How To Become Irresistible To Women

How To Become Irresistible To Women

How To Become Irresistible To Women – Do you have a friend that every woman just loves? And you can’t work it out, he’s not the best looking guy, he’s not that funny, but yet he always gets the girl without even trying. He’s basically just got something that all girls love. Do you know this guy? Well I’m going to break his secret, it isn’t that he’s amazing at talk or even that he’s great looking to women, it’s the fact he know the tips below, he might of just found out for himself, but these tips will help you get exactly what he’s got, maybe even better. – If this teaches you how to talk and teaches you the secret to women then please hit the share buttons and leave a comment below, I love to know you people like what I write, so please comment. – Sharing is caring. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Become Irresistible To Women

Hold yourself high

If you think highly of yourself, then other people will think highly of you, you need to take yourself seriously before other people take you seriously, so make sure you think highly of yourself and go out for what you think you deserve, not for what others think you deserve, remember this is your reality and in your reality anything is possible as long as you believe it and go for it.


Talk to one stranger every day

Okay, so you might ask how to hold yourself high and get amazing at talking to girls, well a little challenge that I teach people is to talk to one stranger a day, someone you’ve never meet and it doesn’t matter how long the conversation is, as long as it’s unforced and it’s about something. It could be a general question or an extended conversation with someone behind a coffee shop or a shop.

It doesn’t matter where you talk to the person, as long as you talk to them and see what they’re like, if you do this every day for 30 days then you’ll see a massive change in your confidence, sadly confidence can go away, so make sure you don’t stay inside too long.


Keep eye contact while talking to her

When you talk to a girl you like, be relaxed and maintain eye contact in a non creepy way. This will show you’re confident and someones eyes tell you way more than their mouth ever would. You need to be a leader and eye contact will show you that you really are a leader, just give it a try and you’ll be amazed to see what happens.


Be the first to say goodbye 

It’s always good to be the first to say good bye, it will keep them wanting more and it will help you stay in their brain, if a conversation is slipping then make an excuse and go, this will help you always leave on a high, that’s great for getting someone to like you and it means you’ll keep stuff to talk about next time you talk either in real life or over text message.


 Remember what she tells you

Keep a little note of some of the things she says, a good memory is attractive and it will help you think of conversation topics later on, it’s nice to let someone talk about themselves so make sure you remember the things they say so it doesn’t make them feel that they’re are talking to a brick wall.


Go against some of the things she says

Don’t always agree, a leader won’t always agree, you need to go against some of the things she say’s and make some sort of a stand, if you just agree with her all the time it will make you seem a little boring it and takes away a lot of the fun out of talking, so go against her and make her thing with questions.


Don’t be afraid to make a connection with her

Now what I mean by this is don’t be scared to touch her with your hand while talking. Grabbing someones hand and touching there leg with your hand while talking is a great way to show your confidence, don’t do it in a creepy way, that won’t work well, just do it in a normal way, casual and cool, this will make you seem awesome and really help you make a great impression.


Ignore all the people around her and make it seem like it’s just her that matters

If you can get this right it will work everytime, no matter what men are around you just block them out and act like it’s only you and her, women love to see that in a man and it shows that you care and are a leader, so don’t take in the surroundings just focus only one what matters right then.


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How To Become Irresistible To Women – It’s all about the way you talk and focus on her, the better you focus the more chance you have of getting the girl, people sense all these things subconsciously, just like someone heart pumps blood around their body, it all works the same way. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as much as possible. – Comment below is you want more advice.

How To Become Irresistible To Women

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