How To Have Rough Sex For Beginners

How To Have Rough Sex For Beginners

How To Have Rough Sex For Beginners – A lot of people want to start spicing up there sex life and a brilliant way to start spicing up your sex life is to start having rough sex, this may sound crazy but trust me it can really change the way you have sex. This article is going to walk you through how to start having sex where one of you takes control and the other has to follow orders, it´s not going to be easy but it sure is going to be fun, If you follow this article correctly you’ll really open up a whole new world of sex. – Comment below if you want more information, also if you´ve got anything to add then feel free to add it below. – Sharing is caring so pleasure remember to share as much as possible. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Have Rough Sex For Beginners

Start with a blindfold

The best way to kick off the start of rough sex is to start using blindfolds, they´re really hot and put pressure off your partner to watch where he or she looks.
I usually get some couples blindfolds just because they´re really well priced and are a little stronger than normal ones.
All you´ve got to do is just is apply them to the partner that wants to be submissive, usually the female, then trust the man with your body, when you lose one sense you´ll start heightening the others, this will make your stimulation a lot more intense and will make every touch he gives you a little more blissful. – How To Have Rough Sex For Beginners.


Handcuffs anyone?

Handcuffs are another amazing way to make rough sex more enjoyable. I usually tell couples who want to try rough sex to get themselves the blindfolds and handcuffs first and then see what happens after they have a play around with them.
It usually is quite exciting for both man and women and that´s why I recommend it.

This is also a great trust game and it´s one that both the man and the women need to really want to try before it´s allowed, most of the handcuffs can be opened without the keys so don´t worry to much about being trapped.


Ropes a little more naughty

If you´re feeling brave then ropes always been a really fun way to spice things up a little, I love using a little rope and once you´ve got the hang of it, it will make your life a little more fun.
I use this rope, it´s long and it took me a while to learn how to use it properly, lets just say a while on Google, once I got it sorted I found it a lot easier to use and it really made me want to take more control.


Hands behind head

If you don´t want to buy any toys then you can always use a strict voice and make your partner put her hands behind her head, this usually will turn girls on and make for a very sex image in their head. Most women dream of having sex with a teacher and because of that dream some body in control of them is always attractive so make sure that you take control and make her keep them hands behind her head. – How To Have Rough Sex For Beginners.


Light spanking

Light spanking is one of my favourite things to do, most women love it and if you do it just right and make sure it´s on their butt then they´ll usually get really turned on by it. You need to start gently and start building up and then once you´ve got to a nice power then you tell them what to do.


Do what I say

There´s a game called “do what I say” and it´s where one of you is in control and the other orders you to do stuff, you have to do what the other person say´s or you get spanked 10 times. It´s ament to be fun but it´s also ament to be submissive and naughty, so make sure you do spank 10 times and make sure you have a list of sexual orders when it´s your turn.


No-stop toys

Buy a massaging vibrator and make her leave it in, this will add a little more fun to it all. If you learn to use the rope and look at a knot that will allow you to use a massager vibrator, then that´s where the pleasure really begins, this is where you need a safe word and you really have to trust each other, if you get to this point then you´re about to open a new world of pleasure for yourself.
The rope will hold you and the massager in place so it´s that feeling of not being able to cum that makes you want to cum even more.



Buying a restraint is a good way to get some added pleasure, if you go to love honey and look at their restraints you´ll see some really simple ones to use and all you need is a bed, it´s really that simple. You just pop it under your matteress and then restraint whoever wants to be restrained.
This is one of the best ways to start bondage and if you use some of the other stuff you´ll have a lot of fun. I recommend mixing this with some of the things above just for a little more fun.
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How To Have Rough Sex For Beginners – So are you ready to get into the world of rough sex? It sure is a fun world and if you´re a man reading this then your partner will most likely be really happy with what she´ll get if you try some of this stuff. Remember to start light nd build your way up. Comment below if you want to have more advice. – Sharing is caring so please remember to hit the share buttons that are below. – MR Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Have Rough Sex For Beginners

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