How to last longer in bed with Delay Spray.

Tauro Extra Strong Delay Spray for Men 5ml review

How to last longer in bed with Delay Spray.


How to last longer in bed with Delay Spray. – We all want to last longer in bed and sometimes it doesn’t go our way and it’s over in seconds/minutes. Well we’ve got a way around it, it’s our little friend delay spray and is one of the quickest and best ways to last way longer in bed. If you use it right you’ll be lasting like a sex god and be able to try and finish them moves you’ve always wanted too. This article should hep you on lasting longer in bed so enjoy. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How to last longer in bed with Delay Spray.

Delay Spray is a fantastic product used by many studs in bed to combat premature ejaculation and oversensitivity. It´s really easy to use, just apply a light spritz over the erect penis 5 to 15 minutes before sex and wait until you feel slightly numbed. I would suggest you try the spray solo first, so you know exactly what to expect before you get going with a partner. Usually two sprays rubbed around the head of the penis will be all you need. It is easy to apply, and after a few minutes or so you will feel a mild tingle but nothing more. Delay spray works by producing a reduction in sensitivity so whether you are going solo or with your partner you should be able to play with yourself or each other for a lot longer than usual. The great thing is, there should be no side effects, no stinging and no irritation, and you’ll be able to keep your pecker up for a much longer love-making session.
So how does Delay spray work­? There are various types but mostly they all produce a light numbing agent, my personal favourite also contains vitamin E so you get a softer, hard penis. How’s that for a contradiction?!

Delay spray is not designed to completely numb your manhood, a small application is all you need to experience subtle desensitisation and extended arousal during intimate play. Simply rub onto the head and glans (and anywhere else you find particularly sensitive) to immediately dull sensations in that area. Delay products are specifically formulated to gently desensitise your most sensitive spots. As I said earlier you can use these products during masturbation, foreplay and sex to take the edge off your pleasure and go for even longer without spoiling your climax and orgasm. – How to last longer in bed with Delay Spray.

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1. Stay safe.

Even if you want to use this still and have sex with someone you do’t know like a one night stand, it will work in a condom so remember you can still wear a condom and if anything you’ll last even longer. – How to last longer in bed with Delay Spray.

2. Don’t over do it.

If it says no more than 2 to 5 sprays make sure you follow that and make sure you try the lower number first on your own as it can work just as good as the higher number and you waste less.

3. Be patient. 

The longer you wait the the better it will work and the easier your life will be. So wait a little longer than it tells you for ultimate affect.

4. Lasting longer.

Once you’ve used this for a week or two you’ll notice that you start to need it less as you’ve got more confidence and are lasting longer. So this is also great for a long time cure and something that will hopefully help you lose premature ejactulation for good.

Extra advice.

Remmeber if you’re a virgin or new to sexx this can really help you and make you last, so it might be better than a strategy wank as that may lead to lose of erection, so give this a go and you’ll not have to worry any longer. Also for anyone who needs to impress a girl, even if you don’t suffer from premature ejaculation and just want to go all night this is a great tool to use and you really won’t regret it. – How to last longer in bed with Delay Spray.

Best Delay spray.

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Super Strength Delay Spray 33ml Review

Sliquid Ride Rock Super Strength Delay Spray 33ml

Why it’s the best:

Well I’ve used this on multiple occasions and every time it worked like a dream, it’s quick to use, just involves one or 2 sprays, keeps me going a long time with ease and is so well priced. It’s one of the best delay sprays out there and it’s nearly as good as china brush delay spray, but I find that a lot harder to apply to the penis. – How to last longer in bed with Delay Spray.

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Price: $12.99. – Might be changes so check the link. – How to last longer in bed with Delay Spray.

How to last longer in bed with Delay Spray. – Worth the money right? This stuff is under 15 bucks usually and will change your sex life completely. Whether you’re a virgin and want peace of mind or a man who needs to calm his premature ejaculation thi si for you. If you need any more help just ask and remember to go and check our other blog posts. – Mr Male Sex toys Blog.

How to last longer in bed with Delay Spray.

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