How To Get A Girls Real Number And Not Be Rejected

How To Get A Girls Real Number And Not Be Rejected

How To Get A Girls Real Number And Not Be Rejected – A lot of men go and try to get girls numbers and end up with either a no or a fake one, this happens really often and can completely ruin a man’s confidence, don’t get me wrong if you’re hitting on a girl with a partner then you’re probably going to get no where and just end up with bad karma or a bad name, so these tips really only work if you use them with girls who’re looking for men, just as a heads up. So let’s get started and teach you men how to get a girls number with easy and help you get to the next level with her. – Remember to hit the share buttons if you want to see more of these kinds of posts. Comment below if you’ve got any advice or want any help from me. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How To Get A Girls Real Number And Not Be Rejected

 Be A Gentleman 

A lot of men forget the key rule to just being a nice fellow. A lot of women haven’t seen this too much so when they see it from you they’ll be more than happy to spend a little time and give their number to you.

You have to be different to every other guy and because every other guy is usually a tool and doesn’t care too much about her just about her body then you need to aim at that.

So be gentle some girls like a bad body and there’s no need to not be bad it’s just you’ve got to be a good man who has respect for himself, how can people respect you if you’ve got no respect?


Ask Her Questions

There’s no better why to get a girls real number and a call the next day then to ask her loads about her, everyone likes speaking about their life so ask her things like where do you work, or what do you study, how do you spend your time, what music do you like, have you ever do…..? Just loads of questions, you’ll be able to see within a few minutes if she likes you or if she’s just being nice and answering your question.

Tip: Girls usually will look you in the eyes and smile loads if they like you, it’s really not hard to see this and most women will play u to you once you’ve been a nice lad.



Read Her Body

It’s pretty easy to see if she likes you by her body language, if she keeps looking away or is trying to look at a friend, even trying to get a friend over, that usually means she’s no interested, not all the time but usually it will.

Now you can still try with this kind of girl but sometimes people just aren’t going to work to well together, you can switch it around but it will be a lot harder than to just cut your losses and say it was nice to meet her.


Don’t Rush

You need to understand a little about her, if a girl is in a hurry then you can get her number but if not you need to play it cool, find out a few things about her and let her know you’re interested, don’t rush because it will only make her give you a fake number, also there’s no real reason for her to give you a number if you’ve not danced, kissed, or had a nice talk, so make sure you fill one or two of them things.


Waiting for the right moment.

The right moment is usually when one of you need to go, it’s always a good time to just go, “hey can I have your number” or “Hey can I have your Facebook” Either of them will work like a charm and you’ll hopefully be able to leave there with her number.

Tip: Unless you really hit it off then you should at least wait a day before you say or do anything, that way you won’t seem to keen and she hopefully won’t play you, you never know she might add you first.


Let Her Come To You

There’s no harm in letting her ask for you number, if you’re really nice to her and she likes you and ends up falling for you a little she’ll usually ask for your number, once that happens you’ll be in luck, she’ll probably start texting you and then you can meet again and you know you’ll have definitely got her number.

This is sometimes the best approach to take because girls will usually not think twice about asking for a number or a Facebook, that’s just the way it is.


 Knowing When To Call It Quits

Sometimes no matter how awesome you are she’ll still want more and in that case there’s not really too much more you can do, sometimes it’s better to cut your losses and go somewhere else, I always think you’ll know if she liked you and if you think she didn’t then there’s no point in asking for a number and getting the wrong one.

Also you need to learn the difference between a girl being nice and a girl flirting, it’s really hard to understand it and people will always take everything you say the wrong way.


Tip: Remember to get some eye contact with a girl before you go over, you can usually tell a lot by just looking at someone’s eyes, this is a great way to sort something out and it can really tell you if they like you before making the move, a little smile/wink can go a long way.



How To Get A Girls Real Number And Not Be Rejected – This will hopefully help you in the future and save you from a little rejection here and there. IT’s all about talking before you go in for the question. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How To Get A Girls Real Number And Not Be Rejected

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