How To Get A Date With An Older Women

How To Get A Date With An Older Women

How To Get A Date With An Older Women – It used to be my dream to date an older women, me being 28 now and the women I date being around 35 to 40 I thought it was time to let you guys in on my advice to dating older women. Now, the age gap that I have right now with most my partners isn’t that big, but I’ve been dating women of that age since my early twenties. That’s the age I was when I met my first older women and had some fun and it’s definitely an amazing experience, their bodies are completely different and most of them enjoy sex a lot more than women at my own age. That’s why I’ve decided to teach you where I went wrong and how to avoid the problems I had myself while trying to get a date with an older women. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share after you’ve read. – Comment if you want more advice from me. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get A Date With An Older Women


#1. Hang Round With An Older Audience

You’ve got to get comfortable hanging around with older women and older people. This helps you conversate and stops you being stuck when approaching an older women in the future.

You’ll also get introduced to older women and once you start hanging with that audience you’ll see just how easy it is to start dating and picking up women who’re older than you.


#2. Get Online Dating This Really Works

I you’re looking to date a women who’s 10 + years older, in her 30’s/40’s then you’ll have a much better chance by using a dating site, there are loads of older women and a very low quality of guys, this makes it easy for you to get a date, pick them up and start having fun.

I find that when you put yourself in an environment like that you’ll usually excel and start making some serious progress.


#3. Learn What Older Women Want And Be It

I’ve learnt that every women wants something different, the quicker you learn what your partner wants the easier it will be for you to be just that.

Older women either want a consistent man or a man who’ll thrill them and help them relive their youth.

Most older women still seek complements and miss their 20’s where men would follow them around. If you provide that old style feeling of complements and sex appeal she’ll do crazy things.


#4. Be Confident In Yourself

You’re f**king awesome and you should know that by now. No matter who you are you’re in your own version of reality and in that reality you’re as awesome as someone can get. You need to rock this side of things and enjoy it as much as possible.


#5. Offer Them Out To Coffee

Coffee is the best date, people love coffee dates they’re seriously the easiest way to pull women these days, they’re not threatening and it’s easy to get a yes.

I always make sure they know it’s a date, the worse thing you can do is make them think it’s to learn something or to ask questions.

It’s easier to be straight up and ask them for a coffee date, even make fun of how silly a coffee date sounds.


#6. Remember To Charm And Complement

The key is to avoid neediness at all costs, you really don’t want to appear needy in any way shape or form. neediness is the absolute worse trait you can have as a man.

But, without being needy you need to give them compliments and remind them how hot they are, don’t over power them, just a occassional you’re gorgeous, sexy or hot is all a women needs and for your to treat her like women are going to push you that much further ahead of most the men at her age.


#7. Go To Places Where Older Women Hang Out

There’s certain bars and events where you’ll get more older women who’re in their 30’s. These places aren’t your normal clubs, they’re more about having fun and good music. It’s different in every country, but you’ll usually know the clubs/bars which have people who’re older.


#8. Don’t Take It Too Seriously

The worse thing you could do is take you or the relationship to seriously. It’s best to look at it as fun and just have a great time. It’s the way life should be. Don’t over complicate it and make things more stressed than they need to be, just have fun, make her enjoy herself and don’t be too nervous.

How To Get A Date With An Older Women

How To Get A Date With An Older Women

How To Get A Date With An Older Women – It can sometimes go wrong, but you’ve just got to keep yourself on the market and keep going for it. A lot of men just don’t believe it can happen, that’s why they never get it. So have some faith and really go for it. – Sharing is caring so please share. – Comment below for more advice or to add something to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get A Date With An Older Women

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