How To Fulfill A Big Penis Fantasy

How To Fulfill A Big Penis Fantasy – Do you dream about having a man with a big penis? Believe it or not but this is one of the most popular fantasies around. That’s why we want your dream to come true. This is for women who’re in a relationship with a man with a little or normal sized penis, looking for a way to fulfill their fantasy to try something that’s really big and filling. I’m going to show you how to try your fantasy in the safest, easiest and cheapest way possible. This is going to help you unlock new things in your sex life. – So its time to start the sexual journey, please remember that you can share this article if you enjoy. – Comments are always welcomed, so if you want a chat or to ask for more advice use them :). – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.


How To Fulfill A Big Penis Fantasy

#1. First You Can Always Try A Big Vibrator/Dildo

Most people start with a big sex toy first, it’s just the easiest way to feel the filling pleasure without having to find a man with a massive dong. Dildos are more realistic and can be more orgasmic, but vibrators usually pack more of a stimulation bite, so if you’re after stimulation you might want to go for a vibrator like this, that’s got a nice bit of size, but has the vibrations, then if you want to go for a dildo it could be a great idea to go for this realistic dildo, it’s a big, realistic size that most women can handle, it’s really intense to use and it’s suction so you can get the realistic feeling.


#2. If You’ve Already Got A Man Then He Could Try A Penis Extension

If you’ve got a partner then you can get him a penis extension, this is as simple as it comes. You get yourself a penis extension that’s realistic, a good few inches and then all your partner has to do is stick it on he’s penis and you’ll feel just like you’re having sex with a very hung man without even going near one.

You can really use this to play out the big penis fantasy, you’ve just got to use your imagination and maybe a blindfold. You’ll be amazed with what you can achieve doing something like this. The best penis extension I know is the Vixen Penis Extension, it’s realistic and an amazing size.


#3. If That Doesn’t Work The A Penis Sleeve

Some men prefer the penis sleeves, they’re similar but more like a condom in how you put them on. They slid over the penis and usually just sit on the end or a few inches up the penis, they’re the same as penis extensions, but usually a little smaller and a lot cheaper, it’s a great way to add the size without taking all the pleasure away from your partner.

This penis sleeve is my favorite so far and it really does do the job on multiple levels.


#4. If You’ve Got An Open Minded Couple Then Try A Threesome (MMF) 

If you and your partner have an open mind you could always try having a threesome with two men (one of them men being your part), this is different to cheating because it’s purely pleasure and your partner will be there to monitor the connection and stop it turning into love.

It’s a little risk if you’re not the kind of people who can handle jealousy, but if you are then it’s worth a try, it’s a good way to have your cake and eat it too.


#5. If You’re Not In A Relationship Then Try Dating Online

You can try dating online and just make it a preference, now I’m not saying this is idea but a few of my friends have tried this and had success, they use an adult dating sites and they said you usually meet someone who has a big one, you’ve just got to meet them for coffee in a busy place first to make sure they’re not a weirdo.


#6. Sex Bars, Parties And Swinging Places Allow You To Try Before You Buy

Look if you’re interested in just having a big penis and don’t wat any actual connection you can go to any swinging bar, sex bar or sex party and you’ll see loads of people who’re just their for sex. You can look-see a guy with a big penis and then go start talking and have sex, that way you can see what you’re dealing with before you have sex.


#7. Sex Machines Can Really Take Control

I’ve tried this sex machine before, it’s so clean, quick and easy to use. They do cost a lot of money, but you can get loads of types of dildos that connect and the motion is so orgasmic. If you like toys then this is the ultimate sex toy experience.


#8. Tighten Yourself Up Using Jiggle Balls

If you tighten yourself up using jiggle balls you’ll find that smaller penises feel just as good as big penises, this is perfect for women who have an average sized man.


#9. Try Adult Dating

I mentioned this quickly above but it’s the perfect way to meet someone with a big penis, you can go to Adult Dating sites like that and sign up, as a women you’ll find loads of men in your area that’ll happily do the deed with you.

How To Fulfill A Big Penis Fantasy

How To Fulfill A Big Penis Fantasy

How To Fulfill A Big Penis Fantasy – So what do you think? Will your partner soon have an 8 inch penis? It’s really up to you to find out. You don’t have to think to hard to understand just how amazing it’s going to be when your partner is hung like a porn star. Even if you just try it you’ll be able to see if you enjoy it. – Sharing is caring, so please share as much as possible. – Comments are below, if you’ve got anything to add. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Fulfill A Big Penis Fantasy

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