How To Have Hot Cam Sex With Your Partner

How To Have Hot Cam Sex With Your Partner – Cam sex is become the trend of the last 5 years and it seems to be getting more popular as time goes on, with loads of people having long distance relationships and not seeing each other as much as they should it really is become the go to tool for sexual pleasure. I´m going to show you a few ways to have better cam sex with your partner, the kind of cam sex they´ll really remember forever. – These are my personal tips and they will help you have better cam sex if you use them right. – Make sure you comment below, we love to hear from you so make sure you leave your opinions in the comments. – Sharing is caring so make sure you hit the share buttons too. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Have Hot Cam Sex With Your Partner

Get a nice webcam

Go and get one of these webcams, this is what I use, it´s got a really got mic and a full HD camera, it will make cam sex so much more exciting and it will make you feel like you’re there with them, this is great if you really want to have some exciting sex.
That webcam is my personal favourite but if you want another one just make sure you get full HD and a nice mic.
Look at the reviews and just find one that suits you the best.


Turn the lights high or lights low

If the lights are low then you´re going to see less and that might be a good thing if you´re not having a day where you want to keep yourself in low light then do that.
If you really want the best light then the more light the better, it will make you look better and it will just make you look hotter, it´s a better way of doing it.
So if you want to show off your body then makes sure you go with high light.


Get sex toys

You can always get each other sex toys. I think male masturbators and vibrators are ideal for spicing up cam sex.
Get your partner a nice dildo like that and get your man something like a male masturbator, both of them toys will make it feel like you´re having sex, that will make the cam sex so much more exciting.
You can also pleasure each other with them when you get together in real life.


Start slow

Don´t rush the cam sex, start with talking, then talk dirty, then make sure you flirt and show a little more of your body, the girl needs to show a little boob and the boy should take his top off, it just gets things started.
Then build up to talking dirty and then play with yourself or get the sex toys out.
Show your body and not your head or your head and not your body
IF you´re doing it for the first time then it´s going to be a good idea to not show your whole body and your head, you don´t want her taking pictures and publishing them, same as the women doesn´t want that.


Make sure you send hot pictures of each other first just so you both have something of each other, this will take all the risk out of it.
I usually go with showing the face and body and occasionally showing a little penis, that´s just the best way to go about it all.


Learn how to talk dirty

Talking dirty will get you going good, so make sure you learn to talk dirty, bring up previous times you’ve had sex, tell her/him how wet/hard you were today when you thought about them.
Everyone likes wearing something like that so make sure you give it a try. There´s loads of amazing tutorials about talking dirty online so make sure you both go and check them out.
Take turns talking about what you want to do with the other one
This is a good way to talk dirty to each other, just explain in full detail what you´d like to do to the other one right now, start with telling them how you´d seduce them, how you´d pleasure them and how you’d make them cum.
This works a dream so don´t hold back go nuts and make sure you enjoy it.


Have a glass of wine

Relax yourself with a drink, maybe you should both have a drink together, it will just help you get the confidence up and it can make the cam sex a lot more naughty.
If you´re a man then make sure you tell your partner how amazing she is, how good she looks and how much you want her.


Experiment with other toys

Try and get some other sex toys, you have loads to choose from, you can even mould a penis these days, give her a dildo that´s bassed off your penis, this will help you out.



Take your time and relax, if you have a bath or shower before and maybe make yourself look nice it will give you more confidence over the camera, this works for both men and women so it´s worth trying out.
Just make sure you feel comfortable with yourself and how you feel, it makes sex on cam so much more enjoyable if you feel happy and confident. The Sexual Happiness People

How To Have Hot Cam Sex With Your Partner – See, them little tips will really set fire to your normal sex chats on video, it will make them more passionate and better looking. You´ll love how great the cam sex gets and hopefully this will help set your sex life on fire in the best way possible. – Sharing is caring, If you want to help us out then please remember to hit them share buttons. – Comments are below if you want to send us a message or as for advice. We love to hear from you. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Have Hot Cam Sex With Your Partner

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