How To Have Sex With 100 People In No Time

How To Have Sex With 100 People In No Time

How To Have Sex With 100 People In No Time – Do you want to have sex with a few people and reach the goal of 100 different women/men? Well as much as I think it’s a bad idea and will probably consist of a lot of STD, pregnancy scares and bad relationships, I’m going to teach you how anyway. As I said I don’t agree with this as I think there’s a difference between sex with a random person and sex with someone you love or someone you’re dating. Just remember to keep yourself safe and do it for you, not for someone else. – Remember to hit the share buttons below and share as much as you can. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add to the post. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Have Sex With 100 People In No Time

Location, location, location!

The most important thing about meeting girls is location, if you’re in a small town with people you’ve grown up with, it’s going to be very hard to sleep around. 1. Because you’ll get a really bad name quickly. 2. It’s always harder to sleep with people who know you.

You need to go places that are cities, the best places I know for having sex are: Magaluf, Benidorm, Newcastle, Sunny beach (Bulgaria) These places are in Europe and they are filled with a lot of holiday makers.

You take Benidorm for instance, most the women and men who go there are looking for sex, I know a lot of friends who’ve gone there and ended up getting with 3 to 8 girls and I even know a girl who went there and got with 10 guys in one night.

So if you want to have some real fun then that’s a great place to start, especially if you’re English.

If you just want sex and nothing else then the best place I know to go is “Sunny Beach” it’s in Bulgaria and the English have really taken over, the drink is super cheap, some places it’s 25 pence/40 cents a shot and other drinks are just as cheap.

If you go there it really is like a sex feast and I’ve spoken to a load of lads and girls who go there and end up have sex with 10 + people over the space of 5 days.


So it really is about that location, and with locations like the ones above you’ll find it really easy to get laid.


Once you’ve got the perfect location you need to make the most of meeting people, below is some of the best ways to pull men/women and to meet friends.

  • Bars

We all know that bar’s are a great place to meet people, you can talk, have a laugh and get to know each other, it can sometimes work better than a club and it’s not that hard to pull off. You can meet men and women in the day while at a bar and then re meet in the night.

If you do this every day you’ll end up getting loads of sure things for the night-time, make sure you don’t waste too much time on one person though, you don’t want to miss out on others.

  • Clubs

Clubs are the easiest places to meet people who want to have sex, just get up and dance with a few women/men, you’ll usually be able to see if they want you and then you can take to the next level with ease. This is how a lot of my friends got with women and this is how you should.

  • Classes

People usually don’t try this one and it’s usually the best. If you go to activities in the day you’ll usually meet other people who’re on holiday in the same area as you, even if you’re not on holiday it’s still a great way to meet new people and have some fun.

Dating sites

One of the best ways to meet people who want the same things as you is through a dating site, you do need to be careful as there are some crazies out there.

Just use dating sites that are for sex and things like tinder, it’s really easy to meet people and have sex with them using the Internet you can also join forums that will get you even more sex.

Social media

We all know that social media is a gold mine for meeting people who want to date and have sex, it’s not hard to use social media to meet people and there’s been loads of stories of people using Facebook to sleep with multiple people, even twitter, it happens all the time.

Again you do have to be careful who you talk to and as a rule I would recommend only meeting people who you’ve seen on webcam. That way you’ll be able to tell if they are who they say they are.

(Rule, as a gentlemen and as a good women you should always follow one rule: Stay the fuck away from people in couples and people who’re dating. If you don’t follow this rule then your life will decrease in value and become very hard to live. It’s hard enough getting through life when it’s just happening, don’t make it harder for the next person when there’s no need.)

  • Facebook

Using Facebook is a must, not only will it help you meet people, it will also make it easier to start talking and build relations. I would say Facebook is a must have if you’re going to break the 100 barrier.

  • Twitter

Twitter’s another great tool to use, it’s very easy and doesn’t take much skill, you can meet people by following and then add them on Facebook, it’s a good place to start and you should give it ago.

  • Tumblr 

Tumblr is an mazing place to meet people, you do have a lot of crazies but as long as you stick to what you know there’s a lot of cool people on there.

Don’t be to picky

If you really want to be with loads of people you’ll have to lower your standards, it’s going to be hard to break 100 if you’re always going for 10 out of 10’s people only usually get one shot at a 10 out of 10 and they usually end up dating that one!

Get a name

Be careful about your image, the reason why I mentioned the rule about staying away from couples is because you’ll get a dark name that will affect you all the way into your life, no person wants to be with a home wrecker or someone with that name.

Work more on getting a name for being great in bed and with men I find the more women you sleep with, the more that will want to sleep with you. The same rule doesn’t always follow for women.

Be amazing in bed

If you’re amazing in bed then you’ll usually attract people to you, it’s not hard if you’re sleeping with a few people a week to get great in bed and it really will take time, once you get their though you’ll be on fire and start getting the best possible kind of name for yourself.

Final Note

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you did then please remember to share it and comment below, I will say again that I don’t think it’s an amazing idea and I will say that I really think having a partner can be a lot more fun, but there’s no reason for you to take my word! So go and have fun and make sure you always use protection and don’t get with someone if their private parts look like something out of a horror movie. – Sharing is caring so please remember to share as much as possible.

How To Have Sex With 100 People In No Time

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