How To Gain Her Trust Back

How To Gain Her Trust Back

How To Gain Her Trust Back – Trust has always been a dangerous game and it isn’t’ one that can be easily won. I’ve always thought that trust is a lot easier to get the first time, once you break that trust you’re going to create a constant crack and you’re much like a boat, once you get a crack you can keep going, but eventually you’re going to sink. Now if you want to gain her trust back and stop your relationship from sinking then you’re going to have to repair the relations and that means being honest and getting everything out. – I’m going to teach you how to do that in this quick article. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you want to add anything. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Gain Her Trust Back


Time is your friend

Look, the best bet you’ve got is to wait a little while, you don’t want to move on or not be there for her, you just want to be ready to wait and take the time that’s needed.

People often try to rush these things and the truth is that people have no control over who they trust. You make your mind up down to actions and once it’s gone it’s then up to your subconscious brain to let things go. The chances of trust being gained after it’s be lost is low, but it’s not impossible, you’ve just got to give it time and not give up.


Ask her questions, remember and prove to her you’re worthy

You need to prove yourself to her, it sounds silly and if you’re to much of a man to do this then you’re not worthy to have a nice partner. You need to be ready to put the time into her and really show your worth. Be a gentleman and keep things up, don’t be nice for one day and then a dick straight after and remember to never expect anything back from her. If you expect anything back then she’ll not gain trust she’ll just think you’ve not changed.


Don’t let her see you flirting with someone

Look, if you’re on a break and trying to get back trust then you’re going to want to steer well away from flirting with people, if she see’s this then you’re over and the trust will be almost impossible to get back, that’s just how it works. You can’t play with this step, if you mess this step up then you’ll never get the trust back, that’s just how it works.


Don’t get your friends involved

Never tell your friends whats going on, it shows your weakness and will piss her off. You don’t want your friends giving you the talk that they’re going to try it with her, it’s just not worth it. So keep it on the low and don’t tell anyone even your best mate, sort it out first.


Send her nice messages

Make sure you send her nice messages and keep in full contact with her, if you give her too much space then you’re leaving yourself open for things to go wrong and for her to move on. Even though you’ve got to respect the space texting is still okay.


Give her space if that´what she needs

If you’ve really messed up then ask her is she wants space, if she says yes then give her space, but remember to still make an effort you want her to know how much you care. So give her space, but send her nice messages and show her how you feel.


Get her some flowers and a nice love note

Flowers and a love note go a long way, you’d be amazed how easy it is to forgive someone and give them a little trust when you get them flowers and a love note. This will smooth things out and make it a little easier to get back in the game.


Be nice for months and not days

Men often make the mistake of being nie for 2 days and then thinking they can do what they want. If you’re not serious about getting her trust back then you just won’t, it’s really that simple, there’s nothing else to it. Be serious and be nice for the next few months, eventually you’ll get used to it and you’ll just start being a nice guy, this is when she’ll start trusting you again.


Don’t get jealous if she does her own thing

There’s a good chance she’ll want to do what you’ve done to her, don’t get mad just let it happen or try to get in the way in a non intrusive way. Usually the women won’t go through with it, but you’ve got no right to be mad because you’ve put her through the same thing. You’ve got to exact this and understand this.


Changing isn’t always as bad as people think

The worse thing you can do is remain the same guy you’ve always been, you need to change, but change for the better and not the worse, that’s the key, people often never want to change and then people stop loving them just because they’re the same person that they were 5 years ago. Change and don’t be scared to be the nice guy for once or be a gentleman.

How To Gain Her Trust Back

How To Gain Her Trust Back

How To Gain Her Trust Back – It doesn’t have to be hard, you’ve just got to open up and allow her to accept you, you’ve got to repair and when I say you’re on your last chance I really mean it, if you mess up one more time then it’s going to be seriously hard to fix your relationship. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Gain Her Trust Back

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