How To Be Less Jealous In A Relationship

How To Be Less Jealous In A Relationship

How To Be Less Jealous In A Relationship – I recently did an article about coping with jealousy, so I figured it was time to do one that would teach you how to be less jealous, how to think normal and how to stop your vision getting blurry from jealous. This article will not make you blind and if anything it will make you be able to see real problems in your relationship which can actually stop jealousy and help you battle it. – This really will help jealous people get through it. – Sharing is caring, so please hit the share buttons if you enjoy. – Comment below for more advice about this, also feel free to say hi and tell me your problems. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Be Less Jealous In A Relationship


#1. Be In More Control Of The Relationship

In all my years dating I’ve seen both men and women take a very jealous part in a relationship and it’s all down to the control of the love. They say that the person who’s less in love will have all the control. So, you being jealous just gives them all the control.

So, you don’t just want to stop being jealous that’s going to be impossible, you just want to slowly stop making it their problem. After a few weeks you’ll start gaining the control back, start filling your time with different activities, start caring a little less and within no time you’ll hold the keys to the relationship. Now, this doesn’t mean stop caring about your partner, no. This means, just stop being the problem. Lifes hard and it’s so much worse when the person you love is the one making it hard. I often say that half the reason why people die young is down to stress their partners put them under, whether it’s saving for the next holiday or getting ready at a minutes notice, most of the great things in life are with this person, but then again most of the bad stuff is from them too…


#2. Do More Things Together

Once you realise they’re just a normal person just like you, it’s easier to put down your guide and just have some fun. I highly recommend taking some time to do more things together, this should bound you together and create a much stronger relationship.

By doing more things together you’ll be able to make them get closer to you and give you that love you all so crave, that’ll hopefully lower down your jealousy trait and help make the relationship better. Just don’t start bringing up the past, their ex partners or their work while you’re together.

I often say that if people lived their own lives, they’d have such happiness that cheating wouldn’t be in their mind, it’s when one of you is sad, lonely, working in a job they don’t enjoy or just a little lifeless, this is when things like cheating occur and that’s why it’s up to you to make sure you life is happy, it’s not up to your partner.


3. Don’t Rush Your Relationship

Some advice I try to remind myself every day. Unless you’re 35 + plus there’s no need to rush your relationship. People are always trying to compete, rush and move onto the next partner of the relationship. I’m sorry, but anyone who dates for a year, then get’s engaged and then has a baby after three years is a little crazy.

I’d say it takes at least three years of being with someone, to see if they’re the one for you and even then it can sometimes take a little more time, so don’t rush, enjoy your life and just live.


#4. Look At Their Past

One of the reasons why people are jealous is because of their partners past and a way to stop that is to remember they’re with you, you won. Usually someones past looks so much worse than it is, but look at your past? Doe you really remember anything to the point it matters? And even if they’ve had a lot of sexual partners, you’ve got to remember that if you’ve been in a serious relationship that’s sexually active, you’ve most likely had sex more than someone who’s having a one night stand every week.


#5. Jealousy Can Be The Reason People Do Stupid Things

The most unrealistic, stupidest and damn sad things I’ve seen people do has usually be down to jealousy and this just isn’t any good. You need to take a deep breath and understand that even if it gets really hard no matter what happens always breath in and out and make sure you think clearly about your response.

I usually tell people to wait 15 minutes to respond to a text that flares jealousy. It gives the other person time to think about what they’re doing and it gives you time to calm down.


#6. Don’t Be Closed Minded

There’s nothing worse than a closed-minded person who’s set in their own ways. Don’t let this be you. Be an open-minded person whose open to learning.


#7. Get More Friends

The best bit of advice I could give you is go out more, get more active and start a course or find a hobby. You need to get out and do stuff more. The more you’re out, the less time you’ll have to speak about the problems you’re having.


#8. Be Careful About Who You Trust

Sometimes our jealousy will be correct and that’s why you do have to be careful who you’re trusting, so don’t just give your love to anyone.


#9. Remember That You Don’t Tell Anyone But Family

If you’re jealous then only tell your family, other people use it against you, I’ve learnt this the hard way. The only people who’re going to protect you is your family, so don’t trust anyone else with the knowledge.


#10. Lay Back, Sleep, Listen To Music And Take A Long Bath

The advice above is honestly the best advice I could give you. IT doesn’t get much better than chilling out and just having some time to yourself.

How To Be Less Jealous In A Relationship

How To Be Less Jealous In A Relationship

How To Be Less Jealous In A Relationship – Being jealous in a relationship really will suck, so take this advice and start adding it to your life, within no time you’ll see just how great it will add to your relationships. – So be sure to comment below for more advice, sharing is caring, so if you enjoyed this article then please share as much as possible. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Be Less Jealous In A Relationship

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