How to get a bigger penis

5 Sex toys that every man must try

How to get a bigger penis.

How to get a bigger penis. – This is probably one of our most asked questions we get. So that’s why we’ve done a few articles on it, and this one will hopefully help. We have some good news for you guys who want a bigger penis, there is ways and not all of them cost money and they really will increase the size of your penis and make you have a better more erect penis instantly, and after a few weeks you’ll start getting permanent gains. – Remember to share as it will help others just like you. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.


Yes you can exercise your penis bigger. There’s a few ways to make a penis bigger and this can be the cheapest and the best way to start with. You need to get the technique you like best and it involves a lot of work every day. or at least 10 to 20 minutes but in a day that isn’t really too much. – How to get a bigger penis.

We can start with the push through. 

Get your penis about 50 to 60% erect and grasp it with the OK sign at the base of your penis, next you need to slowly start massaging up the penis like you’re pushing the blood to the end. Once at the top just go to the base again and repeat.

Aim to do this about 20 times a day in sets of ten with no rest, try to make each stroke take 5 seconds and make sure your firm with your grip.


This is one of the best, you need to grab the end of your penis then stretch it to your max stretching point (you should feel discomfort but it should be a stretching feeling) hold for 10 seconds then change angles, start at left 10 seconds, forward 10 seconds, right 10 seconds then rest for ten seconds and repeat 3 times. Do this 3 x a week.


This is multipurpose and will strengthen your penis in a few ways, one it will make you not cum as quick, two it will make you have better kegel muscles which means more control over your bladder and will help to bring the blood to your erection with ease. – How to get a bigger penis.


Just contract your penis and count to fix slowly then slowly release and repeat do this 10 times and then have a break for a minute and repeat again another time. just add more time if you find it to easy.

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Penis Pumps.

The best way in my opinion to get a bigger penis is with a penis pump, they’re quick, easy and free up some time for relaxing, there’s loads to choose from and they go from 15 dollars to 250 dollars and all do different things and have different results heres our favourites:

Bathmate Hercules 3.0 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump.

Bathmate Hercules 3.0 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review

This is a great penis pump and if you’re looking to add instant and determinant size to your penis this is the best way. It’s a very good price and can be used 5 days a week for maximum results It’s for the bath and will change the way you have baths forever so is really worth investing in.

Where to buy: Bathmate Hercules 3.0 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump.

Price: $109.99.

Classix Penis Power Pump.

 Classix Penis Power Pump

This is a lot cheaper than the other model and works just as good. It’s not as good suction but will do the job every time you use it, it’s easy to use and if you want a bigger penis it’s a very cheap and easy way of doing soo. Great idea and really worth that small price tag.

Where to buy: Classix Penis Power Pump.

Price: $19.99.

Penis Extenders.

If you need a quick fix and just want a bigger penis right now, then a penis extender is really the best way you can go about it. It will instantly add up to 8 inches to your penis so you can satisfy any girl. The one below is a little pricey but it’s the best you can get and you will really amaze your partner.

Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender 7 Inch.

Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender 7 Inch

This is the toy every man who needs a penis lift gets! It’s ultra-realistic and feels just like a real penis for a girl, it will feel amazing not just for her but for you and will also add some amazing new things to your sex life. Great for every man who wants to add a few inches nice and quick.

Where to buy: Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender 7 Inch.

Price: $144.99.


This sounds silly and won’t make you penis any bigger but it will make it look bigger so that’s a win, just give your balls and pubic hair a cut and you’ll gain about an inch or so of penis that will look good and make women be excited about what they’re about to get.

Losing weight.

This is another quick one that will make you penis instantly bigger, just lose some weight. If you’ve got a stone of weight sitting over or around your penis it will be hidden a bit so if you really want a bigger penis it will be best to just lose a few pounds, running is a great way and also helps you with being better at sex and keeping up the stamina, all great if you want to be a god in bed and have some fun as well as have a bigger penis. Just run a nice amount every day and within no time you’ll have a bigger more healthier penis. – How to get a bigger penis.


This sounds so stupid but it’s true the food you eat does lower the size of your erection. If you eat the right foods your blood will run more freely, you’ll be more horny and even better than that you’ll have a harder most erect penis. Some great foods to eat are: Fruit (all types are amazing and will help your erection out) Vegtibales, chicken stuff like that is great for a better erection and if you want ot be horney things like Bananas, apples, almonds, eggs and avocado is amazing. – How to get a bigger penis.

How to get a bigger penis

How to get a bigger penis.

How to get a bigger penis. – So just follow some of that advice maybe get a penis pump and you’ll be set to start getting a bigger and better penis. It can sometimes be a hard world and be a lot of pressure but if you keep this up within no time you’ll be more confident and you’ll be having more sex than ever. Just keep motivated and make sure you take some action and help yourself. – Comment below for more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.

How to get a bigger penis.

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