How To Have Sex While A Girls On Her Period

How To Have Sex While A Girls On Her Period

How To Have Sex While A Girls On Her Period

This is something that most men and women will battle in their life, sometimes sex really is just to important to not do and we feel like we should give it a go, specially if you’ve been in a long-term relationship and it falls on a special night. I will warn you that this is different for every girl and you probably shouldn’t try this if you don’t like blood and when she’s on her worst day it’s best to give it a miss as it will be a lot more messy than it would normally be. These are just ways that you can get round it and maybe make it a little less bad. – Remember that we love to see you guys sharing our posts, so please share and remember to comment if you’ve got anything more to add to this post. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

How To Have Sex While A Girls On Her Period

What to expect

When a girls on her period she will most likely want sex, it’s the fact that they can’t have it that makes them want it more. Most girls won’t want to have sex on the periods because of a few reasons we will discuss below.

Really you need to make sure if she has a heavy period, some girls won’t bleed too much on certain days and some have worse weeks than others.

You really need to understand what do she’s on and if it’s okay to, if she’s on heavy then it’s better to just leave it, it will be to messy and probably be a turn off.

If she’s on the last day or first day it won’t usually be as bad so you can take a risk.

If it is heavy and you still want sex then there’s a how to below.

So you’ll need to expect blood and you’ll just have to be ready to see things and ignore it like it’s not happening. – How To Have Sex While A Girls On Her Period.


Why you would

Sometimes timing is really bad, when you’ve been in a relationship for a while sometimes you plan romantic nights over it or you have a get away over it.

Even just temptations take over and that makes people want it even more, more than likely it will just be that you’re both horny and want sex, if that’s the case then as long as you both want tit the same and are happy there’s no reason not to try it.

Also if you’ve been going out for years then you’ll most likely be annoyed when that week comes round and you both want sex.


Why girls don’t

A few guys have asked me this question and it’s really easy to answer, sometimes the idea of sex is better than the actual sex when it comes to being on.

So instead of giving in sometimes it’s better to just wait and then have some fun once we’re off.

It can also be hard to explain to a guy what happens, most men don’t really understand just how much blood there can be. When that is the case it’s better to just not do it. – This is How To Have Sex While A Girls On Her Period and I hope you’re enjoying it and learning something.


How to:

Okay so know we move onto the how to part and hopefully teach you a few tips on how to get it done.

It’s not to hard and there’s a few ways to do it if you don’t like the mess.



The best way to have sex while on your period is standing up in the shower.

It will be very hard to see any blood and even if it’s heavy you’ll have a much easier time, it’s not a hard thing to do and all you need is a nice size shower.

Jump in and put it to a nice heat, let the woman get in first for like 1 minutes or so just to clean up and make sure it’s okay, then the man can jump in and you can do it stand up doggy style, really isn’t hard to do and will be a nice way to have sex.



One of the more common ways to have sex while on is getting a towel (not white/Important) putting it under the girl and having sex.

There will be mess but in honesty it won’t be anywhere near as bad as the mess you’ll get without the towel. It’s not hard to do and only takes a towel.

I would say let the girl have control over you getting up, you might want to just let the girl tidy up the towel if you don’t like blood, and you have to remember not to use a nice towel.


Her on top

If she’s not on to heavy then she can just be on top, it will probably be only your penis that really gets it and as long as you wash after and maybe where a condom if you’re new to sex with her.

This is the easiest way as she has control over everything. And can stop if it feels not so good.

As a tip while doing all this I would avoid fingering and oral sex, fingering is allowed but make sure you know what the deal is before you go down.

So just take your time and be prepared, for the worse with this situation as if it’s not as bad then you can be happy and if it is then you can both just laugh it off and get on with the day.

How To Have Sex While A Girls On Her Period

How To Have Sex While A Girls On Her Period


How To Have Sex While A Girls On Her Period -It isn’t that hard but it’s all down to the people you are, it can be bad and it can be good depending on whether you like or hate it. – Remember that sharing is caring so please hit the share buttons below. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

How To Have Sex While A Girls On Her Period

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