How To Be The Best Gay Lover Your Partners Every Had

How To Be The Best Gay Lover Your Partners Every Had

How To Be The Best Gay Lover Your Partners Every Had – I sometimes don´t have time to write articles like this just because I work on other blogs, so far I´ve loved talking about my gay sex advice so I decided to give all you gay man another article that you´ll hopefully enjoy. Me and my boyfriend sat down and went over all the best sex tips that we know and we even thought about the things that make us want sex and want love, everything, this is like a full list of things you can do to be the best lover you can be. – I hope you enjoy. – If you enjoy then remember to share as much as possible, it really helps us out. – Comment below if you want any more advice or want to ask any questions. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Be The Best Gay Lover Your Partners Every Had

Take more control and make him feel like he´s getting the pleasure

Take full control of your sex and really make him feel like he´s getting loads of pleasure. The best way to do this is to let him lay down while you give him an amazing blow job and then after that you get on top and just give him exactly what you know he likes.
Don´t make him say a word, tell him to be quiet and just let you do what you want to do, you can mix this up depending on what kind of man your partner is.
Just make him feel safe and get some of that control, even though he might be the dominant one, you need to take some of that power for the night.
Make every sexual move orgasmic, if you’re about to give him a blowjob then try to make him orgasm, same goes for a handjob and anal sex
If you´re going to do something do it to win it, make everything you do like a finishing move. Most people don´t want sex being over quickly but if you just start giving head and do it in a way where he´s so blown away you´ll make him cum in no time.
You can do this with everything, make noise, show you´re enjoying it, and don´t stop unless he can´t take no more.


Try something new and surprise him

You can always try something new maybe try dressing up or something like that, this will make your life easier and will light fire to your sex life.
You can even get a new sex toy or just try some role play, whatever you try just make sure you put some time into it and surprise him with it.


Relax him and then let the fun begin

Let him have a bath, maybe cook him a nice meal, get him relaxed and then just blow his mind.
You just need to de stress him and make him want you, don´t let him get tired just let his worries go to the side, that way you´ll not be left to out in the open.
So relax him and then make your move.


Open your mind sexually and try something naughtier

Try something that you never normally would, you never know you might enjoy it, there´s loads of things you could try, sex outside, shower sex, bath sex, role play, fantasies, anything.
Just try something new and naughty that gets you both going.


Sex toys need to be used more, treat him to a new anal sex toy or male masturbator

Treat yourself to a new anal sex toy or male masturabtor, I recommend getting one of these butt plugs with this male masturabtor, it will make sex better and build the pleasure up with ease.
Don´t be afraid of playing with his butt with your fingers and mouth
If you’re not worried about tossing the salad the do it, go down there with some nice lube after a shower and give him some fun.
This way it will taste a lot better and you´ll have a lot more fun, this is the easiest way to do it and it will help you get where you want.
So get some lube like this and remember that teasing with them fingers will feel amazing while giving head.


Get a prostate massager

Go and get one of these right now if you don´t have one it will make your anal sex so much better! This prostate massager is one of my favourite toys to use right now for pleasure, it´s really exciting and gets the job done with no problem.
Figure out what he loves most in the bedroom and do it the best you can
Just ask him what he loves and when you find out go and learn how to do it to perfection, you want him to go wow so maybe don´t do it for a while just why you´re learning and then after show him and make his eyes role back and them moans starting.


Relax and really make him feel like he can fuck you

Let him know he can have you and then bend over and let him, some men like power and letting him take some of that power will really help your relationship, let this happen and make him have some control, also let him put you where he wants you and not ask any questions about it, this will drive him wild.

How To Be The Best Gay Lover Your Partners Every Had

How To Be The Best Gay Lover Your Partners Every Had

How To Be The Best Gay Lover Your Partners Every Had – It takes patients to be an amazing lover and it also takes a lot of time in learning your partner, if you focus on them two things you´ll be the best he´s had in no time. Just makes sure you let him get his first. – Comments are amazing, I love to answer you men and it makes this worth it, so please comment and ask questions and also share as much as possible, sharing is really awesome so please share. Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Be The Best Gay Lover Your Partners Every Had

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