How To Get A Stronger Erection

Get A Stronger Erection

How To Get A Stronger Erection

Getting a stronger erection can literally add inches to your normal erect size and make sex a lot more fun and long-lasting. We’ve got some things that will hopefully make your penis harder and help you get past the bad boner stage that most men go through. It can be hard and if you just follow some of this advice it should hopefully help you out and get you into a better place sexually.  Remember that a strong erection can literally save a relationship if used right. – We love to see you guys comment so please comments, ask questions and get involved, you’ll find it easier to get a better erection and we can help you. – Disclosure: The links we use are to an affiliate site where we get commission without cost to you. – Remember to share as much as you can – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

 Get A Stronger Erection


Most men never reach their full erect potential, have you ever had one of them days where you’re horny and your penis is really hard, like crazy hard and you literally feel how big it is? Well them times are usually when you’ve only got your hand to play with. To stop this being the problem I’m going to show you my little trick to getting a harder penis.

Penis pumps

Yes it’s true, these magical devices don’t only help you get a bigger penis they also help male erection, this is what they give people who have erectile disfunction, it helps get more blood to your penis, they also make sex a lot more enjoyable by adding size to your penis. The best penis pump is probably this penis pump.

It works well and will really get you penis harder and make you get some serious gains in the long run.

Cock ring

Okay another great way to get a bigger penis is to use a cock ring.

This may sound a little silly but in all honesty it’s what they’re there for. All you need to do is get one of the stretch cock rings and you’ll be ready for great sex.

It will make you last longer, have more blood in your penis/a harder penis. It can also increase climax which is always a good thing.

All you need to do is wear one of these right before you have sex and make sure you only have it on for about 30 minutes then have a 5 minutes rest this will help you stay good.

Vibrating cock ring

If you want to try something a little different then a vibrating cock ring is a great way, it will improve your sex life even more and by vibrating, it will stimulate your partners clit while you can be free to thrust. It has all the same power as before so it makes you last longer in bed and it will make you have a harder and better erection, it will also add to your climax.

This is all great stuff that you need to think about.


Yes, having a 20 minute run a few times a week can really help with a boner, it helps to make you blood run more freely around your body and will get rid of some weight which should make you feel a lot more better.

It will also get your stamina up so you can last longer and go better in bed. This is all really good and it will also have other health benefits so you should really work this into your day.


Eating certain types of foods can really help you get a better and stronger erection. This comes down to the fact that some foods will make you horny and will bring out more of a stronger boner.

Foods like: honey, fruit (bananas especially) Fish, Nuts (walnuts, brazil nuts.

All these foods will really help you get more excited for sex, it’s just what you need and should help you out and help you get a better more strong erection, we have a few different types of foods that all do different things, if you want to find out more either search our site or search google.


If you’ve heard of penis stretches or exercises then you’ll understand this a little better, these a few different types of exercises you can do to get a bigger penis, they all involve different things and you can usually get a much bigger and better penis by doing them.

They usually just involve doing a massage movement up and down, like you’re trying to push the blood around your penis, or stretch your penis away from your body.

You should start to feel a difference immediately and it should help you keep an erection and maybe add some size to your penis.


You never want to wank too much, wanking too much is the main reason why you’ll end up not having the same boner, you need to relax and just masturbate about once a week, that’s enough to get a release but not lose your boner.


Don’t watch porn, porn is the number one killer of males sex drive/erections. If you watch too much porn you’ll never have sex how you’re ament too, it’s just the way it goes, you need to think clear and maybe just treat yourself to it once a month, to much of anything is never a good thing so just remember that next time you’re putting porn on.

How To Get A Stronger Erection – Hopefully you’ve learnt something about your erection from this post? There is usually a way to get round it and we will help you. So if you need any more advice then just comment below. – Remember to share as much as possible

How To Get A Stronger Erection 

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