How To Get Rid Of A Stalker On Facebook

How To Get Rid Of A Stalker On Facebook

How To Get Rid Of A Stalker On Facebook – In life you´ll sometimes find people who won´t take no or an answer or who´re just weird, to avoid this happening you need to be careful with using words online but if it´s happened to you then that´s too late for you, so I´m going to show you a great way to get people to leave you alone or to get the bored so they eventually get on with their life. This is for people who you don’t want to delete off Facebook or people who you have to see in real life, this will just stop awkwardness and get you out of the creepy Facebook stalking. – If you enjoy this article then please just hit the share buttons and share in on Facebook and your other social media platforms, it will make life easier for us and make us happy. – If you´ve got any questions then just leave them in the comments below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get Rid Of A Stalker On Facebook

Don´t talk to them

If you talk to them then that´s how it gets worse, depending on what type of person they this always changes but if there someone you know and they´re starting to get weird then just explain how you feel and then stop messaging them, make sure you explain it in a nice way and make sure you explain it just so they don´t accuse you of leading them on.
You´ll also find that people sometimes want closure so if you give them that then that will just put them in their place, be careful with feelings and don´t do anything to rash, just be kind but cut off communications with them, it´s for the best and it will stop them from being interested. – How To Get Rid Of A Stalker On Facebook.


Block them if possible

If you don´t know them then block them, it´s not that hard just google how to block someone on facebook and you´ll find out how.
This will stop all problems instantly and if you follow the tip you´ll see in a minute about reporting them it will stop the problem.
This will help stop the problem for future people too, just warn friends and make sure that you don´t allow them to see you at all.


Don´t be mean, but tell them to stop it

You can easily send a message saying that you think it´s a bit weird how they’re acting and that you´d like it to stop, some people won´t listen and them kinds of people are fake accounts so it might better to look into people you really know and work out who it might be.
Don´t just accuse people though because it won´t every go down to well if it´s not them and unless you can prove it there´s really no point.


Contact Facebook

Like I said in the blocking part of the article you can just tell Facebook that the person is stalking or being weird and then they´ll take it into their own hands and sort out the problem, this is a good step to take if they´re being seriously weird, it´s just what you need to do to stop other people from suffering.
A stalker can sometimes just be a troll or a person that really loves you or is just a little weird so it´s sometimes best to just let Facebook do it´s job, they´ll block them for you and just stop them doing it by giving them a warning or deleting their account depending on ho serious the offence is. – How To Get Rid Of A Stalker On Facebook.


Don´t play up to it

Make sure you don´t play up to it, never. You can´t expect them to stop if you play up to them and make them think it´s okay, that will make the problem even worse and it will stop you solving the problem so make sure you never play up to them.


By playing up to them I just mean telling them loads about yourself, talking to them loads, wanting the to stalk you, annoying them, ect. Be kind and try to think of them as another person.


Figure out why they´re doing it

There´s usually a reason why they’re doing it, they could be a person you know or a person you don´t, they could be a little weird or even have mental health problems so be careful, depending on who serious it is you should act accordingly. If they’re threatening you or causing a threat then you should contact Facebook and then the police, it´s illegal to bully online, to stalk and send threatening messages, so if any of this happens then make sure you know your rights.
This all depending on how serious it is, if it´s someone liking your pictures and chatting to you then it´s probably not a problem, if they´re saying they´re watching you and posing a threat then make sure you speak up about it. – How To Get Rid Of A Stalker On Facebook.


Change the privacy on your Facebook

Go and make sure people who´re not your friends can´t see your Facebook, make sure that you don´t put your number, house address, job, or any information that could be connected to your house on Facebook, that´s how it becomes dangerous. The Sexual Happiness People

Ask other people if they’re getting the same

Just ask some friends if this persons been weird to them, look at mutual friends and see what happens, this is usually the best way to find out if they´re doing it to everyone and just a person who wants to annoy people.
How To Get Rid Of A Stalker On Facebook – That should do the trick, remember not to talk to them to much, if you talk loads then it will provoke it and make them more about to do it. If it gets to out of hand you can report them and even contact the police so try your best to sort it but if it gets weird then do something about it. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get Rid Of A Stalker On Facebook

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