How To Get Laid As A Nerd

How To Get Laid As A Nerd

How To Get Laid As A Nerd – I too used to be a sexless nerd who had trouble getting laid. I found it hard to get any sex and it really did make things different when I started studying sex and how to get women, I learnt amazing tips that really did help me gain confidence and even made my life more happy. I’m going to teach you how to get out of that sexless rut that you may be in and how to find women that are geeky too, these women will make your life better, trust me. It’s not going to happen over night, but if you’re happy to put the effort in then you’ll be amazed with what you can achieve with things like this.- Sharing is caring, be amazing and share if you enjoy. – If you need a bro to talk to please be sure to comment, I’m sure I can help you more. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get Laid As A Nerd

#1. Get Outside More

Look as a fellow nerd I know that going outside isn’t going to be high on your priorities, but if you don’t go outside you’ll find it hard to meet people, not just girls but other guys to chill with. That’s why you need to start going out more. I’m not saying you need to start drinking alcohol and going out clubbing, no, but you do need to start getting out even if it’s only for a coffee, just give it a try, start going out for coffee twice a week, you’ll be surprised how many people you meet, speak too and get involved with.


#2. Go To All The Expos and Cons You Can

Look if you want to find a partner who’s also a geek then you need to start going to other geeky places that women go. Going to expos for nerdy/geeky things also going to gaming places and comic places is a great way to meet other who’re interested in what you’re after. It’s a great way to get to know people and be more involved.

It’s just a great way to get yourself out there and involved in things that will help you meet someone who’s a little more worthwhile.


#3. Be Careful About Using The Internet

The internet can be a nightmare sometimes that’s why you do need to be careful about using it to meet people. Often people won’t be who you think they are and even if they are they may be their to con you and get something for nothing. So be extra careful while using the internet to meet people.


#4. It Will Take Time

It does take time and it’s not going to be instantly quick, but as long as you get yourself out there you will start getting more involved with women. So, don’t worry if it’s taken a while it will happen, you’ve just got to get out your comfort zone,m if you stay inside your comfort zone all the time then it’ll just get to you, that’s why doing crazy shit is sometimes all you need in order to start living your life.


#5. Girls Like Funny Guys But…

Girls do like a guy who knows how to joke, but you need to be able to take a joke too, never get offended at a joke. If you’re having fun and joking then the best way to destroy a joke is too just laugh at it and enjoy it, then come back. You’ve also got to remember that any sex jokes are usually a bad idea.


#6. Start By Getting Female Friends

A great way to meet more people in a relationship is to get more female friends, getting friends who’re women helps you meet more women and that’s really as easy as it goes. I’m not saying go and meet a girl who you plan on having sex with noo. I’m talking about meeting a girl who’s got other geeky friends, that way you’ll meet girls who’re more interested in you.


#7. Online Dating Can Work

Even though I said it’s not always the best thing to do it can also be great. If you get on a dating site and make sure you skype them before you meet each other than you can meet people with ease. It’s never has hard as you may think, just give it a try to see what you think about it for yourself.


#8. Get Yourself A Sex Toy

Look while you’re waiting to get laid it’s not a bad idea to get yourself a sex toy. Just go and get yourself one and see how it goes, I love using the STU Fleshlight it trains you to last longer in bed and also shows you what it feels like to have sex so when you do it’s not over within one second. Go and give one a try to see what you think about it yourself.


#9. Get Involved In A Community

There’s loads of geeky communities out there and if you go and get involved on a forum you’ll usually meet people inside the community. Just go and check out some of the forums and communities out there, I’ve seen loads of people meet lovers trough safe communities like Roster Teeth, Comics, Music, Star Wars, etc.


#10. Don’t Take Advice From People Who’re Around You

Look, people like to get involved in your sex life, but the truth is most people have no idea what you should do and that’s why you should restrict the advice that you take from people, it’ll stop you getting hurt and help make your sex life get back on track quicker.

How To Get Laid As A Nerd

How To Get Laid As A Nerd

How To Get Laid As A Nerd – Okay now it’s your time to shine, are you ready? It’s just got to be something that happens, you can’t go over board. Just stay focused and start applying the things talked about above into your life. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as much as possible. – Comment if you need any extra advice on this. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get Laid As A Nerd

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