How to give amazing oral sex to a girl

How to give amazing oral sex to a girl

 How to give amazing oral sex to a girl.




 How to give amazing oral sex to a girl. – Some say the quickest way to a womans heart is through amazing oral sex, if you do it right oral sex can give her multiple orgasms and make her moan and groan with pleasure. It’s also a very hard thing to get perfect, because all girls are different it may take a few months of practice before you learn enough to satisfy everyone but with these tips you’ll be ale to make any girls scream in an instant. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.
amazing oral sex to a girl

Where to start.

When it comes to great oral sex there’s always a start and a finish. If you rush either it won’t work. Girls are slow builders and can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes of slow kissing, touching, playing and grinding to be ready. If you do all this right and work through the motions it makes oral sex a lot better for her. Here’s some build up tips: Kissing her body like neck, chest, tummy can really turn on girls and then finishing with kissing her thighs, massaging a little naughty massage can get  girl really hot and ready.  Playing above clothes and around her thighs works great too. Do all that while you’re building her up. –  How to give amazing oral sex to a girl.

She’s ready. 

When she’s ready you need to just start kissing down like a lot of people explain act like you’re just kissing and not going to get her oral and then start kissing around her vagina, lips, thighs, pubic bone (just above the vagina) all around it will start to warm her up so she can’t resist. –  How to give amazing oral sex to a girl.

Time to make the leap. 

Okay it’s time to try some tips now so here they are: 

Oral Sex Tip 1. 

Be gentle, use your tongue and lightly brush round her clit moving it side to side, do it as gentle as possible at the start and don’t go harder till she’s really bad and even then take it slow.

Oral Sex Tip 2.

Circles – The main sex tip for oral is do little circles around her clitoris and alternate them from clockwise to anticlockwise. This will get here steamy and hot, make sure you look at her body movements.

Oral Sex Tip 3.

All girls are different so you need to look at how she reacts to different things you try. If shes’ not making much noise it can be hard so sometimes just do your own thing and see what makes her react.

Oral Sex Tip 4. 

Use your breath, the warm breath will make all her nervous go on end and make her even worse and want you even more.

Oral Sex Tip 5.

Using champagne or fizzy drink while you go down and just put her clit in your mouth all the bubbles will make her go nuts and want you even more.

Oral Sex Tip 6.

Doubling up. If you’ve got the skill and she likes penetration then you should try a cheeky thinger why you’re doing circles and see how she reacts just keep it slow and start speeding up as she gets more into it.

So now what? 

Well if you’ve tried them tips and started perfecting them you need to try spicing it up. You can use different flavoured lube and even a vibrating toy and if you’re really good maybe some penetration while giving her oral. this will all make her orgasm more intense and quicker. –  How to give amazing oral sex to a girl.


Here’s a mit of advice from me to you so you can avoid certain situations some men will find themselves in, just some random oral sex advice. –  How to give amazing oral sex to a girl.


Don’t give oral sex to someone who you’ve just meet at a club,bar or out. You don’t know where they’ve been and one bad experience can put you off for good. It’s a good idea to know the girl a little first,


Touch first. If you don’t know whether she’s shaved down there maybe just go and have a touch while you’re getting naughty. This will make it so you don’t make the mistake of going down and having loads of hair. Some men like it but it will just make your job more hard because you won’t be able to see right.


Small and taste. Some girls taste lovely some girls don’t so another good way to see is while fingering her see if you smell anything. If you do then it’s not worth going down unless you’re committed then it’s gonna happen ;).


I don’t want to be boring but make sure you’re safe because if the girls been around the last thing you want is to taste a guy or some shit like that and end up down the std clinic. –  How to give amazing oral sex to a girl.

How to give amazing oral sex to a girl

 How to give amazing oral sex to a girl. – These are really good tips and as long as you follow the rules you’ll be giving her amazing oral sex time and time again. You’ll see just how happy she will be once you try this out and find what oral sex really means. Just stay focused and practice. Remember to share this around as it helps us to keep making these posts. – Check out our other blog posts – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

 How to give amazing oral sex to a girl.

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