How To Have Sex Without Commitment

How To Have Sex Without Commitment

How To Have Sex Without Commitment 

This is the best ways to have sex without commitment. We will teach you advice on sex that will help you have casual sex without falling in love. It’s not an easy thing to do and sometimes it’s a lot harder than you think. It takes two and you’ll really need to be committed to make it work well. So make sure you’re ready for some to advice that will hopefully allow you to have sex without commitment for as long as possible. These tips are just my own and if you have any more to add just leave them below. – Sharing is caring so please remember to share as much as possible. – Comment below and tell us what you think. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

 How To Have Sex Without Commitment

Don’t have date nights.

Okay the difference between having sex and not dating and having sex and dating is one means you’re in a relationship or building up to it. IF you try to do that then you’re just going to end up hurting one another. Never have a date night where you watch movies, cuddle, eat pizza and do couple things, it doesn’t work out and it will end up causing problems, one they will get used to you and you’ll start being a thing in their life, then once that changes it isn’t just sex it’s friends and then it becomes love and because they can’t have you it gets worse and worse. – How To Have Sex Without Commitment.

Be quick.

Don’t ever spend to long there, if you really want to not have any emotions for them ofr for you then just leave after, have a cuddle and then go, this will stop problems for both of you. This isn’t the best way to do it always and it can sometimes make you out to be a bad person. That’s why you do have to make it clear what you want. So be quick, don’t waste time and don’t tell them things that you don’t want.

Don’t have sex multiple times

I’d say it stops being sex without strings after the 3rd time. You can’t have sex with someone and not get a little connected, even swingers don’t use the same people twice out of that fear. So make sure if you really want no strings attached sex then make sure you don’t do it too many times and if you do then be prepared for the talk about going official or doing it properly. This will happen and it’s just a matter of time.

Try to not think about them too much

If you’re thinking about them then there’s a chance they’re the one. If that’s so then you shouldn’t play games, one bit of advice I will give you is that never fuck around with someones heart and if you find the one then stop the game and make it work, you might find them as the first girl/guy you get with or you might find them 2nd 5th 10th wherever just remember that just getting one more girl/guy under your belt will mean nothing, you’ll know where you truly want to be. Lets face it sex is never as good as it seems, sometimes temptation is a bitch, just masturbate and then come to your senses.

So don’t think to much and try to just shut off that part of your brain, this will help you not miss them. If you start to miss them then you’re in to deep and you’ve got to do something about it.

Tell them what you want before they do anything.

This is old school and can get you out of a lot of sex instantly but is the gentlemanly/lady like way to do it. If you’ve told them that you’re just playing around and getting some life experience there’s not much that they can do to be annoyed at you. Just don’t lie and pretend you want something with them that you can’t or won’t provide, most people will do this once and then realize that you can never give someone that you don’t want enough to be happy. – How To Have Sex Without Commitment.

So keep it straight and don’t do anything that will get you in trouble in the future.

Don’t text.

This is the biggest tip in how to have sex without commitment and it will save you a lot of heart broke and pain. Just don’t text or talk on facebook, don’t even add. Meet them if you want but when you start texting lovey stuff then you’re in deep and it’s not going to end well for you. This is old school and there’s not to many ways you can get out of it. You’ll need to man/women up and try to brave it, just say that you don’t like texting as it takes up your time.

Don’t meet up without sex being involved.

As we said about the date night you don’t really want to meet up without sex, once that starts happening you will be friends and then one of you will fall in love it’s just a matter of time. You’ll need to be clear on sex and explain that that’s what you want. No one will want to hear that but it’s better to be like that and no one get hurt than to not be like that and end up getting multiple people hurt and feeling like a dick head. – How To Have Sex Without Commitment.




Always use a condom, whether you man him and you’re a girl or you’re a guy and you always wear one. You don’t want to get them pregnant or get some kind of STD, it’s easy to get them now and as more people are sleeping around and bringing new STD’s together you need to be really careful.

Avoid meeting family.

Never meet his/her family, that’s to close and you’ll not know what to call yourself, that will make it really bad and just make the whole thing so much more awkward and not worth it.


Make sure you’re good to people and don’t walk on them, you can sleep around and have loads of fun without hurting people and testing people who’re weak and vulnerable. It’s never a good thing and it won’t look or feel good in any way.


How To Have Sex Without Commitment – It isn’t as easy as you’d think right? You do have to be ready to fall in love and that sometimes can be really hard and end up getting hard if the person doesn’t feel the same way. Do remember that if you find the one then you need to stop and enjoy time with her and see how it goes, you could have 100 girls there will be only one of them girls that you think about after. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How To Have Sex Without Commitment 

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