How To Get A Better Penis – Stronger, Longer, Easy To Maintain Erection

How To Get A Better Penis

How To Get A Better Penis – Stronger, Longer, Easy To Maintain Erection – Got a great article for you today. If you’ve ever wondered how to get a porn star penis well I’m going to tell you. This guide is really just about getting a bigger, stronger and easier to maintain erection, it will also teach you how to last longer in bed and use your penis once it’s gained all this size. Sound good to you? Hopefully it does. – I highly recommend you get a pad and paper, maybe a cup of coffee and you just need to go for it. – Comment if you’ve got any questions and if you want to help us out then please share this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get A Better Penis


 Get my secret weapon the Bathmate Hydro Pump

My secret weapon has been the Bathmate, I’ve used it for the past year and to say it shocked me is an understatement. I’ve done a guide of why I love it here and I recommend you check it out.

The Bathmate is a Hydro Pump and it uses water to create a safe suction that will improve your erection and the length/girth of your penis. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get a bigger penis and in my opinion you can’t go wrong with it.

It takes 6 weeks to start getting permanent gains so it’s not a long wait and if you’re just interested in getting an easier to maintain erection that’s harder than ever before then the Bathmate will give you that instantly.

How To Get A Better Penis

Why you need to get one

Personally I think it’s obvious, if you want a bigger, stronger penis then it’s the easiest and quickest way to achieve it. It’s safe to use and it will give you results better than penis enlargement surgery and that costs 4 grand. So, if you want to get a bigger penis for $99 to $249.99 then this is the ultimate way to go about doing it.


How long you use it for

I’ve used mine for the last year and gained two inches in length and just under one inch in girth. I use it for 22 minutes 5 to 6 days per week. You’ll need to use it in the bath or shower and I recommend taking it slow for the first few months you use it. That way you’ll get the best results.

How To Get A Better Penis

Price and benefits

You can get this one for around $99, this will get the job done but it’s not the best. The best pump in the world is the Extreme and that costs around $249, go and check it out.

  • Adds inches in length to your penis
  • Adds inches in girth to your penis
  • Makes your erection stronger
  • Easy to maintain an erection
  • Makes your penis bigger when it’s not erect.
  • 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee 

Pretty amazing right? There’s no better out there. This is one of the easiest things to sell just because you’ve got nothing to lose, if you aren’t happy with the gains then you can just return it. You will be happy with your gains though!


Get one of these amazing cock rings

I recommend getting this cock ring. It’s one of the best cock rings that I’ve ever used, it’s the perfect toy for couples and it will make your penis a sex machine instantly. The vibrations are amazing and it will give you a better erection. Cock rings are used to give people harder erections during sex, they also make it easier to stay full erect while having sex.


Put some time into running and cardio workout

You need to start running or doing a workout that involves a lot of cardio. This will give you a lot more energy and will also help your blood circulate round the bottom part of your body.

This will help you maintain an erection and it will also make you want sex more.


Eat more fruit and vegetables

Eating natural food is one of the first steps you’ll need to take while making your penis better, I really recommend doing it. Try eating really healthy food for the next month. At the end or it you’ll see how incredible your erection and your sex drive gets. I always recommend doing this.


Penis exercises might surprise you

Go to this website. You’ll learn how to train your penis and they’ll give you a workout guide so you can add size to your penis and make your erection a lot bigger.

All the workouts have videos so you know if you’re doing it right and they’ve even got the perfect guide for beginners. So, no matter who you are they’ll be something for you at that website.


Learn what turns you on and use it to maintain an erection

Start looking at what makes you the hardness, is there a fantasy that turns you on a silly amount? If there is then you need to unlock it. It’s a really great idea and it’s something that I truly recommend. Do some research and learn what fantasy/fetish really gets you going.


Try anal sex toys

Anal pleasure is loads of fun and it can make your penis harder, putting a butt plug-in before sex won’t just make your orgasm a lot more intense it will also make your erection better.

I recommend this butt plug, give it a try to see what you think. I love using butt plugs, do you?

How To Get A Better Penis

How To Get A Better Penis


How To Get A Better Penis – Stronger, Longer, Easy To Maintain Erection – You’ve now learnt exactly how to have a bigger, better penis. Are you excited? If you’re a person who goes for the chances then this will seriously help you get a head of people, if you just want a better penis then just get a Bathmate and be ready for life to start getting awesome. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

How To Get A Better Penis 

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