How to date an older woman.

How to date an older woman.

How to date an older woman.

How to date an older woman. – Ever wanted to date an older women but worry you might not work or you wouldn’t live up to her past? Well today we will teach you a few tips on how to date and keep an older woman. This is everything you need to know and hopefully it will help you bag a women you really want who may even show you a thing or two. – Remember to share with everyone 🙂 – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.


 Most of you younger men have a fantasy at some point in your life of dating an older woman, she may only be 3/4 years older or in some cases 10/20 years older, there’s not that much difference in both them ages and as long as she’s older than you, this will help you be able to get a date and keep her with you for a long time to come. The first thing you need to do before all of this is think what kind of woman you want? Do you want an older women who fancies you and wants you? Or more of a mum figure who wants you because you’re young and wants to look after you? It sounds silly but the second one is the easy one and can be found easy and the first is the one we’re training you for. – How to date an older woman.
How to date an older woman.

 Playing the part. 

Depending what age you are playing the part has a different meaning Example:

In your teens: 

Having money, buying drinks for people, showing off and maybe driving a nice car.

When you’re in your twenties: 

Having a nice watch dressing smartly, being polite, and keeping your word.

 As you can see there’s a big difference you need to be more of the second one to be able to date a woman and keep things going, it doesn’t really matter what age you are as long as you’re over 18 you’re not off limits and they will hesitate but there’s something much more hot in having something you’re not allowed. – How to date an older woman.


– Dress smart. 

Look at men around you older men with nice wives and see what they wear, it’s usually a nice shirt and a good pair of jeans with some nice shoes that’s what you need to go for, another tip is always smell nice.

– look after yourself.

You don’t have to have a dream body by any means but it helps to stay toned, don’t think that means spending 3 hour in the day at the gym because that will probably have the opposite effect you just need to eat right and maybe run a little.

– Shoes.

There’s an old saying that you can tell how a man will treat you through how he treats his shoes, keep them clean and it’s not a bit deal but pick nice ones.

 – Avoid being gangsta.

You very rarely will see an older lady with a man in a tracksuit with his boxers showing, not saying it won’t work but I say that be a little careful with it.


Women who are a bit older and don’t have men have usually either been in a bad relationship or divorced depending on how much older she is than you, that means there done with men treating them badly and want someone who shows them respect but puts them in their place. Let her walk into rooms first and always get the bill, but don’t let her win everything just make her feel like you care and be careful because it can be a bad idea messing with someone’s feelings so make sure you both want the same. Just talk to her a lot and use proper words and maybe a naughty text depending on how close you are. Sometimes it’s best to shy away from love hearts and a simple kiss “x” here and there will do. – How to date an older woman.


This is a must for people who are older, whether she’s 4 years or 15 years older she wants someone to listen to her and let her talk, make sure you let her talk and you ask loads about her, always let her answer and try not to cut her up while she’s speaking, it will be so much fresh air to have someone listen to her and care and will really make her think of you. Now depending on what kind of relationship you\ve agrred caring is always going to play a part so make sure you’re ready for that. – How to date an older woman.


Just because she’s older don’t think she won’t friendzone you, this is likely to happen if you take to long to close and don’t go in straight away. Once your her friend she won’t want to lose another person there’s ways around this and here they are:


Give her loads of cheeky smiles make sure you give her eye contact and try and get a smile back.

Body language. 

Keep leaning in but only a few inches this will tell her you want to kiss.


Bit your lips, look at her lips when she talks every now and then as this is a key sign that you want to kiss her.

These small but great tips will stop you become a friend and make you become a lot more. 


Here’s the thing on a lot of men’s minds, you’ll ask yourself questions like am I good enough or is she going to not enjoy it because she may have tried a lot. here’s some tips you need to know:

What type of girl is she?


Some women want an inexperienced man who they can show a good time too and really show how sex is, it’s a turn on and if this is your kind of woman she’ll be turned on by the less number of encounters you’ve had, so that’s something to think about. These’s a bit in a lot of older women that want to go back and show a younger man how it’s done so keep that in mind.


As some women are at that stage in there life where they’ve not had good sex for a while and want to just have someone who puts loads of effort and all hes got into making her orgasm and feel loved, this kind of woman wants to have sex and be excited for it, if she’s that kind of girl don’t talk about sexual encounters be very confederate and look at as many tips and as much lesbian P#@n as possible because you’ll pick up some tips and blow her mind. – How to date an older woman.

This is all our advice and it will change depending on the woman, just keep training and learning these tips and the more you do the better you’ll become, just remember not to hurt her or get in a relationship without both knowing the wrongs and rights about it because then feelings get mixed and someone always gets hurt. So be a good lad and let her know where she stands. – Also be careful of her because she will be just as likely to hurt you by getting back with an ex or something like that. – How to date an older woman.

How to date an older woman

How to date an older woman.

How to date an older woman. – Hopefully you’ve learnt a thing or two that will help you in dating an older more mature woman and hopefully this will also help your relationships with other girls and maybe even make you better all round, remember to read them a few times and make sure you take the tips in as they will help you if you learn them. – Remember to share with your friends or on the internet as it keeps us making these posts. – Comment if you’ve got any questions or want any help. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How to date an older woman.

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