How To Have The Hottest Sex After Marriage

How To Have The Hottest Sex After Marriage

How To Have The Hottest Sex After Marriage – Most people think sex ends after you get married and sadly that’s the truth, sex does dip down and very rarely gets to the all time high again, this sometimes puts people off getting married. It should and that’s why I’m going to show you some of the best sex tips online that’ll teach you exactly how to have the best sex possible with a ring on that finger, it’s not always going to be easy, but I will get you having the hottest, quickest sex of your life. So, if you’re ready to unlock a whole new world in your sex life then you need to read the rest of this article. – Sharing helps us grow, so please remember to share as much as possible. – Comment if you want a chat or if you want to add something to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Have The Hottest Sex After Marriage


#1. Always Keep Your Mind Open To New Things

People always let their routine get in the way of their intense love making. You should never let every day life bloke your sexual creativity. You need to keep your mind completely open and keep striving for new orgasmic things. I’ve learnt that the people who judge other usually have s**ty sex, so don’t judge anyone, even your partner. Just have some time together and go over some of the more kinky things you’d like to do to each other. If this is weird for your relationship, then crack a bottle of wine, get comfortable and do it that way. When the mood is right it’ll all come pouring out.

You’ve just got to keep your mind completely open for when that day occurs.


#2. Experiment With New Types Of Pleasure

Another thing that people block off is the different types of sexual pleasure the body has to offer. Whether it’s the g-spot, the p-spot (male g-spot), injaculation, multiple orgasms, nipple orgasms, anal sex, vibrators, there are loads of new things that you can test your body with and get orgasmic results.

This is where you need to be open-minded and happy to explore the different things that your body has to offer. It’s not as easy as you may think and it does take a longer time to perfect.


#3. Open Up Your Sexual Fantasy Mind

We all have that deep, dark naughty place which fantasies about threesomes, sex with more than three people, hot models, anal sex, sex toys, men with big penises, ect. There’s so many different sexual fantasies and I can say that if you have one you can usually fake it using sex toys and imagination. So if you’ve got a fantasy that might be a little harder to do then you should just use your mind and make it happen. Also use Google, it’s great for finding orgasmic sex advice.


#4. Invest In Some Couple Sex Toys

Probably one of the first steps you need to take to make sure your sex doesn’t dry up is going to be couple sex toys. Get yourself some sex toys that you can use together to enhance the sexual pleasure you both feel between each other.

If you get them sex toys and restraints you’ll be able to have orgasmic sex, mixed with restraint something that doesn’t come around too often. You’ll be able to experiment with all the pleasure you’ll have at your finger tips.


#5. Make Time For Sex

Don’t become a couple that gives up on se because they’re married, there will be times in your life where you just don’t have time for sex, but it’s when you don’t let yourself enjoy the sex that you could be having. If you’ve got a routine, just work a few hot sexual sessions into it. They can be in the shower, before you get up, even just before bed, it’s really that simple.


#6. Have More Sex

The more sex you have, the more sex you can have. It’s true, the best sexual experiences that I’ve seen have all been once I started having sex more than a few times per week.

If you stop having sex then you’ll quickly realize how hard it is to start having it again, so just have it more and don’t ever leave it till tomorrow.


#7. Don’t Let Yourself Go

Just because you’re married, that’s no reason to let yourself go. You want to do the opposite and train harder, maybe even train together. So many men and women let themselves go once they get married and it’s just such a shame to see. You should never let this happen to you. You’ve always got to keep yourself good and clean.


#8. Go On Weekend Breaks

Make a point of going on weekend breaks at least once every few months. These help couples relax, unwind and more importantly they give you something to look forward too, not to mention the great sex that comes with it.


#9. Be Naughty In Your Sex Life

It doesn’t hurt to be naughty, being kinky is so much more fun than not being kinky, so let stuff happen , have sex and have fun.


#10. Keep Learning, Keep Training And Never Settle

You never finish learning about sex and your body should know that. You need to get a sex tip book like this and just keep practicing improving your sexual skills, the last thing you want is to get caught in your routine and let that dictate your sex life from then on. It’s no way to live and is just plain boring.


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How To Have The Hottest Sex After Marriage  – So it’s true, sex after marriage doesn’t have to suck, as long as you put a little effort in you’ll be grand. Sharing is caring, so make sure you share as much as possible. – Comment if you have anything you need to add or ask about this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Have The Hottest Sex After Marriage

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