How To Get Yourself Ready For Intense Sex

How To Get Yourself Ready For Intense Sex

How To Get Yourself Ready For Intense Sex –  Sex is fun, but the preparation can sometimes be even more exciting. These something in knowing you’re going to have sex that just makes the whole thing more intense and lustful. I’m going to teach you my amazing tips that will help you get ready and prepare for amazing, intense sex that will feel incredible for both of you. This is aimed at men, but can sort of be used on a female level. So, today I’m going to show you some great accessories, some ways to make yourself feel more sexy, some intense sex tips and even a few things you need to read. – Sharing really is caring, so make use happy by sharing this guide. – Comments are always welcome so if you need a chat or have any questions just leave a comment. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get Yourself Ready For Intense Sex


#1. Get Clean Underwear

We all know that great sex starts with clean underwear. There’s nothing better than being clean, shaved and have a new pair of underwear ready to put on. I don’t care if you’re a guy or girl it’s a nice feeling, especially when they’re your nice underwear.

If you’re a female you can get something sexy like this little number and if you’re a guy then I’d go for a nice boxer look. Women like the penis while it’s in boxers, more than when it’s outside boxers, so keep that in mind and dress accordingly.


#2. Make Sure You’re Washed, Relaxed And Ready

You’ll want to have a wash as near to the time you have sex as possible. Being clean will make you less conscious about your body and if you have a bath then you can get yourself relaxed and ready for sex without having to do anything.

If you’re an adult who likes wine, you can try having a nice warm bath, with a glass of wine, don’t get to drunk just get in the mood. It’s a lovely feeling and will make you feel great about everything.


#3. Have A Shave And Clean The Places In-between

IF you’re a man who has a little fluff kicking about then you need to get rid of it. Shave your face and if you’ve got clippers have a little trim down below, you want to feel clean and lets face it, it definitely adds a few inches in size to the old penis for those who need it ;). IF you’re a female, then do what makes you comfortable, most men like it smooth, but there’s definitely more than a few who like a little hair, so do what ever makes everyone comfortable.


#4. Make Sure You Get A Good Night Sleep

Sleep is more important than you may think, you need to have a great nights sleep before you have a great night of sex. It helps you get more energy, makes you look better and helps you get the job done. All the best sex you’ll have will be when you’ve had a great night sleep and are ready to get going.


#5. Get Condoms, Lube And Bedding All Ready

Make sure you get all the things you need for great sex ready. Things like bedding, condoms and lube all need to be in place and easy to access. It’s just down to the point that it’s a turn off to go and get these items while you’re about to have sex, plus the bedding will make you both feel clean and ready to enjoy the pleasure.


#6. Have Sex In A Different Room

USing the same room every single time you have sex will get you bored. It’s always good to move round, do it in different place and most importantly just have some fun with sex. That way you’ll not get to cloudy in your mind but you’ll just keep thing fresh, like they need to be.


#7. Get Yourself A few Sex Toys To Try

Wooo, the real pleasure starts once you get a few sex toys. It’s just the truth, men who’ve used sex toys on their partner will know what I’m talking about, it’s an amazing experience using sex toys on a female, especially when they’re wanting.

I recommend any of these sex toys listed below:

All of them toys are orgasmic and will make you have sex like you never knew possible, your partner will make noise that you never even knew possible.


#8. Get Your Partner Some Sex Underwear

It doesn’t hurt to get your partner some sexy underwear, if you want her to look amazing then she should get some of these stockings,with this underwear. You’ll be lost for words when you lay eyes on here with this on.


#9. Don’t Have A Wank For A Few Days Before

Look you need to give porn a rest for a few weeks and be sure to not wank before the lead up to sex, it’s good to have that sexual energy and really be ready for the pleasure you’re about to give. It’s good to be horny because you’ll put more energy into everything.


#10. Flirt, Tease And Seduce Your Partner

Remember the power of flirting with your partner and remember how to seduce your partner like never before, it’s always something that you’re going to want to do. There’s definitely an art behind it which I’m sure you can learn if you put your mind too it.

How To Get Yourself Ready For Intense Sex

How To Get Yourself Ready For Intense Sex

How To Get Yourself Ready For Intense Sex – It’s not hard to have intense sex that you’ll not forget, it doesn’t take much and preparation is the key, once you follow this tutorial you’ll see that for yourself. So remember to keep that mind open and never stop thinking about how amazing sex can be. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to hit them share buttons. – If you’ve got anything to add please comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Get Yourself Ready For Intense Sex



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