How to have sex for over an hour

How to have sex for over an hour

How to have sex for over an hour 

A lot of people are adventurous and do loads and loads with each other. But, sometime there’s always that problem with making it last, whether it’s him cumming to quick, or her not staying wet, there can always be something. We’re going to teach you how to have sex for a longer time and drag it out so you can both enjoy it and hopefully have an orgasmic ending. – Comment below if you want to add anything to the list or want to get some more advice. Disclosure: The links we use are to an affiliate site. – Sharing is caring so remember to share as much as you can – Mr Male Sex Toys.

 How to have sex for over an hour

Sex Talk

Lasting long can sometimes be a problem for both boys and girls, usually it’s a problem with boys and that’s what we will focus on more today. However, women are highly likely to get less wet as sex goes on, especially if the guy isn’t doing things right.

This is more easy to fix as you can just apply lubrication and then get back on the road. This is why we’re focusing on men more.

Long sex is a very intense and passionate thing, it’s enjoyable and takes fun to a new level. It’s very good for a relationship and sex doesn’t always mean intercourse, it means the whole thing, build up and sex.

Having a nice warm up and trying a few different things is always great, it really does help a girl get where she wants and help a boy enjoy the whole thing a lot more. Lets get started with how to have sex for over an hour.


Not sure if you know this but there’s training you can do to make you last longer in bed. It’s pretty easy and doesn’t take to much to do and really only takes a few minutes every day. It’s good for you and will get you lasting longer in no time.


You can google kegel exercises for more advice on them, we will just teach you the basics. All you’ve got to do is tens your penis, you know when you’re going for a pee and you stop mid stream? Well you’ve just got to do that but hold it (don’t have to be while you’re peeing.)

You’ll want to hold for the count of ten and then let go, you can start at 5 and work up. Just do that 10 times in a row, three times a day.


Yes masturbation will make you last longer in bed and no this is not a myth. If you masturbate a few times a day and get use to stopping and starting you’ll end up having a lot more control.

Just time your wanks and try to get them lasting 15 minutes, have a few wanks and you should be able to do this a few times a week, the more the better. It really will make you last longer in bed really quick.

Super Strength Delay Spray 33ml Review

Delay spray

If you want to get this done really quickly then one of the best ways is delay spray. Just get some of the: Sliquid Ride Rock Super Strength Delay Spray 33ml and give it a quick spray 10 minutes before sex, this will make you have the power to last longer and keep erect. The ultimate of both worlds. – How to have sex for over an hour.

This is probably the quickest way to gain control of your boner and ejaculation, it’s easy and really doesn’t take any skill at all. I think it’s worth giving a try and really for the price it is you’ll be silly not too.

Taking time

Don’t rush, just take your time and build it up. The sex isn’t always the most important bit and if you do it right then you’ll be able to make the sex more of a short bit and make the foreplay a long bit.

Lesbians have great sex because the foreplay is some intense and amazing, if you take that and put two and two together you’ll realize that as long as you can last long enough to get her happy you’ll be fine.

So start slow, use oral sex, kissing, touching, toys, everything. Then slowly build up to sex and even stop and start, get into it and then go slow and just control your speed. You’ll really do well and it won’t be to hard to get into a good place with it. – How to have sex for over an hour.


Plan sex

I don’t usually agree with this but if you’re trying to last longer it’s sometimes good to have a little notice so you can get ready for it.

Tactical wanking

If you have a wank about 2 hours before you’ll have a harder
harder time cumming (be careful and don’t do it right before.)

Regular sex

I know most men will be cheering at this and it can sometimes be hard to get, but if you want to last longer and be better in bed you’ll need to do it more. If you did sex every day for a week and trained by the end you would have improved so much. So just focus and explain to your partner what you need, hopefully she’ll humor you and give it a try, then you really need to rock her world.


If you don’t wear condoms then try them, they make you last longer and help stop ejaculation.

How to have sex for over an hour – So did that help? It should of! We really think the best sex can’t happen every time. Great sex takes time and can sometime even happen once a month. If it was always great it would become normal and not be as good, so remember to not always have long sex sessions, sometimes a quicky is just what you need. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How to have sex for over an hour 

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