How To Have Sex In The Hot Spanish Heat

summer sex in spain

Hola chicos y chicas!

Summer is here and we all know that mundane, everyday tasks such as ‘walking the dog’ can be off putting by the incredible temperatures outside.

This is definitely true when it comes to sex. The thought of sticky, hot, uncomfortable sex may be appealing to some but for the majority of people, it’s a turn off.

The summer is not kind to our sex lives and so we put together a post on how to have sex in the hot Spanish heat.

summer sex tips

#1 – Keep cool

If turning on the AC or keeping a window open isn’t enough, try having a cold shower beforehand to get you in the mood to actually be cool laying next to each other.

Consider even wetting your hair so that the cool water is constantly around you both.


#2 – Avoid cuddling

This may be hard for some but try avoiding cuddling in the heat as it just makes your hotter and stickier. It can be quite a turn on having sex without needing to hold and touch each other.


#3 Use Sex Toys

Consider some sex toys to get the ball rolling and take out some of the work. Here is my favorite Spanish sex toy provider that deliver discreetly and with ease they’re called mejor juguetes sexuales.


#4 Night owl

The night time is the coolest time of the day (or in the early hours) so consider putting off sex until these times.


#5 – Wet, wet wet!

If you can try having sex in the sea or in the pool, you’ll stay cool, it’s really sexy and it’s something to tick off of your bucket list! (This works best at night too if you don’t want to get caught!).

#6 – Cool It Down

Keep your bedroom cool by keeping the blinds shut, that way when you do decide to have sex it’s a least a little bit cooler than everywhere else in the house.


#6.5 – Try A Hot Sex Position

I just read this article that goes through the best summer sex positions. As the position you do it in is key to staying cool, calm and collected.


#7 – Take A Shower Together Shower

Just like having sex in the pool or in the sea, having sex in a cool shower will keep you both cool, refreshed and the moment going because you’re never going to overheat!


#8 – Cold Shower Before

You could also have a few minutes inside a cold shower before sex, that way you’ll be feeling nice and clean, along with cool.

This works even better if you both do it.


#9 – Dark The Place Down

Yes keeping it dark is one of the keys to coolness. So if you’ve got some shutters pull them down.

Trust us when we say this will make a massive difference.


#10 – Hotel rooms

Our last tip may not appeal to everyone but, consider booking a hotel room for the weekend. You can leave the Air conditioning on all day long, blinds shut and constant shower sex without having to worry about neighbors, bills or being too hot.


#11 – Get Naked

Don’t even try and have sex full clothed, get rid of everything and if you like some protection then you can keep underwear on, but even the smallest amount of clothing makes a big difference in the summer heat.


#12 – Fresh Air

Even though it’s hot, hot, hot. Fresh air will help cool the room down. So if you’ve got some of them famous spanish blinds that can just let through the air, use them, while blacking out the room for the best cooling results.


#13 – Cooled drinks And No Food

Consider having a nice cool drink before and avoid eating any food before you have sex.

Food can eat us up and when it’s hot there’s nothing worse than feeling full, naked, horny, but too hot and tired for sex.

Seriously it’s a real bummer.


#14 – Limit Stress

The heat can sometimes be the best excuse your body needs to not have sex. And usually your body acts like this because of stress.

So do some stressless activities that’ll de-stress you.


  • Reading a nice book.
  • Going for a cool swim.
  • Taking a cool bath.


Because it isn’t always the heat that’s the problem, it’s sometimes just the sex and the time not being right.

So make it right by changing the way your body thinks.


#15 – Another Five Awesome Tips

I just found the perfect video on more hot summer sex tips.

It’s defonitly worth checking out.

I hope you have a lovely day and if you’ve got any advice then please use the comments down below and let us in on it.

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