How To Have Better Lesbian Sex

How To Have Better Lesbian Sex – Being a lesbian I’ve found it continuously harder to get great sex advice online. It seems to be a bunch of writers who’re not even lesbians writing about amazing oral sex tips or why sex isn’t important in a lesbian relationship… Well if you were lesbian in a sexual relationship then you know the power in the hours apon hours of foreplay that you and your partner have, the build up and the intense sexual bliss that followers from having that amazing sexual experience. So… I’m going to write some sex advice for fellow lesbians who’re yet to have the type of sex that just keeps on giving, this sex is really what opens your eyes to orgasmic, intense and damn right amazing sexual activities. – Sharing is caring, so once you’re happy sexually please remember to share as much as possible. – Comment below for more advice on having great lesbian sex. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Have Better Lesbian Sex

 #1. Get One Of These Vibrators

You don’t need to get all fancy with the sex toys you own. You really just need to get sex toys that excite you and do the job. This vibrator is the best or it’s kind. It’s a clitoral vibrator and it never fails to make me orgasm. IT’s one setting, but it’s powerful, easy to hide, enjoyable and perfect for couple play, your partner will be able to use it on you with ease and it should always end with a nice orgasm.

You don’t need to go over the top with sex toys, the best sex toys I’ve brought are the ones that leave to pleasure open for me to explore. Them sex toys are always more enjoyable, so if you’re looking for a more fun way of having sex get that vibrator and then spend some time with your partner learning t use it. Another benefit with the one setting vibration is that it’s easier to get started, you don’t have to go through loads of settings, just to miss the setting you want.


#2. You Need A Strap On

Penetration can be really fun, I’m not the biggest fan of penetration but my partner loves it so I got a strap on and have not looked back since, I got this one that stimulates us both so I can have sex with my partner while getting a lot of stimulation myself. I love this pleasure and it’s so much fun.

I do think that every lesbian couple should have some sort of strap on dildo, I prefer dildos that vibrate just because I love vibration in and around my sweet zones.


#3. Brush Up On Your Oral Sex Tips

It never hurts to spend some time learning some new sex tips. You’re never to old to learn some new oral sex tips and there’s always some new method that’s floating about, stay relevant and find out as much as you can about giving women orgasms.

Just get a nice sex tip book and look at some new methods, even if you don’t incorporate them immediately they’ll notice them one day, so don’t worry about it. Just start learning.


#4. Does The G-Spot Exist

Yes, it really does exist. You can’t just go straight in and stimulate it but, I find that if I have a clitoral orgasm and then I have g-spot stimulation, I go wild. So if you’re trying to give your partner a g-spot orgasm then just focus on her clit and then go down to her vagina once the clit gets sensitive after the orgasm.

You can use g-spot vibrators but they can be a little scary.


#5. Get Some Orgasm Balm 

If you want to add a little stimulation to sex then it doesn’t hurt to invest in some orgasm balm, you just apply it to the clit and it’ll give you a nice tingling sensation that’ll help you orgasm.


#6. Maybe Even Some Jiggle Balls

I started using jiggle balls a few months ago and since I started using them I’ve found that my orgasms have improved. I can now stimulate myself while getting pleasure from my partner. It just tightens the vagina making it easier to have control over the vagina. It’s a lot of fun to train and it’s the most orgasmic training that I’ve ever done ;).


#7. Mutual Masturbation Is Kinky

It’s really nice and kinky to masturbate together, lots of couples don’t do this, but I love to. sometimes your own hand is what you need and for them times you should try doing it with your partner. It’s a really sexual experience ever laying down together or watching each other. It can completely add to the sexual experience.


#8. Light BDSM Can Be Hot

Have you ever tried restraining your partner? Well if you want to do something fun then restraint your partner and apply a blindfold, then start doing light foreplay, they’ll have to trust you and just lay back and enjoy. It’s nice having the control and it higher stimulation and sensitivity making the experience hotter.


#9. Switching Control Rules

If one of you has the control in the bedroom then switch it around. Have a little fun in/out of control. Even though you may enjoy being in control it’s still controlling telling your partner to be in control and it can be a lot of fun laying back and letting them take control or talking control yourself.

How To Have Better Lesbian Sex

How To Have Better Lesbian Sex

How To Have Better Lesbian Sex – The foreplay is really where the pleasure lies and as long as you’re happy to go and get that pleasure you’ll be amazed with what you can achieve. I’m here to show you exactly what it takes to open you mind up to orgasmic lesbian sex and as long as you follow that advice you’ll be grand. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share. – Comment if you need any advice or have anything else to say. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Have Better Lesbian Sex

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