How To Eat Out A Woman Properly

Get A Selection Of Lubes

How To Eat Out A Woman Properly – I hate to be blank but some men just suck at oral sex and I think it’s time to put a stop to this. If a man knows how to use his tongue he can literally put your body in a new place that it’s never been before, so if that’s something that you think you like the sound of then it’s time to start reading. Men get it all wrong with their annoying build ups and their stop and start motion that makes it hard for women to ever have a ‘real’ orgasm from oral sex. I’m going to teach you all the right steps in building up, keeping it going and finishing your partner in oral sex. – Sharing is caring, if you want to do something amazing then please share. – Comment if you’ve got anything else to add to this article – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Get A Selection Of Lubes


#1. Get A Selection Of Lubes

Oral sex is better when it tastes better, so get a nice selection of lubrication. This will help your partner taste better and it’ll make the sex you have more enjoyable.

The clitoris is usually quite sensitive at the beginning of oral sex and unless you’ve warmed her up with your hand you’re going to have real problems getting her to enjoy direct stimulation to the clitoris. By adding lube you’ll take some of the sensitivity away, which will make the experience much more enjoyable for them.

You should get this kit of lube it comes with loads of different flavors all of which are really nice, it doesn’t stain and it lasts ages. I also believe it’s condom safe and sex toy safe, so you can enjoy all that lube at that amazing price and use it for penetration as well as oral sex. That is “Winning”.


#2. Position Is Everything

women has to be relaxed to enjoy the oral sex you’re giving her. So getting her in the right position does matter. Place a pillow under her butt, have her lay on her back and get them knees bent, with you in between.

This gives you the perfect position to see what you’re doing, have fun and enjoy whats going on. This position also gives you direct access to the clit and is better than when the female sits on your face, that’s more of an expert oral sex position.

She’ll also find it easier to grind up again she tongue creating her own stimulation out of nothing.


#3. Make Sure You Warn Your Partner A Few Hours Before

Women like to get ready for oral sex, most girls will not let a man give them oral sex unless they’re clean and know they smell good. You need to have someone who’s completely clean, because a lot of women get nervous about their own body so if they don’t feel sexy then they won’t enjoy oral sex at all.


#4. Get A Sex Toy To Help Stimulate The Clitoris

If you really want to give her multiple orgasms then you should get yourself a bullet vibrator, this little but effective sex toy will help you unlock the ability to give your partner orgasm, after orgasm. This is something that women really love, so to keep your partner happy you should get one and allow her to experience orgasmic pleasure.


#5. Avoid The Clit At the Beginning

Avoiding the clit is the best bit of advice I can give someone who’s giving oral sex. You just need to avoid that clit to help build the pleasure up. Women really don’t like direct stimulation to their clits when oral sex starts, after they get warmed up and more open, that’s when you can do it.


#6. Don’t Rush, Light Foreplay all The Way

Light foreplay is the way to go. Boob touching, make out sessions and build up is all part of light foreplay. You’ll make a women more open when you do light foreplay and get her ready. Most people think that oral sex is foreplay and in some ways it is, but I’m a believer that oral sex isn’t foreplay its “sex”, foreplay is the build up, the part that makes a women wet and ready for stimulation.


#7. Pick A Method And Do Your Best To Follow It

Men need to stop changing methods half way though the pleasure, this is the most annoying thing a man can do during sex. Pick a technique that’s working, then stick with it till the end, if it stops working, then change the motion, but if she’s near cumming never speed up or slow down, stay the same speed, you never want to change anything, that can make her lose that orgasm instantly.


#8. Read Her Body And What She Enjoys

Within five minutes of being with a women sexually you should know what she enjoys. It doesn’t take long to see what makes her go wow, most sexual encounters will start rough, but after the first five minutes you learn their body a little better and have an easier time enjoying it.


#9. Do It Often, The More You Do It The Better You Will Become

You should get a partner and then ask them if you can practice every day on them, the first few times may be a little crap, but after a few weeks you’ll be incredibly good at oral sex.


#10. Communicate With Her

Ask her what she enjoys, communicate, remain in control, but make sure you talk and communicate with your partner in order to get it correct.

How To Eat Out A Woman Properly

How To Eat Out A Woman Properly

How To Eat Out A Woman Properly – It’s time to make a change, you’ve now got no reason to be bad at giving oral sex. It’s all or nothing, so hopefully you know exactly what you’re doing and put it all into action. You really do have to get into it and by studying this you’ll really give yourself a much better chance at understanding what you need to do with your body. – Sharing is caring, so please share like none stop. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Eat Out A Woman Properly

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