unlocking that mind.

What does she like

All women are different and depending what you want from then you need at act a certain way. Most women want a man, that’s why they date older people. Being mature or being a bit of a dick is probably going to get you more women. – How To Be A Sex God Every Girl Wants.

What do you want

Well the main thing you need to ask yourself is what do you want? if you’re going to start sleeping with loads of women then we will give you a heads up and tell you a tip that most players wish they knew.

– know when to quit, If you meet the right lady that you love then stick with her.

I’ve seen a lot of “good” men lose the love of their life because they’re not ready to settle down.


Girls like a man who acts sexy and to act sexy you’ve just got to calm down, be relaxed and take control. If you do them three things  and I mean really do them, she’ll find it hard to keep her hands off you.


The people who’re the best at having sex are all good listeners. Listen to what she say’s and her body for the whole night.

For a girl to orgasm she usually has to feel comfortable with you, not always but usually, so open up her mind, listen and make her feel likes she’s got all day.


We’re getting to the good stuff now. Once you’ve had a play with the things above its time to look at sex and the fun you can have with it. – This is How To Be A Sex God Every Girl Wants.



Get between her legs while she’s laying down, start giving her oral sex.

Use your tongue and don’t neglect any of the vagina, like the lips, clitoris, opening, everywhere. Make sure you’re gentle with your tongue and take your time.

See by her movements and continue what feels best for her.


While giving her oral sex use your tongue in a circular motion, do this continuously for about 2 minutes then change direction.

You’ll see if she likes it by her body movements.


This had it’s time but has now passed in my opinion. You basically just draw ABC with your lips and tongue, this is a little advanced in my opinion.

Find a pattern

You can find the pattern that looks best for you and stick to it, just put different things together. If you treat it like a 30 minute show where you start with something and work your way to something else.


Some girls don’t love oral, all girls love fingers though. It can take time to learn how to use them, but if you do you’ll be in a better place.

Whole vagina 

Like we’ve said before it’s not just about the opening and the clit it’s about the whole vagina. Use your fingers all around her lips, opening, and clit. This will get her really bad. This is just a warm up.

Make sure you show her that you know where her clit is, sometimes girls will think you’re looking for it if you get this wrong.


Treat the clit well, be gentle and only go quicker when she reacts to it. Learn her and learn what she likes. You can usually tell by her body if she likes circles, speed, light taping, gentle, firm, or just about anything from touching her.

Come here

Lot’s of men try the come here motion of women, this is a no, no. The way the internet explains the come her motion is wrong and it can just hurt a girl if done wrong.

Make sure you do it really slow and don’t dig her vagina. Do it slow and a lot littler than guides online will tell you.

Unless she asks you not. – How To Be A Sex God Every Girl Wants.


The last bit is the room. If this isn’t a random girl and you know her or date her or she’s even your wife then you can work on atmosfear.

Run her a nice bath, let her relax. Put some nice music on and get her, her favourite alcoholic drink.

Make the bed up really nice and get the music ready in the main room for when she’s out.

Take control like this and always surprise her with a bath, it’s a win, win because she’ll feel clean and be relaxed, this will help her climax.

If you do all this right, you’ll e a sex god in no time and be able to get her off in seconds.

How To Be A Sex God Every Girl Wants

How To Be A Sex God Every Girl Wants

How To Be A Sex God Every Girl Wants – These tips are golden and if you take your time they really will pay off and make sex even better than before. Take this and make sure you put it to good use. It really will make you a god in the bedroom without even trying. – Remember to share using the buttons below and if you want to know any more than just leave a comment. – Mr Male Sex Toy blog.

How To Be A Sex God Every Girl Wants

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