How To Fulfill A Sex Party Fantasy

How To Fulfill A Sex Party Fantasy

How To Fulfill A Sex Party Fantasy – Have you heard all the hype that’s surrounding sex parties? Well I’ve been involved in quite a few sex parties over the past few years and as time goes on it gets more naughty and even easier to involve yourself in. So what is a sex party? It’s a place where you or you and your partner can go and have sex with multiple people, no strings attached, they don’t even have to know your name. It’s just people having sex, lots of hot, steamy, orgasmic sex. That’s what makes it so extremely hot and enjoyable and that’s why you need to read this and learn how to get involved. – Once you find out how please spread the word by sharing this article. – Comment below if you want more advice on sex and sex tips. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Fulfill A Sex Party Fantasy


#1. Get Online And Start Talking To People

The first thing you need to do before you try a sex party is spoken to people, start learning what people recommend and meet people who’re involved in the industry. By using forums you’ll be able to meet people who’ll tell you and give you advice about sex parties they’ll also give you heads up if a sex party is happening near you.

I always do my best to keep friends who host sex parties and most of the people who I know who do sex parties I meet using forums or through someone on a forum. It’s really worth your time, you’ll also be able to work out if it’s something you want to try as well.


#2. Be Prepared To Travel

I find you’ll never want to go to a sex party right where you live, also I’ve never had one that’s been quick to get to, most sex parties I go to are around 50 minutes on the train/hour on the car. Which is annoying, but is probably for the best due to seeing friends at them, it’s really not good when you accidentally see someone you know and then have to spend the whole day avoiding them. #awkward.


#3. Try Sex, Swinging, Sexual Fantasies and Adult Forums

You can use the forums listed above in order to see advertising for sex parties, just like you can use forums to meet people you can also use them to find the parties, most people accept money on the night or allow you to pay through Paypal, it’s usually a little expensive, I’d say most of the sex parties are around £100/$150 to around £185/$250. That’s the most I’ve paid, it was an invite only party and the people were incredibly hot and the vib was different, much more relaxed and everyone had a great time, so sometimes it’s good to spend extra money.


#4. Adult Dating Sites Work Well

I’ve also meet more than a few people through adult dating sites, it’s another great way to get people to swing and meet people who’ll also help you find sex parties, you can also meet people to go to the sex parties with.

I use Plenty of Fish (free) and sometimes Adult Friend Finder (paid) both work well I prefer POF right now as my area is constantly having new people join and they all seem to be as naughty as me.


#5. Get Yourself Down To A Swingers Bar

Is there a sex bar near you? If so then get your ass down there, you’ve got to be in a couple and you can go have sex with people, watch people having sex, but more importantly meet people who’re interested in getting friends. It’s all about growing your contacts, the more friends you get the easier it is to find a sex party and have sex with multiple people.


#6. Use Social Media To Find People Inside The Industry

I’ve used Twitter a few times in order to find a few people, I found one of my favorite sex parties advertised on a profile, so it’s worth checking out, just make sure you set up a new twitter profile though.


#7. If You Make Yourself Look Clean And Sexy You’ll Have A Better Chance Of Being Invited

Once you meet people who’re in the sex party world then you’ll want to always look clean and sexy when you see them, some sex parties are invite only/selective, so you’ve got to send them pictures in order to get through to the next stage.


#8. Be Sure To Follow The Rules And I Recommend You Take A Friend Or Partner With You

Most sex parties want you to take a partner and even if they don’t it’s great to bring a friend just so you’ve got each others back, there’s never any trouble at legit sex parties, but sometimes you’ll feel more confident and open if you’ve got someone there with you, you’ll be more likely to enjoy and go for it with someone there too.


#9. Don’t Go To A Sex Party Expecting To Meet Someone

Never try to get a date at a sex party, trust me it really doesn’t work, I’ve tried to get so many dates via sex parties, the relationships are the worse relationships you’ll ever get it, guaranteed.


#10. Once You Go To One You’ll Get Invited To Them All

Once you make the cut for one sex party you’ll start getting invited to all of them, it then gets to the point where you’ve got the option to go to one every single weekend.

How To Fulfill A Sex Party Fantasy

How To Fulfill A Sex Party Fantasy

How To Fulfill A Sex Party Fantasy – Sex fantasies are becoming better as I said before. The real question is where will it stop? Well I want to know what you think about sex parties? Are you going to try them? It’s all things that you should know. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share. – Comment below for more advice on sex parties and having group sex. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Fulfill A Sex Party Fantasy

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