How To Give A Women A Full Body Orgasm

How To Give A Women A Full Body Orgasm

How To Give A Women A Full Body Orgasm – Before we start I need to ask a few things. Are you open-minded? Happy to work hard? Will you not give up? Do you want to be a guy that every girl tells everyone they slept with a big smile? Or do you want to surprise your partner in such a way that they can’t even stand up for 2 hours? If you answer yes to all them questions then I’m more than happy to teach you how to give her a full orgasm. This advice can be used a few times, but I recommend only doing this to your partner once per month. – Lets get ready. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as much as possible. – Comment below for extra advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Give A Women A Full Body Orgasm


#1. Make Her Feel Sexy

Women trap their selves in their own head, whether it’s makeup, beauty, society or he many things that women get pressure for.

This makes it hard to open up to a person she’s having sex with, like most women want to have sex and enjoy it but they’re too worried about the after math. For example if you’re in a long-term relationship she’ll either be stuck in routine or scared of what you think of her body, smell, style or pleasure and if you’re just going out she’ll still be gaining trust and not complete happy to trust you.

So, your job is going to make her feel sexy. Tell her how good she tastes, how hot and hard you are, how much you want her. Never be needy, just let her relax and know you’re enjoying stimulating her.


#2. Get Her Relaxed

The best thing you could possibly do is get her to relax. It’s not hard to achieve this, just pop on some good music, give her a back massage that turns a little x-rated.

Give her a glass of wine, put a movie on, any of these things really works well. You’re just trying to get her comfortable and in the right mind frame. This will help her achieve orgasm and will make her feel amazing.


#3. Get This Sex Toy, Trust Me You’ll Want It

In order to fully unlock a girls sexual mood you can use a Bullet vibrator. Most men get scared of using sex toys, but you need to understand that a sex toy will just be an extension on the pleasure you can give a women.

Safe someone said you could guarantee an orgasm every time you had sex with a girl, would you take it? Course you would. This is just the same as using a bullet vibrator.

Just get one and place it gently on the clitoris, watch how it completely changes your partner and the way she reacts sexually.


#4. Get Lube, Condoms And Room Prepared

There’s nothing worse than having to search the room before you have sex for condoms or lube, it also sucks to not have the room ready.

I always recommend low light, condoms by bedside with the lube and then some nice music in the background, so you can avoid awkward sex noises.

Best condoms for orgasmic sex and best lubrication for full body orgasms.


#5. Make Sure She’s Not Firsty, Hungry And Doesn’t Need The Loo

Women will find it hard to orgasm if they feel any of the things above. As a guy you should do your best to make sure she’s not any of the above and if she is then make it easy for her to satisfy them.

Remember when you first see people you usually feel awkward and feel bad asking for any of the above.


#6. Learn How To Give Oral

It’s not hard to give amazing oral sex, you’ve just got to know how to read your partners body and react to your partner’s body accordingly. It doesn’t hurt, to put some energy into it and start by being gentle and actually avoiding the clitoris, then slowly work your way up to the orgasmic experience.


#7. Get A Blindfold

Women will become more open-minded sexually when they wear a blindfold. It takes pressure away from them and allows them to become more open-minded, it actually helps them to create a fantasy and it makes full body orgasms much easier to obtain.


#8. Add All That Together And Start The Pleasure 

You can add all above together and you’ll be onto a real winner. You just got to go for it and not give up. A lot of men get bored, this then makes women feel bad and actually stops them wanting to enjoy it. It also puts more pressure on her orgasm, which is never a good idea.


#9. Create A Playlist

We’re near the end and another tips is to create a sexual playlist on YouTube, something that really gets you both in the moment. It wouldn’t hurt putting some of you all time favorite sexual sex, mixed with a few songs that spark your past sexual experience with each other.


#10. Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay… 

All men should know that foreplay is where you need to start. Always spend ages building up your partner in every way part from touching the vagina. If you do this correctly you can make a women orgasm much quicker, spend your time learning foreplay.

How To Give A Women A Full Body Orgasm

How To Give A Women A Full Body Orgasm

How To Give A Women A Full Body Orgasm – Wooo… You’ll have her legs shaking with pleasure, you’ll be amazed with the power this will have other the women you sleep with. I do recommend using the sex toy/s just because it speeds it up. You’ll be able to get much more intense and you’ll get her in ways that no man ever has before. – Sharing is caring, so please be sure to share as much as possible. – Comment below for more information. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Give A Women A Full Body Orgasm

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