How To Get The Lust Back Into Your Relationship

How To Get The Lust Back Into Your Relationship

How To Get The Lust Back Into Your Relationship – Want to make your relationship more lustful? Well lust is just as important as love in some cases and that’s why it’s key that you keep it and try to better it. Lust is the thing that makes you crave someones attention, lust makes you want to have sex a lot more often and lust really helps a relationship grow and become more intense and strong. – I’m going to teach you how to get that lust back into your relationship within a few weeks. – If you find this helped you then please remember to share. – Comment if you’ve got anything more to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get The Lust Back Into Your Relationship

Go underwear shopping together

There’s no harm in taking your girl underwear shopping, treat her to something sexy and make a day of it. Women love feeling sexy so if they’ve got a nice pair of sexy underwear to wear then you’ll make them feel sexy, look sexy and he mood will change, trust me.

Girls love getting ready and by having a hot outfit you’ll be able to impress them even more, give it a try, you can even use the internet to treat her to some underwear. Tip: Quality is important, you don’t want to get cheap underwear, it’s itchy and kills the experience.


Try roleplay on each other

Have you ever wanted to try role play? Well now’s your time, you can try role play with each other and see how far you get. I’ve had a lot of fun doing foreplay and if you’ve got a good imagination and some fantasies then you can really make things go crazy.

Try some roleplay fantasies, teachers, older men, cheating, threesome, one night stand. They’re just some of the best roleplay ideas, you can even pretend you’re porn stars and have hot camera sex. Just make sure you delete it after 😉 or hide it somewhere safe.


Try bondage, it´s amazing

Bondage is out of this world, if you want to try something that really does make sex a lot more interesting than bondage is where you need to go. Bondage is a lot of fun and if you try the fifty shades of grey guide to sex that LoveNLoveLust write you’ll be amazed with what you can achieve with each other. Give it a try to see for yourself the power of bondage.

It just opens up so many new intense ways to have sex, it makes it feel like sex is new again.


Get a sex position book

This sex position books is amazing and it will teach you how to get the lust back into your relationship in no time. You just need to learn how to do some new sex positions, it’s something that a lot of people never try to that’s why their sex never changes, do things differently and try something new with this sex position book.


Let your partner have your body for 10 minutes

Just trust your partner to have 10 minutes with your body, tell them that they’re allowed to try new types of pleasure, even get them self off using your body, take turns and you’ll really see how much fun this can be.

I learnt a lot about women using this method and I’m sure that it will work amazingly for women too, give it a try to remember that what happens in that 10 minutes isn’t talked about again ;).


Have more sex with each other

Lot’s of people stop having sex when the lust goes, it’s in fact the opposite of what you should be doing, orgasms make people fall in love, women get a lot of love for men who can make them orgasm and naturally they’re connected to them men more than anyone else. This is why sex is important, have sex every day for the next 10 days. Don’t give up and just go for it.


Wax, shave or grome better

Both men and women now like a clean-shaved or groomed look. IF you’re a female then shaving is a really good idea and I do recommend it, even if your man likes a little hair it’s still a good idea to shave legs, etc. Same now goes for men, men need to keep things groomed and clean. Clean is what women want, they don’t want it all shaved off they want it just enough.


Think about having sex a lot more

Get sex involved in both of your lives. You need to make it the first and last thing you think about, this is how lust grows, stress takes over things and tat’s why you need to delete stress and start the sex, this is the greatest way you’ll have better sex, I do recommend it and it really doesn’t bother me.


Take control of your sex life

You need to take control, lust is something that you’ll only get back if you work for it, don’t give up. You need to put actions into words and really go for it, the more you put it off the harder it will be to get make, you need to put a proper amount of time into your sex life and really get things going instead of just a little bit of fun. Try it and you’ll be amazed how much your sex life changes with little to no work, just a lot of effort.

How To Get The Lust Back Into Your Relationship

How To Get The Lust Back Into Your Relationship

How To Get The Lust Back Into Your Relationship – Getting the lust back into your relationship doesn’t have to be hard, you’ve just got to be want to do it. If one of you is putting all the effort in then eventually they’re going to out grow the other person, so be sure to both be committed. – Sharing is so amazing of you. – Hit them share buttons and make me really happy. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get The Lust Back Into Your Relationship

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