How To Have More Passionate Sex

How To Have More Passionate Sex

How To Have More Passionate Sex 

Passion sometimes dies with age or lack of skills, it can happen to the best and as no one teaches us how we just seem to get tips from movies (never good tips) Then we try to make everything like a movie which is never a good thing and will always end with  very cliché kind of sex. Today we’re going to show you some amazing tips on how to have passionate sex, you can do this every time as it will take the passion out, but just once a month or twice will be enough to rock her world, or their world. So make sure you pay attention and remember sharing is caring and comments are below if you’ve got anything to add at all. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How To Have More Passionate Sex

 Work for it.

I will start by saying that all good things have to be worked for, you can’t just snap your fingers and have hot sex, it takes learning and wanting. There also has to be some kind of love there.

I’m just going to teach you some tips that will hopefully do you feel and get you having more romantic and fun sex.

Be enthusiastic

Whether you’re a women or man you’ve got to be enthusiastic, 1. It’s hot, the best sex you’ll ever have is when both of your minds feel like they are connected and you’re both having sex.

2. No one wants to have sex with someone who’s not really into it, it’s just not very hot and it usually ends  up having an effect on the sex.

So if you want passionate sex you’ve both got to be down and ready for it.

 Nice night

Passionate sex relies on the night you have it, women are all mind when it comes to sex, unless that mind is happy it’s going to be very hard to get her where you want her.

You need to plan a restaurant meal or cook something under candle light for the both of you, this will make your life so much easier,  it will get you what you want and make everything better.

So pan a nice relaxing night here you drink a little drink, talk loads, and eat nice food. – How To Have More Passionate Sex.

Hotel room

If you’ve tried a lot and nothing is working than hotel sex is sometimes the best answer and will usually do the most. It’s hot having different surroundings and being able to test them out. There’s something better about it and it will give you a nice vibe to get your passionate sex.


If you’ve got some tunes that turn then you can have sex with them on. Music makes sex so much more fun, if you’ve got a bit of Sam Cook, Otis Redding, anything with soul and a good beat.

It will make you push your body closer and hopefully make sex more passionate, just use your song as that will get both you going.

Learn each other

When it comes to great sex it’s all down to knowing each other. If you don’t know what each other likes, it’s going to be hard to achieve it. You need to learn what makes them tick, what gets them horny, then they need to learn this about you.

It doesn’t take to long and if you do stuff like kissing for 30 minutes and just learning what type of kissing, then touching for 30 minutes, before you know it, you’re learning each others bodies and sex is getting a lot better. – This is a must have tip in How To Have More Passionate Sex.

Knowing what passionate sex is.

Sometimes people have watched to many movies and just assume they know what passionate sex is. It’s not, slow-moving sex with candles all around you, just staring into each others eyes, that’s really not it.

It’s when you both do things that the other likes, taking it slow, kissing a lot, touching each other and not rushing, teasing and enjoying the close bond that you have.

Most people are so insecure that they never just open their minds up to the idea of just letting one person enjoy all of them. If you want to know how to have more passionate sex then you need to start by learning what it is.

 Quick tips

Take a shower together.

This will be extra naughty and cold turn into hot sex, it’s also good for confidence and will help you get to a happier place. So next time you have a long shower don’t waste that time by being on your own.

Where something sexy.

Men can join in on this one too, if you wear something like Calvin Klein boxers it will make you feel better about yourself, it’s the same if women get sexy underwear, they automatically feel better about themselves.

Don’t rush when it comes to taking the underwear off, just leave it on for as long as you can and both enjoy the hotness.


The female orgasm is really powerful and is what you need to produce, if a woman has an orgasm she naturally feels more in love with the man, so even if it takes 4 hours you need to be ready to satisfy her, you’ll get more love and she’ll feel a lot more happy about having regular sex.


We talk about this in a lot of posts so I’ll keep it short. Fantasies are a great way to get more sex, if you unlock them things that turn you on it gets more stuff flowing and the sex will become better.

How To Have More Passionate Sex

How To Have More Passionate Sex

How To Have More Passionate Sex – See what we mean by these sex tips? Their good right, it’s better than learning sex as if you’re passionate good sex will follow. There’s something very hot to a man who has a love for the woman’s body, remember that and use it well. – Sharing is amazing so please remember to share as much as possible. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How To Have More Passionate Sex

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