How To Go From Friend To Lover In Less Than A Week

How To Go From Friend To Lover In Less Than A Week

How To Go From Friend To Lover In Less Than A Week – A lot of men get trapped in the friends zone with no way to get out, it’s just the way it is. I wanted to help some of the fellow-men who’ve been trapped and need to get out. So this little tutorial will teach you how to get out of being a friend and start being something more, I will warn you now that if she’s no into you at all this may be hard to pull off, you need to make her know you’re an option and not a back up. – If this information helps you at all then make sure you hit the share buttons below, it really helps me out. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add.

How To Go From Friend To Lover In Less Than A Week


Make it clear

The first step to getting out of the friend zone is making it clear that you’re not meant to be here, now you should have never really got yourself in this mess but the easiest way out is to let the person know you think they’re hot.

It will help you both out and it will stop their being problems, it really is the quickest way and it will help you out in the long rung.

You have to do it in a way where you’ll be able to back it up after, there’s two types of friend zone the one you can get out and the fake one.

The one you can get out is where they really like you and just don’t want to risk losing you, or if you’re really close friends and she’s had a few bad relationships then she might think it’s stupid to fall for you.

The fake kind, this is usually when she thinks she’s out of your league and doesn’t want to give you the time of day, usually they will put you in the friend zone to stop you getting “hurt”

So just make it clear and you’ll soon see where you stand.


Be romantic

Okay if you’re in the one you can get out of then just be romantic and show that you really like her, do something like get her flowers and surprise her with a meal cooked by you, something you know she likes.

This will either get you further in the friend zone or show that you’re worth more than other men.

You can change this for the situation, it might work better to get some take out or do something for a day trip.

Just treat her in a way that no man has treated her before.


Listen to what she’s saying

Not many men do this but a lot of the claim too, just listen. Don’t be too quiet but just let her talk and ask her questions. Change the shoe and imagine if you was her, think what would be ice to be asked about.

This is a really good treat and you’ll always see girls going I really like that guy because he listens and understands me.

So put some time into hearing what she’s got to say and this will all come in handy when you’re trying to ask her out.


Don’t be a douche 

If she’s got a boyfriend or is seeing someone then don’t be a prick. A lot of guys end up in the friend zone because they keep trying to get her why she’s dating someone, I’ll let you in on a tip, if she cheats with the guy she’s with for you then she’ll most likely do it again.

So you’ve got to be a gentleman and just play out the game, don’t rush to much and keep it running slow if she’s got a partner then leave it and if she looks like she’s getting a partner then just tell her how you feel, that’s the only real way to see what she thinks.


See her more

If you start seeing her more and more you’ll start building up a better friendship, this will help you develop a crush on each other, do fun stuff like going out side and going for food, take her for coffee and talk to her after work.

All that stuff is ideal if you want to meet up, just do this quickly and make your move in the first week or two as she might just move on.


Try a move on her

Go in for the kill, you know that moment you’ve been waiting for well you’ve got to go and get it, don’t waste time thinking about all the ways you could just do.

If she blows you out then you can just say “well that was a bad idea” and say sorry, after that at least you know that it couldn’t have happened, so make sure you try to just do it sooner than later, you don’t want to lose her because you took to long.


Remember what she say’s and bring it up again.

Another great tip is to remember what she says and even write it down and bring it up next time you meet or the time after that. It will really help you get ahead and will make her think you’re even better at listening, it really is a golden tip and you should really use it a lot more.



How To Go From Friend To Lover In Less Than A Week – It takes a while and if you’re really in the friend zone that usually means that she doesn’t find you attractive, make sure you don’t waste too much time unless she’s showed you some signs that she wants you before. – Comment below if you want any more advice and make sure you hit them share buttons. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How To Go From Friend To Lover In Less Than A Week

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