How To Get A Bigger Penis With A Penis Pump

How To Get A Bigger Penis With A Penis Pump

How To Get A Bigger Penis With A Penis Pump – We’ve been talking about penis pumps a lot the past week and something we seem to get asked frequently is how to use a penis pump in the right way. Things like what type of penis pump should I use, how quick should I see results, how long should I used the penis pump for. All questions like that need to have an answer so to help you understand more about penis pumps I’ve created this article that should help you understand all you need to know and more. – If you find this article helpful after reading it then please hit the share buttons that are just after the article, this really helps me keep writing. – Comment if you want any advice and if you´ve got anything to add just pop it in the comments to. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get A Bigger Penis With A Penis Pump

Pick a penis pump

Okay first thing you need to do is pick a penis pump, this is pretty simple you have a few choices which I´ll list below, these are all different and they´ll have different results and will give you better results so be ready for them to change your penis size differently.
I´ve listed them in order of how good they are, so the first is the best and then the last is still great but isn´t going to be as easy to use.


Water vacuum

The best type of penis pump is a water vacuum penis pump, they´re usually made by a company called bathmate.
They work by using water to create suction, all you´ve got to do is jump in the bath or shower and just apply it and let the water suction start, once it´s started you can appll the strap so you can walk around or you can just have some chill time and lay in the bath or stand in the shower for 10 minutes.
These penis pumps are my favourites and they usually cost around $99.99 to $169.99 they can get more expensive depending on the model and size.


Pressure gauge

Pressure gauge pumps are easier than normal penis pumps because they allow you to see the pressure you used last time. This makes life a lot easier because you can find what pressure suits you best and then keep it at that pressure each time you use it.


As if you don´t have the pressure gauge then you just have to guess what pressure is right, this makes it a little harder to get right and can sometimes not be a fun time.
So I really recommend getting one of these pressure gauge pumps, for the extra money they cost they´re worth it.
They usually cost around $19.99 to $44.99 they can go up but usually they cost around that.


Normal penis pump

You can get a normal penis pump that just pumps, they´re still amazing but they usually aren’t as easy to use, you can really only use them for the first 3 months of training, after that it would be a waste to use one, they will still give you amazing gains and help you grow.


Training hours

I usually train for about 10 minutes a day when I start pumping and then after the first month I go to 15 minutes and then after 2 months of use I start going to around 20 minutes, once I get to 20 minutes I usually just stay there and I don´t move.
That´s usually all you have to do to get great gains and keep it safe.


What to do

If I use the bathmate I will usually run a bath, doesn’t have to be full, I then jump in and put a show on or some sort of podcast or music, I then relax and put the bathmate over my penis, turn it on and start pumping, I then relax and wait 20 minutes after that I lower the pressure and get out the bath, it´s a lovely relax and that´s all I have to do.
I do this once a night 5 days a week I usually have Wednesday and Sunday off and that´s the perfect amount.


How to maximize gains

Do it 5 days a week without fail, do some penis exercises too, eat the right foods, things like fruit and vegetables.
Maybe even go on a run to get your stamina up.


How to make it more fun

As I said just put some music on or maybe get your strap and wall around, if you´ve got a normal pump then you can still use your laptop so it´s not so bad.



Some little tips for getting the best results.


Cock ring

Getting a cock ring is a good way to get a stronger penis, it just works, if you get a cock ring and just put it on before sex then you´ll last longer, have a better boner and the sex will just feel better.


Penis extender

If you want instant results then you can always use a penis extender, it will just add a few inches to your penis instantly, I use the vixen to help me get instant length, it will add 3 inches to your penis instantly. Really worth getting if you want to have some instant fun and impress your partner.

How To Get A Bigger Penis With A Penis Pump

How To Get A Bigger Penis With A Penis Pump


How To Get A Bigger Penis With A Penis Pump – See it isn´t so hard to start getting gains from your penis pump, it really does take to much time either, I really enjoy using this method and you can´t get better results from anything part from surgery, so it´s really worth trying. – If you want to have more information then just comment below. – Sharing is amazing so please share. –Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get A Bigger Penis With A Penis Pump

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