How to get more sex while you’re married

How to get more sex while you're married

How to get more sex while you’re married.

How to get more sex while you’re married. – All of us sometimes hit a dry patch where sex seems to happen once a month which is only 12 times a year. That’s not enough! So we made this advice post to give you a few ways to put the fun, excitement and pleasure back into sex. It’s really simple and just involves a few quick things. Remember to try these out and depending on the woman you’ll have different effects so do what will fit your situation best. – Sharing buttons are below, please go and share. – Comment if you need more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How to get more sex while you're married 


Asking s a very good way of getting more sex, the problem that women usually have, they tell every person about the problem but the person that can fix it, you might not know she’s not enjoying sex and wants you to change something but she’ll tell everyone around you, the best way to beat this is to just sit her down and say you want more sex, and tell her about you want to spice it up, try something new, re live some sex fantasies, anything you can imagine that will help you get her up for having more sex.

Learn something new.

Once you’ve talked about it you need to try something new. Most sex stops because it becomes the same old thing, you have your moves, she has hers, you stop when the first one finishes and it’s just a routine. That needs to stop, you need to learn something new every week. Try with learning a new sex position and not being able to do any other till you master it, do that every week and you’ll add some spice back, try watching adult movies together while having oral sex. Even go and learn some new sex tips.

Learn how to make her orgasm and how to make give her great oral sex.

 How to get more sex while you're married.


The best way I’ve seen to get more sex is to start using toys, sex toys are a great way to make sex exciting and something to look forward too, we’ve got loads of toys on our site and it will really be something great to get her some special little bits check this post out. You’ll find some amazing deal. – How to introduce sex toys to a relationship. 

Or the best one: Top 5 player sex toys – Every man needs to have.

These will make your sex life so much more intense and so much more fun, trust us when we say that this will add the spice and make sex fun again. Make sure you try some of these toys, we highly recommend the vibrating cock ring. – How to get more sex while you’re married. – this is how to get more sex while you’re married.

Tease her.

Learn the art of seduction, learn to make her want you and treat he in a way she can’t resist. All girls get turned on by different things, some it’s a nice tea, some a warm bath and a made bed, some love a suit, others a bad boy, whatever it is she loves let her have you like that, tease her all day with little ideas and make sure that she knows you want her. And then say she loves a bad boy wait for her to get home or see you and just pick her up carry her to the bedroom and start kissing her passionately. Tease her and kiss up and down her thighs and do whatever she likes, maybe use some of them new sex tips to really get her going. All of this will really help you get her in bed and if you do this more often and keep changing it up you’ll do amazing all the time. – How to get more sex while you’re married.

Plan it out.

Don’t make sex a routine just plan when it’s going to be, when you’re married and have kids it can be hard to find the time, so just make sure you do, add a little plan and make sure you follow it and maybe have a few more hot and spicey days, this is another good way to get sex, make sure you impress her though because then you’ll get more.  – How to get more sex while you’re married want more check our site.


 Impress her.

Make sure you impress her, the best thing you can do to get more sex is to be on top form and really make her have a good time, this will make sex so much fun and make her want you so much more, I find that if you have good sex and can keep it up you end up getting sex every day as if it’s rubbish girls start doing it only when they feel they have to, make her orgasm and you’ll keep her coming back for more.  Remember to check our site out as we have loads of sex tips that will work for any man, any age, on any woman. Loving her right has never been so easy. Also remember to check the sex toys out they really will make sex so much more fun and regular.

Quick tip is to do fantasies and ask her what she fantasizes about and make it come true that will make sex happen a lot more and be a lot more pleasurable.  –  this was how to get more sex while you’re married did you like it?


How to get more sex while you’re married. – This is something that I get asked by some many guys and really is down to though things above. Just Do them regularly and make sure you want her and she knows it, doing stuff that’s non sexual can most sex too. – Make sure you hit some share buttons to support us and comments are below if you want some more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How to get more sex while you’re married.

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