How To Give Your Partner A Guaranteed Orgasm

How To Give Your Partner A Guaranteed Orgasm – If you’re a man who’s sexually active then the chance is a girl would’ve faked an orgasm with you. This isn’t unreal and I’ve never meet a man in my life who’s had a long-term partner who hasn’t had someone fake at least one orgasm. Well I think one here and there is fine, but when they’re faking every single orgasm there’s definitely a problem. So, what I’ve done is created a full guide of things that I use to make girls cum multiple times without fail. This is my full guide and it will teach you how to get a lot more real, exciting, intense orgasms from your partner. – Once you find out how to make a girl cum please share. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Give Your Partner A Guaranteed Orgasm

#1. Warm Up, Don’t Forget It

You’ve probably heard this a million times right? Warming a girl up is probably the single most important act you’ll actually do.

Some women have no problem getting wet, others take a little work, measure what she’s into and give her more of it. For example, start with kissing her, then use your hands to brush her sweet spots, her inner thigh, lower back, boobs, neck, then after a few minutes you can start a little above clothe grinding using your hand, remember to be gentle, don’t over power her, then if she enjoys nipple stimulation lightly play with her nipples and outer boob.

You can then lightly take off her clothes keeping her underwear and top on. This keeps her comfortable and will make it easier for your to pleasure her. If she’s seeming turned on try kissing her neck and lightly run your fingers up and down her vagina. Give it a try, she’ll be wet in no time.


#2. Be Confident, Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

There’s nothing scary about sex, you can have bad sex and it’s still sex. Most men get so scared of being crap in bed that it actually cripples them sexually makes them really bad in bed by provoking premature ejaculation, lack of confidence and eventually makes sex boring through lack of trying new things.

Be confident, give it your all and never be scared of trying new things.


#3. Learn The Art Of Oral Sex

Oral sex is always going to be a sexual act that some women can’t get enough of. Women can sometimes be insecure about the way they smell, taste and look down there. So make her feel comfortable, tell he she tastes amazing after and reassure her of her beauty.

This will make her more confident while you’re giving her oral sex. So go and check some oral sex tips and learn how to give your partner the sex she needs.


#4. Fingers Are Always Orgasmic

All women love it when me use their fingers to stimulate their clit. Learn how to use your fingers, be gentle, learn how to keep in rhythm, don’t stop/start (this kills the female orgasm), use a flick or circular motion depending on what she’s into.

Every female is different, but once you’ve been with a handful you’ll have a very good idea of how similar people are.


#5. Sexual Massage Usually Does The Trick

A great way to get a female to orgasm is to start things off with an x rated message. You just get some massage oil, start massaging her, include the thighs, lower back, back and shoulders, you’re trying to be firm without hurting her. Take control and put her where you want her.


#6. Get Her A Little Sex Toy

If you really want to guarantee her orgasm then get her a bullet vibrator or a vibrating cock ring. These are two toys that you’ll be able to use to allow her to orgasm multiple times. Every man should try a bullet vibrator on their partner, you’ll be amazed at the results.


#7. Treat Your Sex Like A New Sex Toy

You need to have sex a lot more, the more you have sex the more sex you’ll be able to have. A lot of couples only do it every other week or once per week. This isn’t enough and will never increase if you don’t do something about it.

If you try a 30 day sexual challenge and start having sex a few more times per week, you’ll be shocked at how much this changes your sex life.


#8. Dirty Talking Really Gets Women Going

Talk dirty to me? Yes, women a little dirty talking, you don’t have to get weird, just use naughty worlds like f**k and I want you. Don’t get too rude, just be sexual and don’t be afraid to say things in order to turn her on.

You could even start by bringing up her past sexual memories with you.


#9. Romance Outside The Bedroom

It’s all good and well-being romantic when you want to rip her clothes off, but try being romantic outside the bedroom too. See how much it changes your life and makes you happy to try new things.

Romance makes women much more open to sex, so try going for dinner more, being polite and being a true gentleman.


#10. Warm Bath, Relax Her

Before you have sex run her a nice warm bath, add candles and just let her relax. This will clear her stresses away and make her more open to cumming while having sex. Stress is the biggest killer of orgasm, just something to keep in mind.

How To Give Your Partner A Guaranteed Orgasm

How To Give Your Partner A Guaranteed Orgasm

How To Give Your Partner A Guaranteed Orgasm – See it’s not hard, it just involves loads of concentration, you’ve got to be 100% focused and that can never change, the second it does that’s when you fail seriously. – Sharing is caring, so if you want to be amazing please share. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add or ask. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Give Your Partner A Guaranteed Orgasm

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