How To Have Dirty, Hot Sex That You’ll Never Forget

How To Have Dirty, Hot Sex That You'll Never Forget

How To Have Dirty, Hot Sex That You’ll Never Forget – Are you tired of the same old sex? Do you want something that will leave you out of breath, shaking and feeling naughty? It’s time to make the change just like I did. I’m a new writer for Mr Male Sex Toys, I’m 23 and male, I’m going to tell you what helped me change my sex from boring, no thrills play, to orgasmic, leg shakingly good orgasms. There’s a thin line between them both and it takes little to no effort to start having better sex, all you need is yourself. – If this helps you out then please remember to share. – Comment if you’ve got any questions for me. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

 How To Have Dirty, Hot Sex That You'll Never Forget

#1. Get Tons Of Different Lubrication

Lube makes sex better. I’ve recently brought me and my partner this set of different flavoured lubrication. Definitely worth the little price tag. What makes lube so great? It makes oral sex much more tasty and enjoyable, it makes it easy to have long sex without losing wetness, it makes the foreplay easier and in many cases quicker and it’s just plain exciting.


#2. Turn The Lights Low And Be Prepared For Wandering Hands

Loads of people never truly let their partner explore their bodies. If you’re in a serious relationship then turn them lights low, make sure you’re clean and just let them hands wander around your whole body. Let your partner touch you anywhere they want, let them experiment, you never know you might enjoy it.

You’ve got to remember that you might enjoy something, really the worse thing they can do is touch your butt, now the truth is that if you’re in a serious relationship you won’t care about something like that and it really will change the sexual mood.


#3. Get Something Sexy To Wear

If you’re a female then you should treat yourself to something like this sexy nightwear, it will make your man extremely horny and surprise him. Men are very visually turned on, so by wearing something like that you’ll get a big reaction out of him. The secret to dirty sex is to open your mind and just go for it. People let their insecurities hold them back way too much. Don’t worry about confidence or being normal, just do what feels good and makes you feel naughty.


#4. Prepare Your Body For The Sex

Have a shower and get some nice new underwear on, make sure you smell good and you can always groom. If you’re a female and you really want to feel sexy then be sure to paint your nails, shave and use an epilator, wax or bleach to get rid of butt fluff, that way you’ll not have anything to hide and you can easily let your partner explore your whole body without any problems.


#5. Get A Vibrating Cock Ring, You’ll Have Her Screaming With Pleasure In Minutes

Vibrators are orgasmic, getting something like this bullet vibrator will help you make foreplay better and this vibrating cock ring will make the male’s penis more erect and stimulate the females clitoris making the sex much more orgasmic.


#6. Massage Oil With A Cheeky Massage Helps To Get The Blood Circulating In Your Naughty Bits

Massaging helps get the blood flowing, if you do a naughty massage you’ll help get the blood down to your partners naughty bits, making it easier for them to get hard/wet and creating a better more stimulated orgasm. Something that works the best on women, try it and you’ll see what I mean.


#7. Try A Butt Plug If You’re Really Daring

One of the most naughty experiences I’ve ever had during sex was when I started using butt plugs and I felt myself enjoying them maybe a little more than I should have. If you enjoy the feeling of doing something a little naughty then butt plugs are a must, it also makes the sex feel better and I’m not just talking about females, men can also get tons of stimulation from butt plugs, especially the ones that stimulate the prostate.


#8. Move Sex To The Floor

Why does sex need to be restricted to the bed? Boring!! Try moving it the floor, check some pillows and a cover down and go nuts, see how much fun it is, you can move a lot quicker on the floor, so if you’re one who likes quick sex it can be very intense and quite pleasurable.


#9. Role Play Can Be Extremely Sexy When Done Right

Try some role play, as cringe as it might seem, it’s very intense once you start trying it. You do need to play with it and try not to stop till you get it right. I recommend pretending to be friends and not lovers, then maybe play out a fantasy, give it a try, I guarantee you enjoy it.


#10. Butterfly Vibrators Are A Sneaky Way To Get Yourself Off And Prepare for Sex

The last on the list and probably the most naughty. Get a Butterfly Vibrator and put it on. Now get your partner to just make you sit with it on while watching TV, you’re not allowed to make a sound otherwise you get no sex, do this for 10 minutes and you’ll be ready for the best sex ever. You can also take it on long car drives 😉 Let your man drive the car while you secretly get yourself off.

How To Have Dirty, Hot Sex That You'll Never Forget

How To Have Dirty, Hot Sex That You’ll Never Forget


How To Have Dirty, Hot Sex That You’ll Never Forget – Woo, hot right? I’ve got to admit it turned me on writing this article. I’m sure you can see why this article is so powerful, literally the only thing you’ve got to do is have an open mind and start acting. You just need to have the confidence to really go for it. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below for more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Have Dirty, Hot Sex That You’ll Never Forget

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