How To Find Out What Your Partners Sexual Fantasies Are

How To Find Out What Your Partners Sexual Fantasies Are

How To Find Out What Your Partners Sexual Fantasies Are – Once you understand what your partners sexual fantasies are you can really start enjoying each other. Most people spend their life holding in their sex fantasies and what I’m going to do today is show you how to unlock your partners sexual fantasies, this will help you have orgasmic sex time and time again. This is just some advice that I use all the time in order to get more sex and have a stronger relationship because of it. – If you need any more advice remember that the comments are just below this article, talk to me there. – Sharing is caring, so please share this article, it really is amazing of you. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.


How To Find Out What Your Partners Sexual Fantasies Are

#1. Straight Up Ask Them

The quickest way would be to just ask them, sometimes people are open about their sexual fantasies, sometimes it’ll take a few drunk late nights to get the truth, but it’s always the frist place to start then you can continue asking while you try some of the other advice.

Some people just won’t admit their sexual fantasies this way, but within time you’ll learn it about them, I usually find sharing to the people makes them want to share with you, emotion and truth is always a great way to provoke honesty.


#2. Get Drunk And Talk About Sex/Porn (Usually Comes Up)

Look get drunk (If you both drink), do it carefully don’t get to drunk, just get chatty drunk. When you’re in that mood you’ll usually find that sex talk just comes up, that’s why you need provoke it, but once it does come up you can start by asking what porn they watch then ask them something naughty like would you try a threesome? Or sex while someones watching.

This will get them thinking and will hopefully provoke some great answers/questions.


#3. See How They React To Certain Stimulation (Use Dirty Talking) 

There is such a thing as rubbing your partner the wrong way and that’s why it’s great to open their mind by learning about what they like. Use dirt talking to open them up, don’t be rude, just talk about what you want to do with them, also bring up how hard they make you and talk about your previous times having sex. This usually gets them hot.


#4. Look At Their History On The Internet (Risky)

Look you can find out a lot about someone by looking at a months internet history, you just get on their phone/pc and have a look, be careful, but take a look, you’ll see what they’re into which will save you a lot of time, then you can just work on bringing it up in a way they’ll not know about. That’s the best bet.

You do have to be close to the person to do this and it is an invasion of their privacy so be careful and maybe tell them that you’re going to do it (In a jokey way).


#5. Tell Me Your’s I’ll Tell You Mine

You can start by opening up and then asking them and playing a bath and forth game where you tell a fantasy and they have to tell one. You start with sex, then things that make you hard/wet and then sexual fantasies, it’s a hot confrontation and can be a great way to get them to open up.


#6. Use The Power Of IM (Instant Message) To Ask Questions

You don’t even have to speak in person any more, so if you’re to awkward to ask them then you’ll probably find it easier to get the words out and you can word the questions and answers better this way. Just make sure you’re close enough to keep it all secret.


#7. Create A Sexual Fantasy List

With books like the sexual bucket list you can find out what each others into without having to ask, but you can also just create a sexual fantasy list and both see what the other likes and will do, this is some fun and it can be a good way to open up the relationship, it’s definitely recommended from me.


#8. Get A Couples Sex Tip Book

Learn some sex advice together? Sound good? Well loads of books question sexual fantasies so if you get a couples sex tip book you’ll be able to find out what they enjoy using the power of reading, it’s great to read this kinda book together, just so you can then try the sex advice on each other. It’s a win, win, you learn their fantasy and also have great sex, I think that’s called winning!!!

How To Find Out What Your Partners Sexual Fantasies Are

How To Find Out What Your Partners Sexual Fantasies Are

How To Find Out What Your Partners Sexual Fantasies Are – Wow, you now have the power to change your sex life for the better, will you do anything? If you want to start having more sex this really is what you need to focus on. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as it’s lovely of you. – Comment if you need someone to talk to. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Find Out What Your Partners Sexual Fantasies Are

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