How To Have Amazing Birthday Sex This Year

How To Have Amazing Birthday Sex This Year

How To Have Amazing Birthday Sex This Year – Is someones birthday coming soon? Maybe it’s your birthday? Well no matter whose birthday it is you need to have amazing sex. So, I thought it was time to share some amazing birthday sex tips for couples who want to unlock the best sex ever. This isn’t for couples who just want to sit around and do nothing, this is for couples who want to connect on a whole new level. So, remember to give these tips ago and surprise your partner with orgasmic sex. – Sharing is caring, if you want to help us out then please remember to share. – Comment if you’ve got any questions after you read the article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Have Amazing Birthday Sex This Year


#1. Prepare For It

One of the best sex tips I can give you is to prepare for the sex you’re wanting to have. You need to get things ready so it all goes smooth. You can get sex toys, bedding, food if you’re having something to eat before, anything that works. You just need to have a good plan and then go through with it. It helps create the right atmosphere for a great sexual experience.

I even prepare the sex positions we’re going to do and if we’re going to try anything new. Sometimes everything won’t go to plan, but I find that sex usually goes better when you’ve got a destination and a little map of how to get there.


#2. Get The Sexual Accessories You Need

If you’ve had sex for a while then you’ll know that it can sometimes get a little boring, that’s just normal, sex will get a little just same old. That’s why you need to invest in sex toys to upgrade your sex life and make things run smoother. It’s a tip that you can’t ignore, if you get these sex toys I guaranty an orgasmic sexual experience:

These sex toys will help you in ways you never knew possible, so if that’s what you’re after then there’s no better way to achieve it that with these sex toys, you’ll open up new sexual experiences that you’ve never felt before instantly with them sex toys above.


#3. Try Something New

If you really want to do something heart raising good then you need to try something new. It’s simple ad effective. I always recommend a look at the Kama Sutra, or a look at some sexual fantasies that’ll spark a new type of sex. We all have things we’d like to try, so stop being so scared and just start going for it. The second you do that, your sex life will begin to change.


#4. Don’t Have Sex Up To A Week Before

If you really want to get the sexual heat up, then try to not have sex for at least a week leading up. But you can take the advice below and tease each other for the whole week leading up to it. You never just stop sex, not unless you’ve got something going on that’s more important, the second you stop that’s the second it starts getting shit. You do need to have sexual tension, so just not having sex but still pleasuring each other is a great way to get that.


#5. Tease Each Other

On the week heading up to it, give your partner the best foreplay of their life, you don’t want them to climax, you just want to keep building them up so they become more horny and so ready for their birthday treat.


#6. Remember The Foreplay 

The build up to the sex on the birthday needs to consistence of a lot of foreplay. Both men and women need great foreplay to get them warmed up for great sex, so if you give that to them you’re more likely to get an orgasmic experience. You don’t have to go crazy, just some slow, tender oral sex, followed by passionate kissing on the lips, neck and boobs, then maybe a cheeky finger.


#7. Learn Some Sex Tips Together

There’s a saying that I like, it’s called “The blind, leading the blind” and it’s a very relative quote for sex. If you both have no idea what you’re doing then you can’t teach the other one. So start learning some new sex tips together. Get this sex tip book and spend some time reading it, you won’t regret it.


#8. Try Something Kinky

Getting kinky should be a great experience, so take some clothes off and be ready to get as kinky as your body will let you. Remember that great sex needs kink, so never feel bad about you and your partners sexual needs with each other. Embrace them and make each other feel better.


#9. Make Sure You’re Full Up, Relaxed And Ready For A Good Night

I learnt this very early on in my sex life. Both men and women need to have eaten, be relaxed and not have a real early start the next morning for great sex. Them three simple things all need to be perfect for the best birthday sex possible.


#10. Surprise Sex

Everyone likes surprise sex when they’re in the mood. So if you see they won’t sex then give it to them. You’ll be amazed with the results, this is perfect for the build down from amazing sex.

How To Have Amazing Birthday Sex This Year

How To Have Amazing Birthday Sex This Year

How To Have Amazing Birthday Sex This Year – Just follow them tips and remember to clear your mind of worries and you’ll be grand, you don’t want to rush things and you just want to pay attention to your partners body and do what they enjoy the most, it always works and it will amazing you how easy it is to make them cum. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you want to ask any questions or get any more advice about sex. – Mr Male Sex Toy.

How To Have Amazing Birthday Sex This Year

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