How To Get Your Partner To Try Different Sex Positions

How To Get Your Partner To Try Different Sex Positions

How To Get Your Partner To Try Different Sex Positions – Have you got a new sex position on your mind that you´re dying to try? This will help you ask to try it and will allow you to get your own way and try the sex position you´re talking about. This will help you unlock more sexual fun from your relationship, this is something that I always recommend for relationships that are a little old, it will just allow you both to have more pleasure and there´s no harm in trying something new. – If you enjoy this post and find it useful then make sure you share it, there´s buttons below that will share it for you and if you just hit a few of them it will make us really happy. – Comments are below if you fancy having a chat or if you just want to ask about something. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get Your Partner To Try Different Sex Positions

1.Be patient.

I always mention this while giving sex tips, you need to take time and not pressure your partner. Stuff will happen if you take your time and don´t rush it.
It´s better to try a sex position and love it than rush into it and hate it the first time and never do it again.
That´s why you should take a little time and not get to build up about it.


2.Make her confident about her body, tell her how sexy she is.*

Tell her that she looks amazing, make her feel sexy and make sure you let her know how you feel. If she looks sexy then make sure you tell her, girls never tire of hearing how gorgeous they look and how amazing their shoes/outfit looks.
Don´t be creepy just give her a subtle complement every now and then and never put her down about anything, not even as a joke.


3. Tell her how sexy she looks naked, try showering together.

Have a shower together is another good way to make your partner feel sexy, this article is aimed more at women, but can be changed to a man, just weaken it down and make little changes.
So, showing is a good idea and it can make her feel better about her body and can also open up a few new sex positions right there and then.


4.During sex try to ask her, she’s more likely to say yes in the heat of the moment.

Whisper about the sex position during sex, this will make it easier for her to try it and once you’ve tried it once it makes it more possible to try it again.
So make sure you save asking for when you´re having sex or about to have sex.


5. Tell her how exciting it is, and how sexy it is to you.

Tell her what it does for you, girls love hearing how hot something is for a man so make a point of explaining exactly how hot it is for you.
Tell her in detail why you love it and let her know how sexy she looks while you´re doing it, make sure she´s reassured and happy having sex.


6. Tell her if she doesn’t like it then you can stop.

Tell her that she´s more than happy to stop if she´s no having a nice time and if she decides to stop then just tell her you´re happy that she at least tried it, that way she´ll be more likely to try it in the future, it´s just always better to make her feel like she doesn’t have to do anything.
This is a great way to test your relationship, so if she doesn’t want to then make her feel happy she tried.


7. Don´t go straight in to the weird and wonderful start by moving a leg in a different position or turning over.

Start with missionary sex, get her excited then just start moving her legs and playing around, at this point you can either move her where you want her or you can ask her like we talked about above.
Either way it´s good to start with a position that she knows it will make her more likely to just enjoy the position and not be to conscious about it


8. Show her pictures of the positions you want to try.

Go online and take a look at positions, this is a really good couples sex building exercise, it will bring you closer and you might even find some other sex positions to try out with her.


9. At first research positions that will feel amazing for her, that way she will be more likely to try new ones.

Take a closer look, look at advice on the position and find a way to make it more fun. You can also try the position without having sex just so you can get used to it. This will be comforting for her and it will also give you more knowledge about the sex position.


10. Reassure her and make sure if something goes wrong just laugh about it!

If anything goes wrong then both have a laugh, it makes it a lot easier on you both if you treat it like a game and not anything serious. You really want her to enjoy to and find sex fun, not find it pressured. So have a laugh giggle and try again, even tell her it was hot and joke about it.

How To Get Your Partner To Try Different Sex Positions

How To Get Your Partner To Try Different Sex Positions


How To Get Your Partner To Try Different Sex Positions – You ready to go and ask now? You´ll be surprised with the power of this article if you use the information correctly. Remember to try the karma sutra if you want more sex positions, there´s some really intense positions that will make both of you go wow. – Sharing is caring, share if you think this article is awesome. Comment if you want to have a chat with us. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get Your Partner To Try Different Sex Positions

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