How to get more sex in a relationship

How to get more sex in a relationship

How to get more sex in a relationship.

How to get more sex in a relationship. – Sometime it can feel like the sex is become a distant thing and it’s usually in immediate need of help, we’ve got some advice for you today and it should help you with getting more regular sex which will then make sex more fun and give your room to try some of them fun things that you’ve always wanted to do. Sex is important in a relationship so spending this 5 minutes could do the world of good for you. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

 We all want more sex in a relationship right? But some people more than others. Sometimes in long-term relationships people forget how to have sex differently and it turns into more of a drill not an enjoyable experience, men use it as a release while girls use it as a way to keep you happy, well this will change that around, if you follow our easy tips you’ll be having more sex and it will be much more enjoyable and fun, so make sure you pay attention and hopefully this will help you out. – How to get more sex in a relationship. How to get more sex in a relationship


Chuck all plans away and just have random sex.Plans can be the biggest sex drive killer, if you know you’re going to have sex it can ruin the motion in which you do it, it’s better to have one day a week planned and just have the rest when you want it, this will make the sex more fun, exciting and often.

Men and Women. 

You both need to understand a little about each other, men are like microwaves and women are like slow cook ovens, men want sex every day that’s quick and just gives them a release as women would rather have no sex then one day of sex where you make them orgasm and just focus on her. You need to meet in the middle and try having sex and then making love when you need too. We’re getting more to the fun stuff now. – How to get more sex in a relationship.


Well now we’re getting down to the real thing, sex needs to become a thing you do whether you’re tired or don’t want too, after a long days work it can be hard so get into  better routine and have morning fun? these are some tips:

Try one thing new every week.

Whether it’s a new sexual position or a something completely different you need to do it, I would say look at our site find some sex toys for couples and then buy one or two, learn a sex tip once a week both of you and then a position too, this will make sex so saucy that you can’t help but have it more often.

Don’t plan a day but plan a number.

Don’t plan a day but plan a number most middle age people should have sex twice a week so make sure every week you do it twice and if you only have time to do it once then do it twice in one day. It will make you more sexual and start you off on a good ethic of sex.


Eat the right food, this sounds like rubbish but really it’s a good plan to eat the right food and to not eat so much bad stuff, eat a lot of fruit, drink a lot of water, and eat things that are good for you, this will make you have more energy for sex and also be better for sexual drive, things like honey and almonds all add to your sex drive. – How to get more sex in a relationship.

Finding out if there’s a problem.

Sometimes lake of sex can be down to a problem with them, so it’s always good to ask if they’re okay and maybe even bring up about having more sex, it isn’t a bad thing to do and you might be surprised about the impact that has, just remember to blow his or her mind straight away as then they’ll realise how much they’ll miss sex.

Sex Tips: 

We’ve got lots of sex tips on our site here’s some good articles that you should read:

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Depending on boy or girl these are a must to read! You’ll really love the player one if you’re a boy as that will rock any girls world and make her have multiple orgasms with ease. – How to get more sex in a relationship.


Just have a chat and work out what you want some many want to try something new maybe anal sex some girls want to try a bigger penis which you can with a penis extender. There are loads of weird and wonderful fantasies and he might want to see you use a vibrator or something like that and that could turn him on so just find out what you both like an amazing place to start is beginner bdsm/bondage. So keep that in mind and there are loads of great places you can take these fantasies. – How to get more sex in a relationship.

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Extra Tips:

Leave work at the office. 

MAke sure when you come home on the days you want to have sex don’t bring home work, listen to nice happy music and get in a nice mood.


A nice naughty text or picture goes a long way so just every now and then send a text going “I want you now” Or for her “I’m wet thinking about you” That will set the night up for some fun.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

This is a big one, if you don’t want sex don’t make your other half get ready for it all day just to be late or not want to it’s better to just say before and not have any problems.

Romantic dinner.

This is a must if you want to add a little spice back a nice dinner with some candles and a nice glass of wine is a must.

That’s it we hope this helps remember to check out our other tips and hopefully this will help you get the sex back in your life. 

How to get more sex in a relationship

How to get more sex in a relationship

That was How to get more sex in a relationship. – Hopefully you will be getting more sex in no time after using some of this advice, remember to follow the tips and just do what you think’s right as it usually is and usually will get you some brownie points that end up leading to sex. If you need any relationship advice just comment below and we will help you. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How to get more sex in a relationship.

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